13 Dec 2016
A New Blame Donkey coming in the White House
in America

For George Bush there was only one bad guy that he wanted to eliminate ... it was Saddam Hussein. Al Qaeda was a tiny group in one corner of the world. For this ... he started two major wars and kept America occupied in chaos for 8 long years. As per the agenda given to Donald Trump ... he sees not one bad guy but three races as bad ... Latinos, Blacks and Muslims ... and he thinks that the refugees are “waves of Jihadists” coming into America and Europe. Now, imagine the chaos planned under the Trump Administration.

This page is going to contain some heavy stuff. So, for starters let me clarify that ... we like Donald Trump ... he is a great guy. If anything ... he is lovable and caring. The stuff that is written on this page is “plain prediction” based upon the ideology of the Jewish Establishment and what has happened under the previous administrations. This page aims to help Donald Trump and the Obama Administration take necessary precautionary steps for the mines kept on the way ahead. It is just a worst case scenario analysis based upon the behaviors, ideology and destructive plans of the Establishment. We mean no harm for Trump or any American.

What is the Jewish Establishment?
This is a lengthy topic. I will create a separate FAQ page to understand what the Jewish Establishment is. In brief ... it consists of the Central Bankers, Israeli Government, Large Corporations, AIPAC, most of mainstream US media and other Jewish Enterprises. The thing that you should know about Jews is that only one small section of them follow Moses and the Torah. A huge segment of them follow the Talmud, which is nothing but Satanic ideology, practices and beliefs from their original Kingdom of Kazaria “incorporated” within Judaism. These guys practice a Satanic devouring ideology while calling themselves “Jews”. All of these enterprises and groups ... work under one umbrella of leeching resources from Christian and other Goyim countries. All of them work under one ideology ... one objective ... and that is to “use non-Jews for their benefit”. This is the main source of most of the problems in the West.

Basic Sequence of Events
Coming to the main subject of the page ... our lovely Jewish Establishment follows a simple sequence of events to direct the flow of the country.

  1. Create Event. First, the event is created ... at the right time and at the right place.
  2. Use Politicians. Next, they use politicians as “marketing executives” to promote the agenda designed around these events. These politicians are controlled by three major factors ... heavy donations from Jewish Corporations, policy direction by Jewish Lobbies & Advisers and mileage in the Media.
  3. Widespread Publicity in the Media. These events and the associated agenda promoted by the politicians are given widespread publicity throughout the country ... in an attempt to make the people believe that this agenda is a necessity.

If you see these three factors in perfect synchronization in America and it has no benefit for the people ... then know that it is a Jewish Establishment game. They basically think that Christian people are a bunch of morons ... more precisely “cattle” ... which is why they call them “Goyim”. And these cattle like people will believe whatever they are told ... if it comes from their politicians and it is widespread in the media. Details later on this phenomena.

The Bush Administration
My friend Donald Trump ... this page is especially written for you ... so observe everything very carefully. They used the same sequence of events during the Bush Administration.

  • Event. They created 911. Instead of going for the “culprits” ... George Bush went after “countries”. The culprits of 911 are still not found. Osama Bin Laden was cleared from any involvement in 911. Bush bombed countries that had no connection to 911. Why are the culprits still not found? Because the event itself is highly questionable.
  • Use Politician. George Bush was used to start the War on Terror. Bush did all of the marketing for the wars. It was George Bush in the spotlight ... talking about Saddam Hussein ... Al Qaeda ... terror ... threats ... Saddam ... Al Qaeda. Bush was the “marketing executive” used to promote the War on Terror agenda.
  • Widespread Publicity in the Media. Who got massive publicity in the media? George W Bush. It was George Bush’s wars ... it was Bush’s fault ... it was Bush’s mistake ... Bush was the bad guy. Bush was humiliated and ridiculed all around the world.

The Blame Donkey was George W Bush
It was an Establishment agenda ... there was no real threat ... there were no real terrorists. But they successfully used the President of the United States ... for 8 long years ... to keep America occupied by fear and insecurity. Why was this done? Saddam Hussein was never a problem for America. Why did we spend trillions in the wars and 8 long years in chaos? It was nothing but a deviation tactic. The main problem with America is “Jewish Monopoly”. It is this Jewish Monopoly that is leeching out the country’s resources and draining the wealth to the top 0.01% of the population. This is why America is going massively in debt. They have created several systems that facilitate this.

Now ... if this is discovered ... if this hits the news ... and if politicians start taking action against this ... then it would be a nightmare for the Jewish Establishment. If the people know about it and politicians are not taking actions ... then it will create riots. So, the safe thing for our lovely Jewish Establishment to do is ... “create bogus problems”. And then maintain the country fighting these bogus problems that never get solved. Which is exactly what happened with George W Bush. If you see ... America started hitting $1 Trillion debt during the first year of Bush era ... during the first year itself. It is exactly then that they started these bogus problems created via artificial events. Before George Bush ... the world was a beautiful place ... we had fought battles to create a beautiful world of equal respect for all people ... of all religions, color and race. We had fought battles to create this equality ... we put rules and principles into place to accomplish this. But this guy ... started to reverse everything. Why? Are Americans racists? Does George Bush doesn’t have common ethics? All of this was not Bush’s plan at all. The master mind behind this is the Jewish Establishment.

The Obama Administration
Then we got Obama ... who actively campaigned against these policies of fear and hate that create divisions in the society. But interestingly in his first term ... he got carried away with Washington politics and sent tens of thousands of troops to Afghanistan ... and then supported a French led invasion of Libya. Here is where we started getting in touch with the Obama Administration ... trying to show him the background game. And how these games are designed to destroy America itself. How you will be paying, paying and paying ... and nothing will be accomplished at the end of the day. And in the worst case scenario ... you will face destruction.

Now, here is the fantastic thing that Obama did:

  • He did not take the spotlight in war marketing. It was all done by Hillary Clinton in the first term. Obama refused to be a “marketing executive” for war and aggression.
  • Three additional countries were destroyed under the Obama Administration. Libya, Syria and Yemen. But Obama did not take the lead or spotlight to promote aggression against these countries. Libya was led by the French ... Syria was by the rebels ... and Yemen by the Saudis. Obama refused to play a pawn in the game.

Paris attacks happened ... they organized a huge march in Paris. Obama did not attend nor did John Kerry. Why? They know that this whole thing is freaking planned and outrageous. Attending these marches and giving more speeches on “terror” creates only more insecurity in the society. Obama blatantly refused for his Administration to be used as a platform for the promotion of hate and fear in the society. He himself downplayed many such events ... he went after “only for the culprits”. He did not blame any country or any religion or any race for these acts of violence. Which is why people still love Obama ... because

  • The people never heard any racist propaganda from him
  • People never heard of any fear, hate or divisive talk from him
  • People never heard of him targeting any country or religion or race

8 long years of the Obama Administration ... and no hate and war talk from Obama. Obama fantastically kept his legacy clean from any destructive policy. Which is why today ... no one blames Obama for anything. Obama is not a blame donkey for anything. He got off clean. Okay fine, people complain that nothing was done by Obama but they still love him and respect him ... he still has his honor and respect intact. Obama is not walking out of the White House like a blame donkey as George Bush did. Everything was blamed on George Bush. Obama is walking out with an increased approval rating ... people will always love and respect Obama. You don’t know but gaining people’s love and respect is itself a fantastic accomplishment.

This is one of the reasons that Netanyahu and Israel hate Obama. He refused to run their agendas. Obama kept American concerns first.

The Trump Administration
What Donald Trump should know is that ... “it is not business as usual”. This is not a normal ship that you are made the Captain of. This ship has been sinking since the past 16 years ... it has terrible flaws in almost every section. These flaws are so severe that some people would prefer to sink the ship rather than expose its flaws. They were actively working on sinking this ship during the Obama Administration itself. But we successfully steered Obama away from that destructive path. The ship is in terrible shape and the priority of the Establishment is to simply sink the ship asap. I am telling you this even before you put your foot in the White House ... so that you know exactly the parameters that you are dealing with.

Making America Great Again
This is your slogan ... but what you don’t know is that most of the stuff is taken from our writings. These are just vote pulling tactics. They have used the content from our sites ... only to pull votes and capture the seats. We have been writing against a “rigged system” and how the system does not work for the people ... for the past 8 years now. So, what these smart asses did was ... they took the content and the theme of the work ... gave it to the Republicans and used it against the Obama Administration. The content was so good that ... they successfully won the majority in both the Houses. This is one of the reasons ... I don’t write about the solutions on the site ... because the content is massively being misused.

Your intention is ... Making America Great Again ... and China is the central focus. I wrote about China taking American jobs and industries 8 years ago. They gave you the scheme ... because it is a genuine and effective cause ... it connects with the people’s lives and you get overwhelming support from the people for such causes and programs. Which is exactly what you got ... but the Jewish Establishment game is not that easy and straightforward. Making America Great Again and getting jobs from China ... was essentially only the frontend show to get you into power. “Destroying America” has been their goal since the past 8 years ... and they are pulling every string possible to get this done.

Destroy America and Blame Trump
Donald Trump ... I know that you are a good American Christian that loves his country. I know ... trust me ... I know. And you have done nothing wrong ... and if you have done something then it is to bring out the best in America. You have created a legacy of 7 Star Hotels and Resorts ... and hired tens of thousands of Americans ... provided the best luxury service to the American people and gave them the opportunity to create and work at the best enterprises that are possible. Till now ... you have done great. In the future plans lie the problems.

Trump’s Weak Point – Easy Jewish Establishment Access
You are a sensitive guy and you have a very good killer instinct. This can be a good combination if it is put in the right direction. But if your sensitivities and killer instinct is misdirected and put into the wrong direction ... then it can be a very easy recipe for chaos. One of your major drawback is “access by Jewish elements”. You think that they are “Jewish” ... but they are not exactly Jewish. When you get some time ... go through this section on our website: http://active-democracy.com/talmudic-teachings.html. It will show you exactly what is written in the Talmud and what Jews are being taught. All of those teachings have nothing to do with Moses or Torah or Judaism. All of those teachings are from a Satanic devouring ideology that teaches Jews to use non-Jews as if they were sheep and cattle. It teaches them that non-Jews were created to be used by Jews ... and Jews are the only real human beings. Christians and non-Jews are actually animals who only look like human beings.

Obama was lucky that he was not directly related to or connected to any Jewish group or religion. Which is why he could make independent decisions and steer his country towards a safe path. This is one of your major weak points which they will try to exploit and mislead you into creating a disaster for your country. Their plan right now is to destroy America and make Donald Trump the blame donkey. For them ... Donald Trump is just one goat. You are not a human being ... you are not someone who has feelings, honor or respect ... you are just one animal on the field ... who should work for their welfare ... who should sacrifice himself for their welfare. That’s exactly what they see ... when they see Donald Trump, the President of the United States.

Donald Trump, the New Blame Donkey
This strategy of creating chaos and destruction in America is owned by the Jewish Establishment. It is their objective ... it is their goal ... it is not Donald Trump’s goal. But look how they are putting you on the spotlight and how they are putting the entire blame on you right from the start.

  • Border Wall and Deportation Force. Whose wall is it? It is Donald Trump’s wall. Who is going to deport millions of immigrants? DONALD TRUMP is going to break families apart and he is going to deport millions of hard working honest contributing immigrants from America. Who is the racist? Donald Trump is the racist.
  • Ban entry of Muslims. Another policy targeting a religion and race. Who is banning Muslims from entering America? Donald Trump. Who wants to put surveillance of Muslim communities in America? Donald Trump. Who wants to profile Muslims? Donald Trump.
  • Police Violence Against Blacks. They are encouraging you to support the police and take action against Black communities. This is not a place where you take sides. On one hand, you have the police who risk their lives on a daily basis to protect you ... and on the other hand, you have the weakest community that needs the most help. You don’t take sides here. But they are advising you to support the police. Who is against the Black Community? Donald Trump. Who is initiating actions against the Black Community? Donald Trump.

Widespread Media Publicity
Now, all of these policies are “yours” ... they are Donald Trump’s policies ... and you have been given immense media publicity not only in America but all around the world. You have not even taken a step in the White House and there is massive demonization of Donald Trump at a national scale. So much that there are protests and riots in the country at the news that you won the election.

Character Assassination of Donald Trump
They are attacking you in every possible and literally baiting action against you. They dug into your personal life and publicized tapes that demean women ... tapes where boys were just being boys. And they also used other Republican candidates to publicize semi-nude photos of your wife. This was a preplanned designed character assassination of Donald Trump. They successfully drastically reduced the level of respect for you. They did this even before you became President. This was done only to facilitate action, revolt, protests and riots against a Trump Administration. The people would think the guy has no character ... he is a racist ... and married to someone with no morals. It would easily infuriate the people with any mistake that you would make. That’s why you saw protestors with signs “Not My President”.

My dear lovely Donald Trump ... this whole god damn thing is preplanned. The policies, the media and the protests ... everything that was given to you ... was preplanned. And it is not planned in your best interests ... trust me on that ... it is not planned in your best interests. A section of the same Jewish Establishment will sit right next to you ... claiming utmost loyalty and support ... but they will guide you into the most destruction and hateful directions. For them you are just an animal that needs to be controlled and directed.

Wave of Jihadists in America and Europe
Now, since the primaries you have successfully moved away from action against immigrants, Blacks and Muslims to some extent. But they are still preaching you “anti-Islamic” content ... that the Quran teaches hate ... Arabs are bad ... Muslims are terrorists. All of this is actually reverse psychology. All of the hate and aggression is actually contained in the Talmud. This section contains actual real lines from the Talmud: http://active-democracy.com/talmudic-teachings.html. They don’t want this to be exposed ... they don’t want action taken against their exploitation systems in America. The demonization of Islam is only a deviation tactic.

And all of these stupid groups of Al Qaeda and ISIS are managed and directed by Israel itself. If ISIS is an Islamic Terrorist organization then why doesn’t it attack Israel or kill Jews? All of ISIS attacks are against Christians or Muslims. If ISIS is a Muslim organization then why is it killing Muslims? All of this does not make sense ... you will understand ISIS operations only if you understand its real base ... and that is Israel. And all of operations against ISIS requires America to spend billions of its tax payer dollars in fighting non-stop wars. Israel’s weapons industry is doing a whooping business from this. Let alone providing weapons ... do you know that Israel also provides “medical treatment” for terrorists injured in the conflicts.

And when you stand there and say that a “wave of Jihadists are in America and Europe” ... do you know what does that mean? It only means that there are preplanned attacks on the way in America and Europe. When these attacks happen ... just like George Bush ... the previous blame donkey ... they will use you and make you stand there ... and run a racist propaganda. You will start profiling Muslims, screening Muslims, deporting Muslims, surveillance in Muslim communities and God knows what. Do you think America will grow and become “great” ... when bombs are blowing up in public places? Two bombs blew up in Turkey and the tourism business evaporated in Turkey after that. Do you think that people will invest and businesses will flourish when bombs blow up?

My dear friend Donald Trump, they are planning a second term of George Bush ... but of a much worse scale than ever before. They are planning to blame everything on you ... all policies and all chaos will be blamed on you. Why do you think they need Radical Islam? Why do you think they need this War on Terror? Why do you think they need this disturbance in the society? All of these are only bogus problems only to keep you occupied. The real problem exists somewhere else.

Burn Trump!
But this time ... it is planned to be taken at a much higher scale. The chaos and disturbance that will ensue in America ... will be directed at Donald Trump. Action will be directed against you and your properties. These protests that you saw after your election ... that is just a screenshot of what these guys do. They will literally direct action against your entire brand and properties.

The Hate Equation
This is the hate equation that they want to realize. They got one innocent guy who they can mislead and misdirect. This guy wants to Make America Great Again. He has nothing but nice things planned for America. The plan is to misdirect you into hateful and racist policies on one side ... and then on the other side ... demonize you as much as possible in every way ... so as to create a “hate equation” between you and the American people. Most of America is still upset that you won ... a massive character assassination has already been done. The only thing that they have to trash is your leadership skills ... they are planning to do this via these hateful and racist policies.

Why do they want to do this?
The good question is ... why? Why do this? Why go through all of this trouble? Why design all of these hateful policies? They want someone to hate America enough as much as they do. This is not an equation that exists between Donald Trump and America. This is an equation that exists between the Jewish Establishment and America. The Jewish Establishment wants America’s termination. These guys are just creating scenarios for their success. These guys believe in an ideology that encourages them to “create scenarios for their success”. Now, if America has to be destroyed ... someone has to be pissed off enough to allow its termination.

These attacks against Trump are designed to facilitate this hate equation to be realized. Widespread demonization of Trump, protests against Trump, burning of Trump properties ... to the extent that Trump will not be able to do any real estate business in America. Trump’s loss as a political leader ... the creation of racist policies and the chaos in the country will lead to total elimination of Trump’s business prospects in America. Here’s where our lovely Jewish Establishment will come to Trump and say ... “hey, all you wanted to do was good for America. But they only hated you and harmed you. Screw America. We love you. Here is a $100 Billion ... ten times more than your entire wealth in America ... initiate the war against Russia. Come to China with us, you can live happily ever after there.” Initiating a war with Russia is very easy ... all it requires is the creation of a few key events ... and these guys specialize in that.

Destruction put on a Fast Track
They wanted to do this during the Obama Administration itself. But the thing was ... we reached out and moved him away from this path. And they saw that ... hey, this guy is reaching to the White House and he is changing the minds of the top leaders in America ... and he is screwing with our plans. Which is why they have put everything on a fast track under the Trump Administration. Trump has not even stepped into the White House and they initiate protests and riots. I looked at that shit and said ... ow yeah? ... lets’ turn these protestors against the Jewish Establishment instead of Donald Trump. Let’s use this chaos to target the Establishment. And the protestors disappeared as if magic.

What they have learnt is that ... if they give enough time then we can change minds ... we show you where the worst possibilities are and move you away from those drastic steps. And with Donald Trump, they are not sure about a second term ... the whole game has to be played within 4 years.

Initiation of Events
If they have to accomplish their target destruction within 4 years. Then they will initiate events. Events that will be blamed on Muslims, Blacks and Latinos. Trump wants to make America great again ... but once you start having such violent events in the country in several cities ... then you can forget about greatness. They will try to create events and want the Administration to take action against a race, religion or country. It will be a challenge for Trump to push away this huge pressure that will be put on him from several sides. You have to use your mind, your leadership and your commonsense to get things done in the right way.

  • Resist the encouragement to blame any religion, race or country
  • Go only for the culprits ... go for the main criminals who carried out the events
  • Abstain from any race or religion based rhetoric
  • Do not create any policy that targets any race or religion or country
  • Do not initiate any action that targets any particular race or religion
  • Do not “generalize” the event to the entire community
  • If someone is teaching you otherwise ... then he is your mole ... he is associated with the same guys that will destroy your country.
  • If any corporation or lobby and comes you to promote “Radical Islam” ... don’t fall for it. Doesn’t matter how much money they offer you ... the moment you fall for it ... then you are trapped in their plan. They just used one of the elements to trap you into the program.

Happily Ever After in China
What their game plan is ... destroy America and Europe via Russia ... and happily move to China or Israel. This is why Netanyahu is warning Jews of increased Anti-Semitism in the West since the past 8 years and encouraging them to move to Israel. And this is why they carried out massive construction of new cities in China. I don’t think you know that China has built massive new cities ... that are literally “empty” ... not occupied by anyone ... occupancy enough for millions of people. Who do you think these cities are for? It is for millions of Jews who will migrate to China once the war begins.

That’s exactly what they will tell you ... hey, here is $100 Billion ... screw America ... start a new life in China with ten times more potential. But what your lovely Jewish friends will not tell you is ... they will put you up for sacrifice once Russians come looking for you. We have already informed Putin and the Kremlin of this destructive plan of the Jewish Establishment. We have already asked Putin to put Israel and the Jewish owners of Central Banks and Large Corporations on the cross hairs. The moment the war between America and Russia begins ... we have told Russia to smash out these guys first ... as these guys are the main culprits behind the war. When Russians will come ... do you think they will protect you? They are already using you as a sacrificial goat. They will readily give you up for sacrifice. Take Donald Trump ... it was his plan ... we did not do anything ... Jews are so innocent and naïve all the time. They will just slide you away and allow you to be ... ahem ... in order to save themselves.

Escape Strategy
That $100 Billion that they promised ... that was just temptation for you to initiate the conflict with Russia. They always find a blame donkey for all of their malice. So that, they do whatever destruction is required using another person ... and then this person becomes the blame donkey for their malice. This is their escape strategy.

You are dreaming of making a great America ... doing great things ... being a fantastic President ... but trust me it is not business as usual. The wolves have their claws all out and they are ready to rip it all apart. If you follow their path of hate and racism ... then forget about anything great ... you are looking at potential destruction of your entire name, legacy, properties, business and family ... utter total wipe out. Because apparently everything was Donald Trump’s fault.

If the bus crashes then the driver is blamed
Allow me to sum up the whole thing in one concept ... so that it is easy to understand. The bus is moving at full speed ... everything is screwed up in the bus ... a faulty engine ... a leaking fuel tank ... a busted tyre ... rusted rims ... broken windows ... and it has about a 100 children in there. The bus is running in this condition at full speed. This bus is going to crash at any time ... and they know it ... there is no way that this bus will survive.

If the bus crashes on its own ... then all of its faults will be exposed. People will investigate the faulty engine, the leaking fuel tank, the busted tyre, rusted rims and the broken windows. All of these faults will be exposed and those responsible for these faulty systems will be held responsible. So, instead of that happening ... what these “fault designers” are doing is ... designing a bus crash ... a massive collision. So that the collision takes away the faults of the bus along with it. The bus is burnt to the ground and nothing is identifiable. That’s the plan. We already diverted this plan under the Obama Administration.

Now, what they have done is ... put Donald Trump as the driver of the bus. Now, Donald Trump is going to run this bus in full speed. Apart from all of the faults that already exist in the bus ... they are adding additional chaos in the bus. They are making one kid fight with another ... punches are being thrown at each other ... they have “planted” some nasty kids with knives and guns ... they are making the kids turn against each other and create a massive conflict in the bus. While they are doing this ... they are also preparing for the collision. This is Trump Presidency ... as per their plan that is.

Now, if this bus crashes or collides ... who are they going to blame? Who was the driver? Donald Trump. Whose policies were these? Donald Trump. Who initiated these moves? Donald Trump. Ultimately, who is responsible for the complete destruction of the bus? Donald Trump.

The Jewish Establishment is a bunch of malicious assholes. Nothing is immoral for them ... nothing is not doable for them. And we the non-Jews are a bunch of chickens that they can eliminate any time. Donald Trump is thinking of great things ... but he has no idea ... how they are planning to use him to terminate America as we know it ... and also terminate Trump at every level.

Hitler in Argentina
Donald Trump ... do you know that there is a theory where they claim that Hitler did not actually commit suicide. He faked the suicide and put some bodies in his place ... and he actually fled to Argentina with his girlfriend. They actually found some German submarines or ships in Argentina. They claim that Hitler actually escaped to Argentina ... and lived the rest of his life under a different identity.

If you knew that Hitler was alive in some part of the world ... then wouldn’t you just go and get him? This is the exact state that they are planning to drive Donald Trump to. The coming chaos is not going to be easy and it is planned at massive scales. Everything is planned to be blamed upon you. Forget about the Russians ... even Americans would be hunting for you. If you are lucky to be alive ... then the only way out would be to go underground in China ... get a face transplant and live under a different identity. You can forget about the Trump name itself.

Movement of Phases
So, the moment you see that the “events” are being put into place. Don’t swoop into action ... don’t just jump at whatever your advisers tell you to. This is just phase one of the game. They are just “baiting you” ... pushing you ... encouraging you ... putting you on the crucifix ... making you the blame donkey ... making you the sacrificial goat ... and asking you to initiate a “race based” action. Do NOT fall for that card ... doesn’t matter who tell you to ... don’t give a damn who it is ... generals, intelligence, relatives, politicians ... screw all. It will be your name on the line ... it will be your legacy and life on the line. Never ever initiate any race based action or policy.

The moment you buy the idea that Blacks are the problem ... or Muslims are the problem ... or Latinos are the problem ... then that’s it ... you are in Phase Two. Phase Three, Four and Five will fall before you even know it. Phase Two is under your control ... you are the decision maker ... you are the leader. Phase Two is where you control what happens next. You are the President ... not the generals, not FBI or CIA, not your relatives, not any other politician ... you are the President ... you are the decision maker. If you give in to Phase Two ... then Phase Three, Four and Five are not under your control. Trust me on that ... you will have absolutely no control over the media or protests or people or whatever happens after that.

You have to stay strong ... and only go for the culprits. Trash that ridiculous concept of Radical Islam or that Blacks are bad ... or that Latinos are bad. Every community has good and bad people. If someone commits a crime ... doesn’t matter who they are or where they are from ... just go for the actual guys who committed the crime. Just hold on to fighting crime and criminals ... that’s it. Shove all of the racist agenda that targets any community under the carpet. Don’t take advise in this ... you tell others that “this is how it has to be done”. Don’t buy other’s racist bullshit.

We also talk about the “Jewish” Establishment ... but we are very very precise on who these people are. We do not generalize this on the entire Jewish population. Most of the common Jews have nothing to do with all of this crappy Establishment politics. They themselves have been the victims of this for several generations.

Simple formula: Be the Law and Order Candidate. Follow the rules. Go for the criminals. Do not generalize on anyone.

How to fix the faults in the bus? You leave that to us.