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14 Feb 2017
The California Dam Issue is not because of Natural Erosion
in America

We already informed you guys that ... the moment Obama moves out ... disasters are headed towards America. The major disaster that the Establishment was designing ... was the war with Russia. We provided enough information to ward off that threat to some extent. With the California Dam issue ... what you are seeing out here is the Establishment’s non-stop attempts to keep America occupied in chaos and disaster.

During the Obama Administration itself ... they were moving very aggressively against Russia and towards expanded military operations in the Middle East. We eliminated those moves to a great extent. The next thing that they came up with was “new diseases”. This is another dimension of chaos designed by the same Establishment. Ebola was found in the Southern Hemisphere ... but somehow cases started appearing in the US. Once Ebola was cured ... they launched the Zika Virus. Look at the timing of the launch of the new disease ... they waited for Ebola to be cured ... and once they knew that Ebola was not a threat anymore ... then they launched Zika Virus. And the movement of this virus is following the same pattern ... first found in the Southern Hemisphere and now moving to the US continental.

They are not planting these diseases directly into the US ... because obviously it would show that Americans were the primary targets. Thus they followed a secondary approach and tried to make Americans the secondary victims. We connected the dots ... and we showed that ... hey, this is no coincidence ... this is totally preplanned and deliberately introduced.

How is Israel and the Establishment able to do this?
These guys own all of the major technology companies. Everything that you use starting from hardware to software ... is mostly owned by the Establishment. So, what a common man knows ... that is just basic knowledge for them. Apart from this, we gave these criminals a country of their own, called Israel. They follow an ideology which teaches them to prey on other human beings. They have setup vast “secret biotechnology research labs” in Israel. This is exactly what they work on in those labs. How to enslave Christians and non-Jews ... how to control them ... how to abuse them ... how to make them obey? And this technology and techniques is channeled through the Establishment owned networks in several countries.

The diseases in something that they have been working on for thousands of years. The most popular one is the “Bubonic Plague” that was launched in Europe ... which wiped out 1/3rd of Europe’s Christians. The interesting thing about the Bubonic Plague was that ... it coincided with the “Inquisition”. The Inquisition was where the witchcraft practicing Jews were hunted down by the Church. As per these Jews ... witchcraft was their culture and heritage that they brought from Kazaria. But in the Christian Europe it was plain witchcraft. And the Kazarian Jews responded to the Church using the Bubonic Plague. And this equation lasted for hundreds of years.

When we exposed this connection of Ebola and Zika Virus to Israel’s Research Labs ... no more new diseases were launched. Once they were exposed ... they halted the program ... as they were put in the radar. We are warning America again and again ... this Jewish Establishment wants massive chaos and destruction for you. There is no way that you can prove that ... Israel or the Establishment is connected with Ebola ... there is no way that you can prove that Israel is connected with the Zika Virus ... until and unless you get a license to search through all of their research labs and monitor their ongoing activities. And since we gave these criminals a country of their own ... this is going to be very difficult.

Just like you can’t prove Israel’s connection with Ebola ... you will never be able to prove that faults in the California Dam to be connected with Israel and the Establishment. You will not get the proof ... but you will get the pattern ... you can definitely see the pattern.

  • A conflict with Russia. For what? Why do we need a conflict with Russia? What is Russia doing against America that we need to be so anti-Russia all of a sudden? Russia is doing nothing. In fact, Putin is standing there with his arms wide open ... saying that I want to be your friend. Even then ... we have the majority of Congress trying to wage war against Russia ... going on a full speed collision against Russia. Why? Establishment strategy ... this is one dimension that helps in destroying America and Europe.
  • Diseases. When we pushed back the conflict with Russia ... they came up with diseases. Ebola and Zika Virus. This is a second dimension that will facilitate chaos and destruction.
  • Dams breaking down. When we exposed and pushed back the diseases option ... they are giving us situations where our Dams are breaking down ... putting the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans at risk. What will happen if the Dam breaks down? Large scale chaos and destruction. It will not be across the country ... but it will definitely effect several cities.

This sudden “erosion” that happened ... it is no natural erosion ... it is malice. It is perfectly timed malice at the right place and at the right time. It is designed to consume America is chaos and destruction. And look who is visiting America right now? Our lovely Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Interesting coincidence, isn’t it? On one hand, they create a disaster and put hundreds of thousands of American lives at risk and on the other hand ... they come to you ... exploit your innocence ... making a fool out of you ... and take a long list of favors for their country while they destroy your country.

This is just a check from the Establishment that ... “Hey, these guys have no idea what is going on and who is doing this and how it is happening. They are buying the idea that Israel is their friend and giving us favors in every field. Which means that they are succeeding in their program ... Americans have no idea what is going on ... let the Dam collapse.” That’s what they are trying to verify by this perfectly timed visit. Welcome to Establishment games.

If you want to stop this repeated Establishment malice in your countries ... not only you have to eliminate Establishment monopoly in America and Europe ... but you also need to revolutionize Israel ... create a people based political system in Israel and eliminate all of these secret biotechnological labs from Israel. A people based political system in Israel monitored by NATO and Russia in Israel will wipe out this criminal ideology as well as all associated technology and techniques.