30 Dec 2016
Half a dozen countries rattled in order to stop Active Democracy
in America

We have not even started the project yet and look at their desperate ways of stopping the work. Till date half a dozen countries have been rattled or scandalized in order to stop Active Democracy. Each of these operations have direct links to the Jewish Establishment. The strategy that they are following is change current leaders, place puppet leaders in their place and use these puppet leaders to stop the work. Let’s take a look.

India - Congress Rooted Out
It all started off from India about 3 years ago. Congress was in power. Congress is a fantastic secular political party led by the Gandhi family. India is a democratic and secular country. The Congress in particular respected “free speech”. Whereby, we were freely doing our work with no suppression or threats or legal issues or political pressure.

We target massive exploitation systems around the world that are affecting billions of people. We work on exposing and stopping these malicious systems. And on further research we found an entire Jewish Establishment connected with these malicious systems. They have a deep rooted ideology based upon which they run these systems. The only way that this Establishment can stop our work is ... by removing the current leaders and replacing them by their own leaders that they control. And then use these leaders to take action to stop the work.

Basic Strategy – Kill the Goyim using the Goyim
This is their basic strategy. Replace the current leaders with puppet leaders and use these puppet leaders to carry out their agenda. They believe in “indirect action”. Their religion encourages them to take indirect action against the non-Jewish people. It encourages them to use the Goyim against another Goyim. This way ... the work gets done ... their name remains out of the picture ... and blame is put on someone else. This is the basic strategy.

So, in India what they did was ... they had to replace the Congress government and bring in their own guy. For that they provided massive publicity to the BJP Party and to head the BJP Party they chose Narender Modi. Modi is a guy under whose leadership thousands of Muslims were burnt to death in Gujrat. They picked a hardcore anti-Muslim guy ... promoted him to the top and made him the Prime Minister of India. We saw Modi’s rise and we immediately moved the operation to Malaysia.

Here are the direct links of Modi’s government to Israel and Jewish Bankers:

  • Massive support for Israel. Modi started off with massive support for Israel. Supporting and voting in favor of Israel against Palestine. Carrying out a lot combined projects with Israel. To the extent even taking action against the “German Language” in India. In several school programs, German language was removed as the third language.
  • Schemes designed to benefit Bankers. Later he started off with schemes designed to benefit Bankers. He sharply increased the cost of living for the Indian people. Prices for various commodities sky rocketed. This sharp increase in cost of living was carried out to eliminate the savings of the Middle Class. When you don’t save any money then you go for loans ... and the more you borrow, the more money bankers make. This entire scheme was designed to directly benefit bankers.
  • Demonetization. He moved further and rattled the country with a demonetization scheme ... in which he cancelled the prevailing currency notes on the pretext of controlling corruption. He is forcing the people to go through the banking system in India and move their money via banks. 500 Million people in India are below the poverty line ... they don’t even know how to read and write. And Modi is forcing them to go through the banking system. This is another technique that benefits Bankers and directs cash flow through banks ... adversely affecting the people at a massive scale.

Malaysia - Government Scandalized
How we pick alternate countries is ... by looking at the political background of the country. Can these politicians stand up to Israel? Can these politicians protect us from any kind of legal or political pressure from Israel or Jewish groups? This is one factor we look at before locating to that place. We studied Malaysia and we found Malaysia to be perfect for the work. As Malaysia was a Muslim country and the Mahathir Government was very well aware of Israel’s mischief.

Once we moved into this zone ... the Malaysian government was hit with a massive financial scandal. The current leaders were massively demonized in the media ... there were huge protests designed to overthrow the government in Malaysia. And guess who was involved in this financial scandal? “Goldman Sachs” ... a prime Jewish Banker. They were directly involved in this scandal. They tried to root out the Mahathir Government on the basis of this scandal. Thank God, Mahathir is still in place.

Serbia - Parliament Dissolved
Then we moved to Serbia. We chose Serbia because it is an Ex-Communist country and Russia has very good influence in Serbia. We knew that Serbia would be a good place for the work. Interestingly, the Parliament get dissolved in Serbia. But honestly speaking, the dissolving of the Parliament happened after we had already left Serbia. So, we did not investigate who was behind this and who is the replacement. I just hope that we have good people in place out there.

Turkey - Military Coup
We chose Turkey because it is a Muslim country and Tayyip Erdogan is the President. We looked into his speeches and work. We found that Erdogan was greatly concerned for the Palestinian State and he knew of Israel’s malice. It made Turkey an ideal place for the work. But when we actually tried to settle down here ... we were shocked to witness a Military Coup in Turkey. We were like ... what the hell is going on? If Erdogan is replaced ... I will have to leave Turkey also. But thanks to God’s grace ... Erdogan fantastically handled the coup. The coup started during the day and by next day it was over ... the coup was eliminated before sunrise the next day. Erdogan was fantastic and carried out everything very effectively and beautifully.

This was another massive attempt to rattle the government and change its leaders. They failed again ... Erdogan continued to rule and cleaned off the country from several malicious elements. Since Erdogan was in power ... we had our political and legal security intact. So, we continued the work.

USA – Fake News
Now, since their political and legal options were exhausted ... they moved forward with alternate techniques of responding to the work. They knew that we know a lot of Jewish malice carried around the world. This is their main issue:

  • We know their malice. 100 Million Christians were killed in Jewish Communist rule, thousands of Churches were destroyed and tens of thousands of Priests and Clergymen were executed in Communist countries. All of this was systematically carried out via Jewish leaders and organizations created by them in Communist countries. We know all of their current exploitation systems in the West.
  • Political Dynamics and Interactive. Many people know about the above malice. But the special thing about us is that we understand the political dynamics in America. If they take one step ... we can foretell their next 10 steps.
  • Connecting with World Leaders. We are dynamically interacting with World Leaders ... with the White House and Kremlin ... and we are exposing their malicious moves and plans to the top World Leaders. This is adversely affecting their future plans and stopping their next destructive steps.
  • Changing Systems. On top of that, we are coming up with fantastic ways of stopping all of these malicious systems at a worldwide level. And they are scared as hell if this happens.

In order to combat our next moves ... what they have done is massively promoted “fake news” in the American media. They have designed some fake channels that provide wrong information ... created events to promote these fake news channels ... and they are massively demonizing the aspect of “fake news” in America. This is one strategy that they want to use in order to ward off information about massive Christian genocide carried out in the East. When we provide information on millions of people being executed, Churches being burnt, Priests being killed ... they want to combat this information under the banner of “fake news”.

It is a very weak move. It won’t work. They have no idea what we will unleash. But this is the best that they could come up with. This is one National level strategy that they are running in America to counter our next moves.

Russia – Propaganda and Interference
Our website was previously hosted on American servers. When we started sending out emails to our target clients in order to expose this content ... and bring more publicity to these issues. Our lovely Jewish groups reached out these hosting companies ... and these hosting companies refused to host our content. They just gave the reason as “spam” to refuse hosting. This happened on two different American hosting companies. We understood what was going on ... so we moved our sites to Russian servers.

Once we moved to Russian servers, these guys lost their edge in shutting us down. That’s why they came up with the concept of “Russian Propaganda”. They started using American leaders to demonize Russian Propaganda. What propaganda are the Russians running? Russians are saying nothing ... it is American leaders who are crying and claiming everything.

We know that American leaders cannot change their system on their own. We know that even if you are the President in America ... even then you actually don’t have the power to change the system. You are totally dependent upon the Congress which is mostly controlled by the Jewish Establishment. You just end up being one person in the room with a different idea. Which is why you find Obama not being able to do anything ... which is why you find Trump to be Pro Russia ... while 99 out of 100 US Senators want Russian sanctions. We know that if a change will come in America then it will be with Russian support. Russia needs to support these countries against the Establishment pressure to bring about reforms.

This is Russian Interference!
When the Establishment came to know of our program. They immediately responded by demonizing “Russian Interference”. We have not even started yet ... the content is just lying there on the website ... only a few people access the site ... and look at the way these guys are freaking out. Right from America to France and Britain ... leaders started accusing Russia of election interference. Some European leaders also came up with laws ... in order to identify Russian involvement ... “anyone working with Kremlin, anyone financed by Kremlin, anyone with Russian connections and bla bla bla” ... is supposedly Russian interference.

What they are doing here is stomping on Putin ... stomping on Russia ... and making them back off on the next phases of our work.

Obama’s Sanctions on Russia for Election Interference
This is not an Obama move. This is an Establishment move. Till date, Russian interference in elections was not publicized so much. Never was “Russian interference” a concern. But now they are also moving forward to “punish” Russia for election interference. Why are they so scared?

To be honest ... the hacking of DNC emails ... done by whoever ... only exposed how the election was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders. It revealed nothing about Trump. The data that was revealed ... it revealed information only about the Democrats. This data did not affect Hillary in any way because Hillary had already got the nomination by then. When they say the Russia interfered in “favor of Trump” ... that is just bogus. Because the only data that was revealed ... it was in favor of Bernie Sanders. And secondly, the FBI drastically affected Hillary Clinton ... not any hacking. And for your kind information ... the FBI was not working with Russia ... Putin did not control the FBI. Hillary should not have been stupid enough to do stuff that would require an FBI investigation. Hillary killed her own campaign ... moreover, people did not even like her.

But however, what our lovely Establishment is doing is ... finding any and every way ... to hammer Russia, spoil relations with Russia and make Russia back off from bringing about any major change in the West. This is their highest concern that ... Putin will support a massive change in the West. This is what they are trying to fight against. This is what they are trying to stop. They are just saving their malicious exploitation systems in the West.

So, is this a conspiracy theory? That the Jewish Establishment is rattling and scandalizing governments in order to stop Active Democracy? Well if it happens in one country ... fine ... two countries ... fine ... but if it repeats continuously in 6 countries ... exactly where we are moving and with the countries that are working with ... then this is a clear pattern. This is a clear pattern of bringing about political destabilization for their own personal interests ... in order to save their self-benefiting systems.

If it is just a conspiracy and there is no actual real action ... it is actually good for us. Okay fine ... one trouble gone. But no ... if they are actually doing this ... rattling and scandalizing countries ... and their links are totally evident ... then you should understand how guilty and scared these guys are.

Understand their Guilt and Fear
Just look at the scale at which these guys are working ... look at their desperate measures ... with this only you understand the large scale malice of their work. They themselves know the extent of the malice of their work. They themselves are scared and guilty. And the best part is ... they themselves know that we will succeed ... we will succeed in stopping their malice. Which is why they are taking so many large scale desperate measures to stop the work.