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02 Jan 2017
Security, Decision Making and Leadership Inaction
in America

Divine Fabric

Just in case the Obama Administration is wondering if this is the solution: http://active-democracy.com/about-us/active-democracy-logo.html. Nah, nah, nah ... that’s not the solution my friend. That is just the divine fabric of the work. It is one of the angles that will be accomplished by the work. It is like the cover of a car ... just by seeing the cover, you don’t know which car is below. But trust me ... there is a stunning Ferrari below this cover. You will get more info once we launch the project.

There are 3 main issues that surround the project:

  • Legal Security
  • Control of Decision Making Processes
  • Leadership Inaction

Legal Security
What our wonderful Jewish Establishment has done is very carefully “planted” their supporters at various levels in the US legal system. They have rigged the legal system to such an extent that they are able to even challenge the US President. Which is how they are able to successfully suppress and silence any move against Establishment interests in the United States. You know that the system is wrong ... you know it is malicious ... but still you are rendered incapable of taking any action.

This is one of their ways of successfully stomping on the Goyim ... keeping them controlled and under pressure ... and keeping them incapable of taking any measures to change the system. This is one of the main reasons that the work is located overseas. The work can be very successfully done out of US jurisdiction. Yes, there will be certain elements of the work that will be run on US soil ... but they really cannot do anything to stop those initiatives.

Legal Security is one of the issues that we need to carefully consider and monitor during this project. We have not even launched the project and these guys are creating massive scandals at top political levels in other countries. Once we launch the project, these guys will be like fish out of water. Screaming, yelling and trying to make as much noise as possible to stop the work ... and trying to make as many possible moves to stop the work. The real need for solid security begins once the project is launched. Once we start initiating moves ... once we start presenting laws to change the system ... once we start campaigning for the same ... that’s when things will be at the peak.

Right now it is simple casual stuff ... in take it easy style. This is the least sensitive phase. Once we initiate the real action ... that’s when many things will be activated. So, one thing you need to keep in mind is “legal security” ... at all costs ... make sure that the Establishment does not hamper and stop the project using this element. The work needs to move ahead smoothly in all possible phases. That is why we mentioned the “flip of Trump”. Even if he flips, we need to have a secondary protocol into place. This is one of the reasons we have distributed the work into 4 different cities around the world ... Moscow, Belgrade, Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul. Even if they initiate any move to stop the work via legal or political pressure then they affect only a small part of the work. The work still continues from 3 other locations. Everything is kept mobile ... no major fixed investment is made ... so that it is easy to relocate to another place.

Control of Decision Making Processes
This is another issue that is stagnating the work. The same issue also stagnated the Obama Administration. The Jewish Establishment controls the decision making processes at various levels ... in the political spheres of many countries as well as at corporate levels. Using the “control over decision making” they are easily able to promote only those moves or policies that benefit them ... and using the same system they are able to suppress and silence any move or policy that opposes them.

They have designed a fantastic “puppet system” that works in their favor. They change decisions at key points using a variety of tools and pressure points to benefit themselves. The pressure points can be political, psychological, financial, moral or personal ... there is a long list of a variety of pressure points that they use to change decisions. With this what happens is that ... they make sure that nothing changes ... any effort to make a change is successfully derailed.

Their “Joint Intelligence Network” that monitors every email ... every phone call ... helps them monitor what is going on and who is involved. Wherever they see that an effort is being made to change policies or remove the effect of the Establishment ... then they somehow get involved in those decision making points. They derail the decisions in their favor. This is another element that is used to stagnate the work.

Leadership Inaction
You know what they say ... “when the wise men remain silent, ignorance prevails”. This is the current state of our leadership. The Establishment has hundreds of politicians, thousands of media agencies and a massive legal system under their control. This entire network is connected to several think tanks ... that are continuously monitoring and working on ... promoting and fighting for the Establishment. Look at the massive amount of continuous ongoing work that they are putting to run the country in their favor. And look at the initiatives of our leaders ... are they doing anything?

We trained Obama for 8 long years on these issues. He knows where the malice is. He is the most powerful man on the planet. But do his measures compare anywhere near the Establishment’s massive efforts on a daily basis? We reached out to Obama and his moves are like ... now Zeus is going to listen to us ... the sky is going to open up ... and the mighty Zeus is going to extend his hand. Lol. Just to make one move ... our leaders take ages ... how do you expect change to happen? On the other hand ... we have thousands of guys who get their asses together ... brainstorm on every possibility and promote stuff in their favor. And we have guys ... to make one move ... is like the mighty Zeus opening up the sky.

This is one of the biggest drawback in getting any change done. Our Christian leaders are totally inactive and slow. There is no initiative ... there is no urge or energy to fight for their people. While the Jewish Establishment is so massively successful because ... all of these systems are criminal but ... they work hard ... they work hard on concealing them. This is “religion” for them. They have an entire list of strategies, principles, techniques and steps that they actively work on a daily basis. These guys are there on the battlefield and they fight as if it is their religion. They believe, they work hard, they fight on every possibility ... that’s why they succeed.

You want to succeed? Don’t sit there being freaking Zeus. Get your asses together ... put your brains to work ... on every option and possibility ... and then expect some results. Sit there doing nothing and expect the world to change ... that is our effort and approach. One move we will make and we think that we have done a great favor for humanity. One moves or two moves will get nothing done. Leadership inaction in the current state of the world is totally startling, pathetic and outrageous.

Look at what you are dealing with and then prepare to at least match their efforts. If you can do at least that much and I will myself guarantee you success ... God willing. It is very easy ... provided you make some effort. No one is a hero out there and no one is going to do magic for you. Things will not change on their own. Prepare and act in the right direction. It’s easy.