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27 Jan 2017
The Obama Foundation and Africa
in America

Was Obama a good leader or a bad leader? Well, that is not an accurate question. Because leadership is a very vast topic and it has a very broad range of application. For example, was Obama good in maintaining peace in the country? Yes, he was ... yes he did. Was Obama good in maintaining peace in the Middle East? No, he wasn’t ... several countries were destroyed under his Administration. Was Obama good in creating jobs? Yes, he did ... employment is at the highest at 95% plus. Did Obama bring change in America? No, he didn’t ... it is still going in debt by $1Trillion per year.

So, leadership is a very wide topic ... it is more accurate if you did a task based analysis. But the good thing about Obama was that he was better than Bush ... I think that’s something we all agree on. Bush was totally lost in the woods ... he had no freaking idea what he was doing or why he was doing it. But once we reached out to Obama ... he was able to see beyond the skin ... he got a better understanding of what the hell is going on. Owing to which, Obama was able to make some fantastic decisions.

For example, Obama pulled off troops from Iraq ... Obama refused an intervention in Syria ... Obama signed the Nuclear Deal with Iran ... Obama averted a war with Russia. If you see all of the accomplishments that I just wrote ... did they happen just as I wrote them? Did Obama pull off troops from Iraq? Technically yes ... but it did not happen because it was his brilliance and fantastic decision making ... it happened because we reached out to him. We wrote dozens of pages ... explaining him what is going on ... showing him with facts, reason and logic ... so that he could do what is right ... and then he took those decisions. All of those decisions ... troops withdrawal from Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia ... those are our accomplishments ... not Obama’s. We made that happen.

Obama didn’t know anything what was going on ... alternatively he sent tens of thousands of troops to Afghanistan ... he had no idea. We steered him onto a different path. But we know ... this is how it works ... this is how History works. Who gets the credit for the work? The Presidents do. We know that and we are okay with that. This is actually one of features of our work ... if the President follows our recommendations then he gets to shine ... it is his name that goes into History. Nobody is going to write ... you know what, Active Democracy got in touch with Obama and then because of Active Democracy Obama pulled off troops and made peace with Iran. It does not work that way. Even we don’t write it that way ... because it is totally weird and awkward. Even when we write ... it will be ... Obama pulled off troops ... Obama signed the Nuclear Deal ... Obama saved America. That’s how things work.

We don’t have the time to hog the spotlight in each country. That is one of the lucrative benefits for leaders who follow our work. At the same time, if you see Obama’s other moves ... where we were not involved ... they were totally drastic. Like the Affordable Care Act ... the name is “Affordable” Care Act ... but it’s website costs $5 Billion ... if the cost of the website is itself $5 Billion then how is it affordable? That too ... in some time even the premiums will sky rocket ... so in reality there was nothing affordable about this act. The same goes with the reset with Cuba, supplying weapons to rebels, fighting “protectionism” with China ... he did many things that were mega flops.

Obama is valuable only if he follows the role that we give him
However, Obama is one of the best that Washington has. Yes, despite all of this ... Obama is the best that Washington has. Just imagine all of the trash that the other guys are. There is a massive cleanup operation required in the Congress. Here’s the thing ... Obama is better than others because he knows a few things that other Congressmen don’t ... which makes Obama valuable. But the amount of information that we have written on the website ... that itself is very very limited. Obama is valuable because he is on the right track ... not because he knows everything ... not because he knows what has to be done next.

Obama becomes valuable only if he follows the role that we give him ... only if he follows the program ... only if he participates in the plan ... then only Obama can shine and create a legacy for himself. Otherwise, he was the most powerful men on the planet for the past 8 years ... what did he do for America? Nothing much.

This is not Philanthropic Work
My bad ... I won’t blame Obama for thinking about running this operation via his foundation or even trying to lead this work. I should have given some more information so that Obama had an idea of what is going to be done. Firstly, this is not some philanthropic work that you can take up as an activity for your foundation. Lol. You will be sued and shut down in no time. This is what you will face if you try to “lead” this.

  • Ridicule. Firstly, you will be fully ridiculed by opposing Establishment politicians for trying to come up with laws after you have left office. They will be like ... the guy doesn’t do anything while he was in office ... now he wants to create new laws?
  • Lawsuits. Your Foundation will become a target for lawsuits ... you will be rattled from out of the blue.
  • Name on the line. Imagine Former President Barack Obama appearing in court against this charge and that charge.
  • Obstruction to our work. Eventually, you will become an obstruction to our work. You will come to us saying ... hey, you know what ... we are getting a lot of pressure on this ... can we change this and can we change that? You will become a tool that will be used to change everything that we want to do.

Please don’t feel bad ... this is exactly how it will enfold. We know all of Establishment moves and they will make life hell for you. We did not write about this because ... you know, we are busy with Trump. There are few important things that Trump needs to know before he plunges into all of his policies. We are busy guiding Trump. Trump is a great guy ... but the thing is ... the Establishment is planning to impeach Trump. We need Trump to understand what is going on. If we started guiding you on your Foundation then we would lose the opportunity to reach out to Trump. Things are very volatile out there and they are making massive moves. Trump needs to be fully aware of a few parameters so that he can make some right decisions. Otherwise, we would be helping you with your Foundation ... and there will be fire all around Trump even before he knows it. We don’t want that to happen.

The Work Process
How can you lead when you don’t know what is going to be done? It’s like ... there is a beautiful plane right in front of you ... you like the plane so much that you want to fly that plane. You walk into that plane with 100 passengers and tell them that ... I really like this plane and I want to be the one who flies this plane. What do you think that the passengers will say? You don’t get to fly the plane only because you like the plane ... you don’t get to fly the plane only because you can afford the plane.

If you want to fly the plane ... first, you learn, train yourself well and then you fly the plane. Based upon the terribly limited knowledge that we have given you ... you have already shown that you couldn’t get the work done ... mainly because you did not prepare to handle the parameters that would be unleashed in the next phases of the work. You thought you could do it just because you were President ... but it does not work that way. Doesn’t matter if you are the President ... it is not going to work. Doesn’t matter how much money you have ... it is not going to work. Because the Establishment works with parameters that are beyond all of this. I cannot give much details but I will give a preview.

  • Phase One – People Based Campaign. Everything we do is people based. The entire campaign will be people based. Forget about using the Obama Foundation or the Clinton Foundation ... we ourselves will not be setting up any Active Democracy office on US soil. Active Democracy itself will not be having any physical presence on US soil throughout the project. We will be using hundreds of independent groups for the campaign. The campaign will be spread in dozens of cities across the US. In this phase, we will launch info about all of the flaws in the system as well as the fixes required in the system. We will rally people to stand up and ask for these changes.
  • Phase Two – Political Networking. Once we make enough awareness ... once we have a good media mileage then we start networking with politicians to support the new laws required. Initially, we network with the junior politicians and then we pull Obama in the loop. Once junior politicians start giving interviews in favor of the new laws and system ... then we start bringing Obama into the light. Once Obama gets involved, then it pulls a huge support from the Democrats. And then we get Trump involved ... with Trump’s endorsement we are bound to succeed. Because Trump’s endorsement will pull a huge segment of the Republicans.
  • Phase Three – Create New Laws and System. Once we get the new laws then we move forward towards creating a new people centric system. Just in case, we don’t the required votes then we will put recall procedures in place. Making the campaign people based facilitates this option. It will put a hammer on every politician’s head to support the new laws.

For now, Obama’s direct involvement will only back fire. That’s why we told him ... just network ... network with current politicians and with prospective sponsors. Once we get sponsors then we will launch the project ... and when the project enters Phase Two then you can get involved directly. Because once we have crossed Phase One ... we would have crossed all of the screening, multi-dimensional analysis, got response from several cities and accomplished massive support for the project ... and crossed all legal barriers. At this Phase you don’t need to worry about any legalities or any other issues ... as people themselves want these changes at any cost. Once you step into Phase Two, then you are seen as the savior ... the guy who is fighting for what the people want. The initial phase will be the most grilling phase ... you don’t want to face the music in that phase.

Learning Process
What will happen through all of these phases is that ... you will learn ... and we will also learn ... of all possible obstacles. Right from media issues to competition demonization to legalities and political opposition. You will know exactly what type of laws that we need to put into place and you will also know all of the road bumps possible. This will give you sufficient working knowledge. Once one cycle of the project is completed in America then we have to turn our attention towards other continents ... for example Africa.

Now, you will be in a sufficient superior position where you can actually lead ... because you know the stuff that has to be done and you also know how to handle most of the associated obstacles. That’s why I told you ... just see what we will be launching and then get involved to an extent that you want to. When it comes to Africa ... it is a huge continent. We work on several aspects of the country ... right from education, healthcare, city development, agriculture, industries, politics, media, banking and so on. What you can do is ... you can choose what you want to focus on and then take it across Africa. We will provide you with 100% support. The issues that America faces are different and the issues that Africa faces are different.

Philanthropy in Africa
Here is where you can do Philanthropic work. Here is where you will be welcome open heartedly. You are not working on political changes in Africa but you are developing their countries. You are already the Former President of the United States ... African leaders will throw a red carpet for you. You can work in dozens of countries in Africa and make a rock star legacy for yourself.

That’s why I suggested “partnership” ... partner with us and we will show you fantastic stuff that you can do with total autonomy. And we will back you up with brilliant intelligence and excellent things that you can do in Africa. Well, you don’t need to be constrained to Africa ... but since Michelle Obama was focusing on girl’s education in Africa ... I thought you would be interested.

Most humble President ever
Just because I am not reaching out to you, it does not mean that I have shoved you under the rug. No, my door is always open for you. I know that you are a good soul. I know that you are people oriented. I know that Michelle Obama is two times more people oriented than you. You were the most humble Presidents ever ... in fact, you were the most humble First Family in the White House.

You are so down to Earth and friendly that ... when I write about you ... I don’t feel like I am writing about a President or addressing a President. I write about you as if ... I am just talking to a friend. I am always saying ... Obama did this ... Obama did that ... without saying “President Obama”. You are a nice guy ... you know that.

It’s your life ... it’s your choice ... no pressure at all. Nothing much serious going on there ... except that they are trying to impeach Trump and put another guy who will start a war with Russia. Other than that, nothing much to worry about ... take your time ... you can get in touch with us whenever you want.