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22 Jan 2017
Establishment designed protests hit the streets in Washington
in America

Seems like our lovely President is getting a rocky start. So, let’s help him out. For starters, everything in politics cannot be based upon a “friend or foe” policy ... especially when it is the people. If you have some people on the streets then you cannot treat them as foes and shove them under the rug. That will create an even worse outrage. I saw you doing that in the debates ... trust me ... if you do that now ... things will go downhill very quickly.

If you want to be a people’s champion then you have to listen to the people. Listen to them intelligently ... analyze things practically ... and if they are asking for anything that is based upon the right principles and values ... then be their champion. Be their hero. If the numbers add up then fight for your people. Obviously, if they are asking for something totally ridiculous which the country cannot afford then you can explain them it is not practical. This will rarely be the case.

One thing is understanding the people’s concerns and another thing is understanding the parameters at play. What is going on ... who has designed this ... and what they want out of it. If you understand this then you will be in a much better position to make the right moves. Here is the Establishment game behind protests.

Establishment Upgrades
One of the biggest disadvantage of writing everything online is that ... everyone sees it. The good guys as well as the opposition. You get the information but then the Establishment also gets the information. So what the Establishment does is ... it keeps upgrading its tactics. These guys are a bunch of criminals who have nothing else to do ... rather than create chaos in the country. So, if we are giving you some moves ... be sure that they will come back with more “improvised moves”. Lol. Here is one example on that front.

  • Version 01 – No cameras, no recordings. In our stupid War on Terror ... if you see, in the initial events that happened ... in New York, London and Madrid. The most secure locations were targeted ... there are cameras everywhere ... and interestingly the culprits are not caught on any camera. There were subway bombings ... there are cameras all over the subway. How come no one was caught on the camera? Al Qaeda claimed the attacks over a blog post. But where is the evidence that they carried it out. The two elements that were used to blame the attacks on Al Qaeda were the media and the politicians. The politicians were used to put the blame on some guys living in the sands on the other side of the Ocean. Because in the next step, the politicians were required to spend trillions in wars based upon these attacks.
  • Version 02 – Suicide bombs or killed in attack. Once we exposed this basic flaw in the terrorist attacks, what our lovely Establishment did was ... they upgraded their activities. They wanted to continue the same stream of attacks based upon the same idea. So they started, using people from the same religion ... sponsoring them for attacks. During the attack they would shout “Allahuakbar” or some Islamic phrase ... to point the blame where it was designed to be and then they would be killed in the attack ... either via suicide or via direct conflict. We were never getting the actual people who sponsored that activity. Again we were left with some clues that the “criminal” left for us. We are following clues left by “criminals” ... how very intelligent. In 911 ... they found the Quran and Saudi passports in the plane. Tell me, these guys are smart enough to hijack planes and drive them into the most secure buildings on Earth ... and they will leave such open clues? These clues are not an identification ... these clues are misleading items deliberately left at the crime scene in order to facilitate the next planned moves. How do you know that those were genuinely Saudi nationals? How do you know that those passports were not fake? Why would a Muslim take the Quran with him if he wanted to kill some people? These are well designed planted clues.
  • Version 03 – Esteban Santiago. And then we got another attack where the culprit was successfully caught alive. The guy was not even a Muslim. What you are seeing here my friend is a continuous upgradation of Establishment tactics. You can see the full-fledged use of media, politicians and the perfect coordination of next political actions.

Establishment malice in “protests”

  • Version 01 – No Leaders. The same principle applies here. The first protests after you got elected ... there were no leaders at all. No one was leading the protests. And we told you ... hey, look at these protesters ... no one is leading them ... this is a clear Establishment sign designed to “trash Trump” and create chaos. We pointed out this fact and quickly the protests disappeared. No criminal wants to get caught in the act.
  • Version 02 – Hollywood. So, now our lovely Jewish Establishment has upgraded its tactic and they are coming up with a revised strategy of protesters with leaders. And who is leading these protests? Hollywood ... lol. And who runs Hollywood, Donald Trump ... who runs Hollywood? Our lovely Jewish Establishment does. This is a splendid example of their mass monopoly. They sit back and activate a few links among their network ... and things keep rising against you again and again and again.

The theme is to “trash Trump”
I told you already before ... this is going to be one of the Establishment objective ... “oppose Trump, demonize Trump, trash Trump”. If you see all of these Hollywood celebrities ... they are very bold and outspoken when it comes to Donald Trump. Madonna is standing there and screaming “f*** you, f*** you”. They are literally trying to enrage you and piss you off. But at the same time, does the same Hollywood has the balls to stand up against the wars? The top cream of Hollywood is standing up and talking trash about Trump. How many celebrities had the balls to condemn the wars and mass killings during Bush or Obama?

There is an ongoing genocide in Yemen. Millions of children are literally starving to death. They are starved to the bone ... their videos seem more like holocaust videos. Did anyone mention Yemen ... did anyone mention the massive refugee problem? No, there is a pin drop silence from Hollywood on these topics. Why? Jewish Establishment, my friend ... Jewish Establishment. This genocide in the Middle East and these wars in the Middle East are an Establishment strategy ... they are fully supported by the Establishment. And if you dare to speak up against Israel or the Establishment wars then you get screwed up in Hollywood. That’s why nobody even dares to go near that topic.

But what they will gladly do is ... trash Trump. Because trashing Trump is the new Establishment objective. Every media outlet and celebrity has the full liberty and the license to trash Trump.

Women and Racism
To facilitate the above ... to give these celebrities the energy and the reasons to trash Trump ... they have very cleverly “planted” these reasons in your campaign. Two sided game, my friend ... two sided game. They themselves inserted these policies against Blacks, Latinos and Muslims in your agenda. The issue about “abortion and Planned Parenthood” was given to Mitt Romney. It was designed to create chaos for him ... it’s a Republican thing. But if you see the design of all these moves and policies ... against women and minorities ... these are designed to create chaos.

How to win this?
Remember, running a country is not about winning. You already won ... you are the President ... you have got the job. Now, allow your people to win ... that’s how you can be their hero. You move forward with people oriented policies. What you tell the crowd is that ... “yes, we hear you and we will fight for you. Donald Trump will fight for the women in America. Banning abortion and defunding Planned Parenthood are the last things that should happen. Donald Trump will fight for women and he will fight for women’s rights. We will take this up in Congress and we will make sure that no law is passed against abortions or any women’s rights.”

When you do this ... you instantly become the hero of the million people who were on the streets. Their request is perfectly genuine and reasonable. Instead of these protesters being an opposition to Donald Trump ... they will become your strength. However, there might be some Republicans ... Establishment controlled Republicans ... who may oppose this move. They will tell you that, “hey, no, no, no ... you are the Republican President and banning abortions is a Republican thing and bla bla bla”. What you do is ... you put them in the media eye ... and show the people who the main culprits are. Let them face the music ... let the protesters go in front of their houses ... and let it affect their seats in Congress.

Trust me, when Trump stands for people ... you will get a significant support from both party members .... Republicans as well as Democrats. Most importantly, you will be the shining hero of the people ... people will know that there is a guy who will fight for the people and the country in the White House. Use media and people.

Worst Case Scenario
But if you by any chance, if you allow the ban on abortions and Planned Parenthood ... then these women on the streets will be a regular feature.

Address Issues
Some people demonize Planned Parenthood for selling “child parts”. That’s a criminal activity. So, also take measures to address any ongoing criminal or illegal activities. So that you are balancing both sides. Address all of the issues concerned about the organization.

Listen to People
Whatever you do ... don’t condemn the people ... don’t tweet against people. Doesn’t matter which gender or color or religion they are. The competition is over ... you already won ... there is no “foe or friend” when it comes to people. The only thing that should guide you is intelligence, practicality, principles and reasonability. If people are asking for something ridiculous ... don’t tell them that they are ridiculous ... instead intelligently show them how it is not feasible and improper. But if they are asking for something totally normal ... be sure to let them know that you will be their hero.