17 Dec 2016
Trump Presidency several times more dangerous than Obama's
in America

Active Democracy knows all of Jewish Establishment malice ... we know all of the skins that they hide under and we know all of their criminal activities. We have also kept the White House in the loop and top political leaders are aware of this ideology and criminal systems. The Jewish Establishment is caught “red handed”. There are direct verifiable links of Jewish monopoly in banks, media, politics and business in America. All evidence of their ownership and malicious systems is available in black and white. And this creates an increased urgency for these malicious elements to destroy America.

Handling of malice under the Obama Administration
Obama is a very humble and decent gentleman ... he follows utmost decent Diplomacy in all of his political moves. When he became aware of how the Federal Reserve is a private entity that maintains the country in debt forever ... and it prints & gives trillions of American dollars every year to whoever they want around the world ... and even the President cannot question to whom these American funds are being given to ... he was pretty much outraged at this very concept. Obama initiated a bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

Obama saw Israel’s illegal settlement policy of continuously occupying more and more Palestinian land illegally. Obama questioned Israel and threatened consequences. When Netanyahu declared that there will never be a Palestinian State under his watch ... Obama pulled up Netanyahu and questioned his two state policy. Obama dared to do against the flow and did a few things that many of his predecessors did not have the courage to do.

Stalling Technique: Incompetency
This outraged the Jewish Establishment ... Obama was seen as a traitor against the state of Israel ... and all of Obama’s moves were withheld. Obama found a massive opposition from the Republicans ... and in the second term Republicans won the majority in both houses ... with that they facilitated “total incompetence” under the Obama Administration. Obama found himself struggling to do anything at all. To hold back Obama ... to stop Obama from making any move against Israel or against Central Bankers ... the stalling technique that was used was ... incompetence. Not only they refused to allow Obama to do anything ... but they also repeatedly tried to repeal ObamaCare and obstruct the Iran Nuclear Deal. They tried to stomp over Obama’s legacy while he was still President.

Well, till date this was only constitutional ... a bunch of guys yelling at each other in the Parliament. But what’s planned under the Trump Presidency is far far more dangerous than Obama’s. Trump has no idea of what is planned ... who is planning it ... and why they are doing it.

Handling of malice under the Trump Presidency
Donald Trump is playing the big boys game. He taking care of the Federal Reserve ... he is taking care of Israel ... and he is going after “China”. Trump does not know that all of these guys are fishes of the same species. All of them form the same damn “Jewish Establishment”. All of them work under one umbrella ... under one ideology ... of fooling, misleading and extracting wealth from Christian and other non-Jewish countries. It’s the same damn fish ... Israel, Central Bankers, Global Trade, China, Communism ... all of them are designed under the same ideology.

Stalling Technique: Violence
Under the Obama Administration ... the only thing that they had to do was make sure that no new laws were created. So, they just stalled the creation of any new law using their influence via AIPAC and Republican opposition to stop Obama. But you, my dear friend, President Donald Trump ... you are facing a different technique owing to the different scenario. You are a Republican President. You already have the majority of both the houses under control. They cannot play the incompetence card against you. They are planning to use an alternate strategy of “violence” to stall any move that you will make against China or against Global Trade or against any effort to pull back jobs. They want to keep you occupied by violence and disturbances in order to derail you from any effort in a nationalistic direction.

Types of possible violence
I am writing this even before it happens ... only to derail these assholes from these malicious plans. The moment they are exposed ... they back off to a great extent. So, here are some types of violence that they seem to be planning. It is all “race based” violence. It directly impacts people and threatens the stability of the country.

Immigrants committing crime
All of these violent activities are sponsored and placed at the right time and at the right place. They can sponsor a few illegal immigrants who will commit some murders or drastic crime. And then they will come to you and say ... President Donald Trump ... please take some action ... these illegals are creating havoc in the society. They will encourage you to target an entire race ... carry out racial profiling of Latinos and Latin communities.

Radical Islam
You want to fight and eliminate Radical Terrorists. Very good ... do it. But see that you eliminate what is going on right now ... see that it “reduces” ... see that it is “eliminated”. Because this is one good darn excuse using which they have spent trillions of American tax payer dollars and nothing has been accomplished since the past 16 years. When it comes to Radical Islam ... they are probably planning to create massive attacks in America and Europe ... maybe even chemical attacks using WMD. Once they do this ... they will blame it on refugees, Islam and Muslims ... and encourage you to do the same thing ... President Donald Trump ... please do something ... these Muslims are creating havoc in the society. They will encourage you to take “race based” actions against Muslims across the country ... pushing you towards racial profiling of Muslims.

Institutional Racism
Police crime on Blacks in America is another “bullshit sponsored violent activity” designed only to destabilize the country. If “institutional racism” actually exists then ... why doesn’t a black cop shoot an unarmed white man? There are millions of Blacks living in France, Spain and Canada. Why don’t they have “institutional racism”? Why aren’t white cops shooting black people in France? And even if a black guy gets shot ... then why aren’t they giving such massive publicity to the event in France, Spain or Canada? This combination of “events + media + politicians” is a Jewish Establishment strategy. Institutional Racism is nothing but bullshit ... it is sponsored ... it is planned ... all associated events are carried out at the right time and right place. It is designed only to destabilize the country.

So, if you find any black guys shooting cops ... or cops shooting black guys ... under the Trump Presidency ... then know that this is just one way to create chaos under the Trump Administration.

All of these three strategies are designed by the same Jewish Establishment with the same motive. If you find a rise in this “race based violence” under your Administration ... then this is just a stalling strategy to keep you busy in chaos ... while their global trade and other systems remain untouched.

Scoop Iran in between
And somehow they will try to scoop Iran in between. “Muslims are carrying out chemical attacks in Europe! Muslims are using WMD! How can you trust Iran with a nuclear program? President Donald Trump ... you have to do something about Iran. You have to stop Iran. Bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities!”

They will try to push you for another major war. All of these are deviation techniques. I know you are a great guy and you want to Make America Great Again. I love that slogan. But when you try to make America great again ... it is the Jewish Establishment that will be your biggest obstruction ... your biggest opponent. Because all of these current systems ... drain the wealth to this very establishment ... and if you change these systems, their cash flow gets affected. You might be the President of the United States ... but for them, you are just a tiny fish ... that can easily be controlled by a change in the flow of the waters. And the fact that you have no understanding of the Jewish Establishment ... makes it so much more easier for them.

Securing America
When we keep the White House informed ... it secures America ... but only in the short term. Because just informing the White House does not change the systems or their influence or their monopoly. It only sends a red alert within the Jewish Establishment that ... hey, the top political leaders know about our plan. It restrains them in the short term. Then they sit there and hatch out another plan ... hoping that nobody notices the connections. Which is why they came up with these fantastic ideas about "racial violence" ... because once you blame the race then you can never locate the real culprit. They get to escape from the chaos created and also create destruction in the country.