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24 Jan 2017
Media’s Trash Talk and White House Pressure Points
in America

Don’t respond to media’s trash talk

Some pointers for President Trump. Firstly, don’t respond to the media’s trash talk. You are not in the hotel business anymore ... you are not in the show business anymore. If your hotel got bad reviews then it is a concern ... if your TV show got bad reviews then it is a concern. But now you are in politics ... it is a total different game all together.

  • Democracy. This is democracy. They have the right to hold an opinion. If you attempt to stop them then it will only backfire. There will always be some media channels that will talk trash about you, doesn’t matter how good you are. Because this is politics ... there is a political bias in the media in some channels.
  • Business. Media is business for them. So, they talk about a variety of stuff. Right from style, fashion, looks to impact and policies. They cover the event from dozens of different angles. Their objective is getting maximum viewership. Their objective is to sell their stuff. It is not necessary that they will talk all praise about Trump. Doesn’t matter what you do. They will do their business in their way.
  • Malice. There is some malice also attached in this ... details on that later. For now, I just want to give you some basic formulas.

Evaluate on what to respond
Now, you are the President of the United States. You are one of the most powerful men in the world. Everything you say or do is very important. Everything about you will be highly scrutinized from several perspectives. So, what you need to do is ... evaluate every step ... evaluate everything you are about to say ... evaluate everything you will respond to.

How to evaluate?
Let me give you some basic idea. If the media is talking about something then evaluate that topic based upon some measurable factors such as:

  • Policies, rights, laws. How does that topic affect the current policies, rights or laws? Are they talking about your new policies or laws?
  • Financials. How does that topic affect you or the people financially? Are you taxing them? Are you affecting their income? Does the topic have any measurable financial impact on the people?
  • Principles, Culture. Are they talking about any principles? About your principles or are you doing something against their principles? Evaluate measurable impact.

Examples of trash topics
The media talks about a lot of stuff and a huge segment of it is trash. You can’t just respond to them only because they are talking about it.

  • Your hair. They talk about your hair. Now, tell me how does your hair impact the lives of the people in any measurable way?
  • Your orange tan. They talk about your orange color. Does your orange tan affect the financials of the people or their principles in any way? (By the way, it is good that you are avoiding that orange tan.)
  • The size of your hand. How does the size of your hand affect the people in any way or how does it affect your capacity to perform the work?
  • Crowd Size. Ow, more people came to Obama’s inauguration. So what? How does it impact your work or the people in any way?

What is all of the above? It is trash talk. Interestingly, you have responded to all of the above in public ... you never needed to. Don’t bother even responding. They talk about Kelly’s dress in the inauguration. Most of media’s talk is junk. If something is very popular ... allow some sub-ordinate to respond to it. The response should be in the same sense of humor. They are trying to make a joke ... your guy should also make a joke. If they are just evaluating ... your guy should turn them to more important aspects. Don’t get into the competition for every topic ... don’t try to win in every topic ... it’s not worth your time.

Give time to important stuff ... that’s how you show that you are a man of substance. If you get pissed off at the size of your hand or crowd size then you show vulnerability at the slightest topics. When in fact, you don’t even need to give your time or use your words in such trash topics.

White House Pressure Points
Another important topic. There are some Establishment pressure points in the White House that you need to be aware of. Yes, the White House is the most secure locations in the world. But it is secure only from the people ... not from the Establishment. The White House is a government building ... the entire US government is rigged and so is the White House. If you are thinking that ... hey, I am the President and I am in the most secure building in the world and that the whole country is under me ... then ... no, no, no ... that is not the case. You might be secure from the people but you are in the Establishment stronghold.

Technically, it is not the White House but it is the Establishment House. Here is where Presidents are controlled and trained onto the Establishment path. I hope Obama made some positive changes out there but these are the points that you need to be very careful about.

  • Affairs. You and your family members will live there for a very long time ... 4 years and maybe 8 years also. Make sure that all male and female members of your family do not indulge with anyone in the White House. Doesn’t matter how loyal ... doesn’t matter how brave ... doesn’t matter how useful they are ... the moment you slip then you just got caught in the Establishment trap. There are eyes and ears everywhere in the White House. And the technology that the Establishment uses ... it is far beyond even the understanding of the Secret Service. Let’s just say if there is electricity and if there is any device that can transmit a signal like a cellphone, radio or TV ... then the Establishment knows what is going on in that room. The only place you are safe from being watched or heard is out in the open where there is no sign of technology ... preferably a garden or the woods. Why do you think Hillary goes with Bill Clinton into the woods? For a jog? No my friend, they go into the woods to discuss stuff that they don’t want the Establishment to hear. It is for terribly personal private sensitive conversations. So, doesn’t matter which room it is in the White House ... doesn’t matter if there is no camera or bug inside it ... the Establishment knows exactly what is going on out there. You are continuously under watch. Now, in this highly monitored location ... if you make the mistake of falling for a nice lovely lady ... then my friend you just got caught in a trap. There are a lot of nice hunky chunky Secret Service guys out there ... ask your ladies to keep the guard on. What happens is ... the moment you fall for this trap ... then it converts into a pressure point. They may not publicize it. But they will definitely use this as a pressure point to control all of your moves. Everything that you stood for will be gone ... you will be converted into an Establishment rubber stamp. They will put papers on the table and doesn’t matter what is there in it ... you will have to sign. And by the way, Obama showed all signs of a compromise. On the frontend, he was talking against Israel ... but he gave $70 Billion in his first term and then $40 Billion in his second term and then also increased aid to a huge extent. There was a stark contrast in his words and actions. If you want to remain strong and do what you want to do ... then don’t get caught in a weak moment. Make sure to inform all male and female members of your family who will be living in the White House about this. If you don’t get caught in your weakness then you can run the country as you want to ... you can remain strong and fight for your country.
  • Shady Deals. Just like there will be pretty ladies and hunky guys to tempt you into weakness ... similarly there will be corporations coming to you with shady deals. Promising you incentives on the side ... transfers into your Swiss bank accounts. Once you fall for a shady deal ... again you got caught in an Establishment trap. This shady deal again converts into a pressure point.
  • Health. Health is itself a pressure point that can be used in the White House. Try to minimize or not use government supplied water, food and drinks. Previous Presidents were subject to this pressure point but you are a wealthy guy. Get your own “trusted” chefs and kitchen staff to serve you. Do not rely on government supplied edibles. Close one kitchen ... maintain that kitchen only with your private staff. Right from purchase from the markets to serving at the table ... the entire process should be managed by your trusted private staff. You should do this for you and your family living at the White House. Otherwise, simple tweaks in your food items will be used as pressure points to change your decisions.

Managing the above.

  • Private Security Expert. Maintain one private security expert in the White House. However, this guy nor the Secret Service understands Establishment technology. So, as a next step ... avoid all kinds of temptations and illegal activity in the White House. If you want to have some fun ... go to your hotel ... not in the White House.
  • Private Chef. Health ... in the initial days it will be fine but then it soon changes into a pressure point. Manage your kitchen privately. Maybe if your security expert can help in analyzing food items that is even better. And make sure that your chef and security expert are not compromised.

If you do the two things above then you will not be dependent on an Establishment controlled government supply. They will not be able to affect your work ... nor will they be able to affect your health. You can remain strong and focused and you can fight for your people and country in the way you want.