16 Dec 2016
Russia frees 98% of Aleppo. US continues the genocide in Mosul.
in America

Russia has a splendid victory in Aleppo. Trump is outshining Obama even before taking office. The “Russian Hacking Propaganda” is a fantastic way for the losers to poop over the victors in an attempt to hide their shameful loser faces. Let’s take a look at the ongoing pooping spree in America.

Americans poop on the Russian victory in Aleppo
Here’s the deal ... the elections are over ... we already have a victor ... but the Obama Administration is still crying over the supposed Russian hacking. Why? What’s with the ongoing wailing of the Obama Administration? The thing is ... it is actually only about the elections right now. This is about Putin’s continuous victories in Syria. 98% of Aleppo is already freed by Russia ... while the US is still struggling with its ongoing genocide in Mosul.

This is not an “Obama strategy” ... this is an Establishment strategy. The Russian Hacking Propaganda has been designed to push Russia’s victory in Aleppo under the carpet. Had they not started crying and wailing over the alleged Russian hacking ... the news headlines would read as “Russia wins in Aleppo, US still struggles in Mosul”. It would bring shame on the incompetence of US military operations in Iraq. The people would start questioning ... Obama’s competency, the US military competency and what the hell are they doing in Iraq? So ... instead of that happening ... they have cleverly deviated the American people with a “demonization of Russia”. “Russia hacked the elections, Putin directly ordered for the hacking and bla bla bla.” This is the Pentagon saving it’s shameful loser face.

The Genocide Continues in Iraq
The truth about Pentagon operations is that ... the whole show is rigged. The entire US military operations are rigged. They tell the President one thing in the White House and something else actually happens on the ground level. If you see the military operations of countries like Russia or even Turkey ... when their military moves into Syria ... then the only thing that the terrorists do is “run” ... they just run for their lives. But when the US military and supported forces move into Syria or Iraq ... then it is a “celebration” for them. They sit their casually ... carrying out mass executions and carry out maximum destruction. The only thing that the American media puts in the news is “the terrorists are using civilians as human shields”. Which is utter total bullshit ... how the hell does a human being become a human shield? Are these humans placed before the bullets or cannons or air strikes? Are these humans tied to poles of the buildings to be sacrificed? This is blatant mass “genocide” of the Muslim population by US supported forces in Muslim countries. This is mass ethnic cleansing of one religion.

Only two countries in the world that use this excuse of “human shields” to cover the large scale deaths in military operations is Israel and America. This is an establishment game designed by the people of the same ideology which is resulting in the same large scale deaths for Muslims. Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi can be taken down within weeks ... but to take down a few terrorists ... it requires months and months of military operations in each city? For 8 years they have been bombing Iraq on the “pretext of fighting the opposition” and after 8 years of bombing the country ... they give us ISIS from the same country? Tell me, how the hell does ISIS rise from the same country that you bombed for 8 years? This entire operation of War on Terror is nothing but a preplanned designed genocide of the Muslim population. On one side ... American supported forces carry out mass killings and on the other side these so called terrorist groups carry out mass killings. These cities and countries wherever this War on Terror is waged ... they are totally desecrated and destroyed. All of this is done in the name of “democracy” and saving people ... which is all bullshit.

On the other hand ... if you see Russia’s or Turkish military operations ... they are totally different. Actions are different ... results are different ... and it leads to “safe and secure” control of territories brought under government control. Because the operations of these countries are not rigged by the Jewish Establishment. Blaming Russia is only attempt to discard Russia’s successful work in Syria and the elimination of terrorist groups via Russian operations.

Democrats poop on Trump’s victory tour
While the Obama Administration gets to save face of its incompetence in Iraq while pooping on Russia’s hacking ... at a National level, the Democrats are joining the pooping spree on Russia ... because it helps in pulling down Donald Trump’s victory tour. The guy is not even President yet ... and he is cancelling deals ... already saving billions for the country ... the people are loving it ... his approval rates are rising ... and at the same time it is showing Obama’s incompetence on these deals. If Trump could assess these deals with one look ... what the hell was Obama doing? Instead of protests ... he is getting massive support in his victory tour.

Well, they cannot do anything about the deals ... so, what they are choosing to do is ... poop over Russia. “Russia hacked ... Trump was favored to win ... Russia meddled in the elections.” They are trying to steal away Trump’s thunder by the blame game on Russia. This is another way for the Democrats to wail over their loss in both the Houses and the loss of Presidency. Kind of pathetic.

The American People get pooped upon by the creation of a new enemy
What the Obama Administration and the Democrats don’t realize is that ... this pooping spree is leading to the creation of a new enemy state for America. It is unnecessarily and disproportionately demonizing Russia ... and facilitating the ease of friction with a massive country. Which is exactly what the Establishment wants ... they want friction and conflict with Russia. And they will try to use any and every trick possible to do the same. So, while you are crying and wailing over your loss ... please don’t create new enemies for the American people. They already had enough. Your incompetency and your failures should not deliver new enemies for the American people.

The Jewish Establishment enjoys the pooping spree
While our Christian leaders are pooping over each other and bitching among themselves ... the Jewish Establishment is sitting there and enjoying the show. Probably thinking ... “what kind of ridiculous idiots are these guys? We won in every way ... by bringing a guy that we can puppet more than Obama ... we control the media ... we are giving massive publicity to Russian hacking ... and just look at them joining hands to fight with Russia. How silly and ridiculous are these people ... it is so easy to control them.”

Yes, the only entity that is winning with the “Russian Hacking Propaganda” is the Jewish Establishment. Congratulations.