13 Jan 2017
Bamboozling and rattling Trump against Russia
in America

Donald, Donald, Donald ... relax ... it was a test. Buzzfeed and CNN are not conspiring against you. It was just a simulation designed to test Donald Trump’s will power. What will Donald Trump do if he is rattled and shaken? Will he flip against Russia? Will he change his policies? Will his administration make a 180 degree turn? It was a test designed to check “Trump’s flip”.

No one is conspiring against you. It is not an Establishment game. This is too lame for it to be an Establishment game. Our lovely Establishment does much more detailed planning than this. They do it with an objective and they push you for a preplanned goal. And all of the events that they create are “real” ... sponsored ... but real.

Good Points
Well, you handled the situation quite well. It was a good decision not to rely on the media but instead do your own press conference. It showed a new style of fight and it gave you an upper hand in the media game. That was the good part.

Minus Points
There were some minus points as well. With all due respect, I am not a suck up and don’t expect me to be. I will tell your weak points so that you can prepare better next time. It is good to know where your good points and weak points are so that you are much better prepared.

  • You seemed shaken. You seemed rattled and worried. If there was no truth in the story then you should not have been shaken. You should have kept total calm and confidence. Showing anger and temper at false reports does not show a good sign.
  • You changed stand. The second major weakness that you showed was that ... you changed stand. For one full year of campaign, you stood up for Russia ... and with this one report ... you changed your stand. Some people will see this as a sign of truth in the report as this report was able to pressurize Trump in changing his stand. If there was no truth in the report then why did Trump change his stand? What is he afraid of? What is he hiding? Does prostitution actually happen in Trump hotels? By changing your stand, you have opened a complete new line of investigation in your hotel business. Your adversaries out there ... whoever want to control you ... it might be the Establishment or political opponents who want to tarnish you ... you have given them a new line of investigation. Now, what they will do is ... forget about Trump scandals and who Trump abused ... let us investigate every Trump hotel, every customer and every woman connected with sex at Trump properties around the world. And then they will use this information privately ... if they want to pressurize you ... or they will use it publicly if they want to tarnish you. “Did Donald Trump know that prostitution was going on in his hotels? If the guy cannot control his hotel then how can he run a country?” They can easily get a few girls or pay a few girls to testify on this.

Just letting you know this in advance ... so that you can prepare for this scenario. Don’t be afraid ... prepare for it. If you are afraid then you will change stand and buckle. If you are prepared for it then you will have a proper line of action planned for it. You yourself investigate every possible crime or illegal activity that might have occurred on your properties ... it might be drugs, prostitution, illegal workers, criminal or illegal usage or whatever possible could have happened on your properties ... with or without your knowledge. Have a plan of action ... of how you would handle if that information was leaked to the public. This preparation will give you a lot of confidence and help you stand firm on your main plan of action for the country. No one should be able to shake you ... no one should be able to move you away from your primary goal ... that is making America great again.

Most politicians don’t have this baggage ... but since you have a vast business ... this is something that you need to prepare. If you don’t prepare then you will be the victim of someone else’s investigation and someone else will rattle you. A simple technique of handling this issue is ... “Yes, I have a vast business in several countries around the world and we get customers of all types of mindsets ... just like all other hotels in the world. If someone has done anything illegal then we will investigate and the law will take its course. This is how it works in any hotel and mine is no exception. But we should not allow these petty techniques to take a political turn and harm what we want to do for the country.” That can be a sample official stand when it comes to any type of illegal activity on your properties.

Jewish Establishment Malice
Now, coming back to the main point. See, CNN and Buzzfeed might have released some information ... but it is the job for any news agency to verify before publishing. If these guys had done their job properly then the “news” should have been ... “CNN makes false accusations ... Buzzfeed makes unsubstantiated claims”. This should have actually backfired on these two media agencies. But look what really happened ... most news agencies took that news and added their own stuff to it ... “Russia has compromising information about Trump ... Russia has leverage against Trump ... Trump can be blackmailed by Russia”. What our lovely Establishment saw was ... “we need to turn Trump against Russia and this is a golden opportunity ... let’s run the story and let’s add some spice to it”. They did not hold back ... though the story was false ... they ran the story in all of their media agencies ... hammering Donald Trump ... pressurizing Donald Trump and forcing him to do a press conference.

You would never be required to do press conference if the media did its job properly. They bamboozled you and rattled you as much as they could. Welcome to the Jewish Establishment, my friend.

Punishment for Disobedience
Do you know what that is? Do you know why they ran the story? It is a strategy that they follow to control the Goyim. As per them, non-Jewish people are animals and you should control the Goyim just like you control animals. What do you do if the cow is not ploughing the field? You whip the cow and it starts working. The formula is “punish the animal for disobedience” and make it do what you want it to do. This is their ideology and they design political moves based upon that.

Why do you think Hillary Clinton wanted “Russia to pay a price” for vetoing the resolution against Syria? Bombing of Syria, elimination of Assad and the creation of another leaderless crime filled terrorist country was the Establishment plan. And Russia was opposing that plan ... it was vetoing again and again. So, as per them ... Russia needed to be punished for its actions. There were so many vetoes in the UN Security Council before ... was there a call to “punish” the guys who vetoed? The Establishment was pissed at Russia’s disobedience to their plans and they followed their formula.

The same applies to you. The Jewish Establishment wants friction and conflict with Russia ... and you my friend, you are not supporting that. I already told you this before ... they will look for several ways to rattle you and disturb you to such an extent that “you will obey”. What they did last week was “punishing Donald Trump” for disobedience. This is animal treatment for the Goyim if they go against the Establishment. Jews are your masters and you freaking obey or you will be punished ... that’s the formula.

Bait and Bleed
And here is the fantastic part of it ... they follow a “bait and bleed” military strategy in most of their techniques. If you see ... their expense is zero in the acts that they carry out. The Establishment spends nothing in their techniques but puts us on a path that will cost us by the trillions. They literally bleed your country into debt. For example, using Hillary Clinton in the UN Council ... what did it cost them ... nothing ... and if you see the expenditure of the War on Terror, it has cost us in trillions. All of these terrorist events ... what is the cost to carry them out ... nothing. But see the path that they put us on using these baits.

Same applies to last week ... what did it cost the Establishment to bamboozle and rattle Donald Trump? Nothing ... they just use the media that they already own and accomplished the task with zero cost. Now, what is an offensive against Russia going to cost America? What is the cost of the troops, tanks and deployments in East Europe going to cost us? It will cost us by the billions. Will give more details on this strategy later.

Obey and get on the program
They will bamboozle you ... they will rattle you ... they will shake you to the core ... if you are disobedient. They will make you feel that the only way to be at peace is “obey and get on the program”. This is how they will design the world around you. And the path that they will put you on ... that will be utterly totally destructive ... it will have no ounce of good for the people.

Think outside the box
How are they able to do all of this? Monopoly, my friend, monopoly. Their ownership of 90% media gives them the freedom to shake the shit out of anyone in America. This time you played well ... you used the media ... a press conference and rescued yourself. But this is not going to stop ... and this rattling is not going to be the last one. This will be done again and again. The way to end this crap for good is to end their monopoly. These guys are Satanic Jews ... they don’t give a rat’s ass about Americans or Russians or Christians or Muslims or Blacks or Latin or Mexicans or Whites ... they don’t care. All of us are animals for them.

The permanent long term solution for this is to take our country back. We need to put the media in the hands of loving patriotic Christians who love their country and people. “Media should not be an Establishment tool”. Media should work for the people. This will only happen when we take the media out of the hands of people who follow a Satanic ideology and empower American Christians. This is how the media will focus on real problems that people face instead of simply slinging shit on each other and wasting time doing nothing for the people.

They hammer you or we hammer them
They will force you on a destructive path ... if you try to do anything good for the people ... you are going to get hammered. George Bush was a super obedient guy. He was like ... bomb this country ... sir, yes sir ... bomb that country ... sir, yes sir ... read this script ... sir, yes sir ... call this guy bad and this guy good ... sir, yes sir. He did everything ... he followed every instruction of the Establishment. And look where he ended up being. The guy can’t show his face in the public. On the other hand, look at Obama ... he refused to do disasters ... so they misled him in all of the other works ... he ended up with a zero legacy. If you don’t take any planned action against this Establishment control in America ... in the media, business and politics ... then my friend, President Donald Trump ... you are either looking at total disasters or a fruitless struggle.

They can keep the media occupied by hammering you and demonizing you all the time. But if you change the gears and work with us ... then we can turn everything around. Instead of them bothering you ... they will be concerned about all of the trash they have done worldwide. Instead of them rattling you and demonizing you ... they will be worried about losing their control. We can change the game ... we know exactly how to do it.

Tips for Russia
Did you see what happened in America last week? Do you see how opinions are changed within one week’s time? Some idiot published some stupid story and Trump is scared over it. This is the major issue with Trump’s innocence and lack of political experience. He is still acting like the owner of a hotel business whom everybody should like and respect in silence. He does not know that politics is totally the opposite especially in the Democratic West. Your every move is grilled ... every move of your past, present and also your intended moves. He has never been in politics ... he does not know the fact there will always be 50% guys against him ... scrutinizing everything he does or has done. He expects everyone to like him and respect him. He is not used to opposition. He has a lot to learn in his first term and God bless America while he does that.

The major issue from the Senate is that 99 out of 100 Senators are anti-Russia. If Donald Trump himself can be rattled and his own opinion can be changed then you just lost one leader who will rally for good relations with Russia. In this case, what you are basically doing is only preparing yourself militarily. It is good to prepare yourself militarily but you also need to address the “political issue” and eliminate the issue from its core. You need to formulate independent moves to pull Western leaders in your favor ... independent from America ... independent from their leadership ... don’t sit and expect them to do what is right. Don’t wait for their approval. You need to show leadership on your own in this regard.

Yes, the Congress is crying over Russian interference and propaganda. That is a good sign. It clearly shows that they are guilty. There is a lot of Establishment malice out there. They will cry ... they will scream ... they will yell ... but you need to move forward and get the job done. Don’t sit back just because they are screaming so loudly. They are screaming out of guilt. The time is perfect to take them down.