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20 Jan 2017
The Billionaire that created Millions of Millionaires
in America

Today is Trump’s inauguration ... so let’s talk about something else other than war and death. Firstly, congratulations to President Donald J Trump on becoming the 45th President of the United States.

Do you see this line ... “the Billionaire that created Millions of Millionaires” ... this can be your legacy. We can do this for you ... our work and our systems will facilitate this for the President. This is not a usual legacy ... a lot of Presidents have created millions of jobs. Job creation is old game ... being America’s highest job creator ... that’s an old story. This line has been taken from our writings that are several years old now. Job creation and factories ... it’s a third world objective. What I saw in America was that it was even more pathetic than third world countries. The manufacturing and jobs will come ... it will happen ... but now we need to move on at a different scale at a different level with a different magnificent target. President Donald J Trump can be the Billionaire that created Millions of Millionaires. You can take your country to a golden level. That’s something we can deliver for you.

George Bush
For that to happen successfully ... you need to dodge the Establishment's misleading techniques and work with us. If you saw George Bush’s era ... it was simply pathetic and disastrous. He had no idea what he was doing.

Barack Obama
Obama’s first term was totally disastrous. In the second term, he realized the working techniques of the Establishment. However, he was misled by the Establishment and they made sure that Obama did not directly work with us. They lured Obama into greed and legacy creation. They told Obama, “no, no, no, don’t work with them directly ... instead just copy paste from his works and website. The Republicans are getting immense votes and publicity owing to the style taken from his site. You also do the same ... just copy his work and try to create your own legacy using that.” Lol. Obama spent his second term as a copy paste President not being able to accomplish anything for his people or country.

We talk only war related stuff on the site. So, his copy paste approach helped ... but it helped only in stopping wars. We never wrote about country building ... so he was quite lost on that front. He can’t blame us for that ... he didn’t get in touch with us as we had requested. The Establishment was so successful in misleading Obama that ... even in his last year we got in touch with him telling him ... dude get in touch with us, we will show you fantastic things. They told him, “yeah, this guy is really good. What you should do is ... give him a job in the Obama Foundation. You get all of the ideas, work and systems under your banner. You get to shine while he works for you.” Lol. Even in his last days Obama was misled. They kept him occupied with his own legacy.

Obama does not know that we don’t work for anyone. Doesn’t matter how much salary you give us. Even if you give me $100 million per month as salary ... we are not interested. And we are not interested in running for office either. We are not interested in being a politician at any level in any country. The Establishment knows that ... and they keep misleading key decision makers only to facilitate the stuff that interests them.

Establishment Objectives for the Trump Presidency
We already talked about multiple pressure points in the Lovely Jewish History. The Establishment will use multiple pressure points in facilitating a few key things during the Trump Presidency.

  • Oppose Trump. They will find multiple ways of opposing Trump in every way possible.
  • Demonize Trump. They will use the media channels that they own in order to demonize Trump using every small and big things that they can find.
  • Anti-Russia. They will try to promote anti-Russian sentiment and policies in the US.
  • Terrorism. Terrorism will be a feature and massive expenditure will be pulled to handle terrorism.
  • Protestors. They will facilitate protestors against Trump policies.
  • Blacks and Latinos. They will try to enrage Blacks and Latinos against the Trump Administration.
  • Suppress Active Democracy. They will try to keep Active Democracy suppressed so that we don’t eliminate their control and crappy systems.
  • Trouble in Europe. Terrorism and anti-Russian activities will be supported and promoted in Europe.

Change the direction of the world
Now, if President Donald J Trump wants to eliminate all of the above and take the world towards a new direction of peace, progress, stability and prosperity ... then work with Active Democracy. The Establishment does not know how to handle its malice ... its malice has grown so much that they are trying to put chaos, terrorism and wipe out these countries with a nuclear war. We can change that. Instead of your countries becoming radioactive wastelands ... we can convert them into gold. We know exactly how to do it.

We had also invited Barack Obama. He was stuck in a copy paste mode. And look what happened to him. He was grossly misled ... he carried out all incompetent activities ... everything he did will be deleted. He ended up only fighting to keep the country together. That’s exactly what they want to do in the Trump Presidency. Just keeping the country together will be a challenge.

These systems need to change. It is only then that the direction of the country will change. Choose stability, progress and prosperity. We will unite everyone under one umbrella ... Blacks, Latinos, Americans, Russians, Europeans ... and we will take the whole Northern Hemisphere to a fantastic level. This can happen under a Trump Presidency. You can be the most phenomenal Presidents ever. And we will show you how exactly you can be the “Billionaire that created Millions of Millionaires”. Instead of getting hate and chaos ... you will be loved and adored. You will go down in History as one of the greatest Presidents ever.