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07 Jan 2017
Just network for now Obama
in America

Here’s the thing ... if you want a “legacy” then you have to work for it. You don’t get a legacy without putting any work into it. But I understand ... 8 years is already too much ... and 16 years is asking for too much. On top of that ... it is a risky project with tremendous media attention.

I sense a little bit of fear here ... fear of uncertainty. Can’t blame you for that ... I have myself not given full information. The data that is released is very less and mainly from one angle. But trust me, if you had the full information then you would be so much more confident. But I am not gonna push you for anything that you are not certain about. Like I said before ... you have the liberty to get involved only to the extent that you want ... no pressure at all.

Understand your value
For starters ... just understand your value. You spent 8 years with nothing done but the important thing is that you understood the parameters at play. You understood how this incompetence was designed and carried out. You know the ideology and culprits behind this. You have attempted to take several measures to combat this Establishment ... to the extent that you have an entire team in place that is on the same page. This itself is a major accomplishment. Before 8 years, we had nothing ... no understanding what the hell is going on ... we were just afloat in the sea not knowing where to go. But now you have an understanding of the waters, of the currents, of the behaviors and you know exactly where to go.

This understanding and knowledge itself is very crucial. Like I said ... when the wise men remain silent, ignorance prevails. This is exactly what will happen if you remain silent with all of the experience and knowledge that you have gained. You have to make use of it and you have to pass it on. Probably, this is one of the reasons that the Big Guy made you the President at a very early age. So, that you learn the shit that goes on in Washington and help the next guys take it to the next level.

For now ... just network
It is not very complicated. It is very easy and very simple. I know these guys are jumbo giant assholes ... but I know exactly how to tear them down. The only thing we need you to do right now is ... sit back, relax and network. No big deal ... you are just pulling a few strings and networking with the guys that you already know. You are simply making use of your knowledge and connections.

  • Networking with “right minded” Congressmen. The main objective of the project is to change the system ... to get rid of crappy policies and establish a fantastic people based system. We need the right number of votes to get this done. You are well aware of the Establishment ideology and malice. Connect with Congressmen from both parties ... Democrat as well as Republican. Trust me, once I am done with your political system then there won’t be a two party system. The only thing you will have is “great leaders leading a great country for the people”. All of these bullshit divisive policies will be gone. We already have a small team of Democrats that is on the same page. Connect with them ... as well as some right minded Republicans, like Rand Paul, will be on our side. They also understand the Establishment malice. The bigger our team gets ... easier to pass the laws. I am having a feeling that Trump will be on our side ... this will pull a significant section of Republicans by default. To handle the rest ... we will initiate recall measures ... so that we have sufficient majority to pass the new laws. Your networking, with the knowledge and experience that you have, will be critical here.
  • Networking with GCC countries. Our policies aim at making a Great America. America can be great if we successfully take down the Jewish Establishment. And GCC countries including Iran ... will love to finance anything against Israel and its influence in America. All of this work is simple pulling the strings from the background. Try to make “successful connections” with GCC countries. It is a massive project. We need a nationwide campaign ... as well as state level campaigns to recall malicious Congressmen. A strong financial backing is compulsory. Most of the Congress is useless because it is backed and controlled by the Jewish Establishment. We have to work on alternate strong financiers ... GCC countries will gladly help. Its peanuts for them.
  • Networking with Local Governments. Apart from Trump’s support ... I need leading Democrats to connect with local governments to consolidate our bases abroad. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Tim Ryan seem to be the good ones. Bases are planned at Moscow, Belgrade, Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul. Trump is a great guy ... his support will definitely matter. But apart from that ... we need to show that we are a part of a genuine American operation supported by the leading Democrats ... so that the local governments can give cent percent support. This should take care of the “Trump flip” scenario ... most probably it will not happen but even then Democrats matter.

And don’t worry about the foreign influence crap. This will be an American operation run to make America great again. We have several techniques to handle the foreign influence issue. The finance is not going to any American politician ... it is going to an international media company. There are no laws that a media company cannot take donations or contributions from anyone. We know how to take care of it and we will be having a team of legal experts to help us through any glitch.

But till then ... if you can just sit in the background and work on these three networking levels then it will help. Once we launch the project ... take a look at what we are doing and you can get involved only to the extent that you want to. I have 195 other countries to work on ... so I really don’t care for the spotlight in any one country. I need leaders with the “right mind” to lead their countries. So, it depends upon you ... how much of a name you want ... how much legacy you want ... get involved based upon that. You will get a clearer picture once we get things rolling. At least try to do a few basic things for now.

These are the 3 elements that the Jewish Establishment uses to control America … massive campaign finance from Jewish corporations, media ownership and Congress majority. This project is designed to handle all of these 3 elements and eliminate the Establishment’s influence using fantastic people based policies. Just having money or media will not make the change … the change will come from “people based systems”. We will show you how.