24 Nov 2016
Welcome to the White House, Donald Trump
in America

America was supposed to be destroyed during the Obama Administration itself. The technique that they were following was ... carry out some events ... raise the flag of “Radical Islam” ... and wage war in more and more countries. Syria was a stepping stone into Iran. As per their plan ... the war with Iran should have already taken place ... a conflict with Russia should have already been initiated ... and as a result total destruction should have been accomplished.

Some guys out there are way behind schedule and they are planning to put their plans on a fast track under the Trump Administration. Who they are and how they work ... we will let you know ... but before that ... some introduction.

How we work
We are Active Democracy ... and we love people. We are in the business of making great nations by implementing fantastic “people oriented” systems. We are not politicians ... we are not Republican or Democrats ... we don’t give a damn about the political party. We care for the people ... we fight for the people ... and we help you make fantastic and beautiful nations.

Yes, you might have seen on our website ... we gave advice to Donald Trump as well as Hillary Clinton. It was not our vote for them ... it was only making sure that the best moves are taken in the best interests of the people under both Administrations. The people are our primary concern. If you want a great nation, systems that are fantastic for the people and as a result be a great leader ... then you should be talking to us.

What we love about Donald Trump

  • Successful American Christian. You are a successful American Christian that has fought the battles of his life and developed a successful business empire. There is nothing wrong in being successful ... any American would love to be in your shoes.
  • Business Acumen. You are a fantastic businessman with international experience that no other Congressman has. No other Congressman can say that he has hired tens of thousands of people and setup a business empire like you have.
  • Sensitive but a caring father figure. Yes you are sensitive but you are also a caring father figure. You have a soft heart that listens and cares ... unlike the many other cold blooded brutes in the Congress.
  • Has a killer instinct and loves a fight. You have a fantastic killer instinct ... you love a fight ... and you don’t step back.
  • America First. And most importantly you love your country.

Having a successful American Christian with a keen business acumen ... who loves and cares ... who will fight and keep America first is all we need in the White House. My friend, you are perfect for the job. This is exactly what we need.

People, Politicians and Systems
In order to make a great nation ... we keep an eye on three main elements ... people, politicians and systems. Who are the politicians ... what systems are being run in the country ... and how these systems are affecting the people. We get in touch with the top politicians ... alert them about the bad systems that are being run in the country ... show them how adversely these systems are or will affect the people and their leadership ... and work with politicians in creating fantastic systems.

You can’t have a great nation without a great leader. To make America great again ... my dear Donald Trump ... you need to be a great leader. And great leaders don’t put up with malicious systems that are exploiting the people. Great leaders create fantastic systems that are simply beautiful for the people. And Donald Trump ... you have all of the skill sets required to be GREAT. Let’s just say ... you are on your path to greatness.

(That’s if you follow us ... if you follow some of your other advisers ... then we have our fingers crossed. Lol.) So, let’s get started.

Destruction Strategy under the Obama Administration
The strategy that the Jewish Establishment was following to destroy America under the Obama Administration was ... to continuously push for more wars. They knew that countries like Syria and Iran will turn to Russia for protection ... Russia would be involved. They would initiate a conflict with Russia under any pretext ... it might be a false event ... an attack on Russian interests in Syria or Iran ... or via aggression from Eastern Europe. The path that they were following was ... Syria ... Iran ... Russia ... and then total termination.

Obama was overwhelmed by the White House
If you see ... Obama was an anti-war candidate ... but he was overwhelmed by the White House in his first term. There are military generals ... national advisers ... come down to you with urgency and national security and push you to take moves ... and make it sound all so dramatic and urgent and important and must be done. Which is why ... they managed to “make Obama” send tens of thousands of troops to Afghanistan as soon as he moved to the White House ... despite Obama himself being anti-war. And then he went into Libya ... and he was going on and on and on. He was just going with the flow. The last thing you do in the White House is go with the damn flow. You are there to lead ... not to follow. You are the freaking President for a reason.

The Arab Spring saved America
The Arab Spring brought out revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt ... regimes were changed by plain people power ... without any guns or war. The fantastic thing that the Arab Spring did was ... it saved America from a conflict with Russia. When the Jewish Establishment saw the Arab Spring coming up ... the people themselves were overthrowing the regimes. They tried to exploit the “protestor” option to overthrow regimes via arming protestors and making them fight against their own governments ... which is exactly what they did in Libya and Syria. They supply weapons and arm people to fight against their governments.

The interesting thing what happened here is that ... they had to drop the flag of “Radical Islam”. They could not give hundreds of billions of weapons to Arab Muslims ... and demonize Muslims and Islam at the same time. If Islam is bad ... if Muslims are bad ... then why are we supplying weapons to these Muslims? This is one of the major reasons why Obama does not use the term “Radical Islam”. He knows that this is a bogus term created only to promote wars against Muslim countries. One moment they were saying ... “we need to fight Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan ... we need to send our troops to fight Muslim terrorists.” And they themselves made a 180 degree turn on their strategy and said ... Islam and Muslims are fine ... their leaders are bad ... so we need to send weapons in Libya and Syria ... and arm Muslim protestors. Lol.

For several years ... they made Obama spend hundreds of billions in supplying weapons to “Arab Muslims” ... now you can’t make him do a 180 degree turn again ... and make him say that Muslims are the bad guys. “If Muslims are the bad guys ... then why am I blowing up our tax payer money by the billions on supplying them with weapons?” That’s what Obama would think. This is a question that the Jewish owned media will not ask you publicly. They will ask you about refugees ... “will you take refugees from Syria?” You responded by saying that ... “even if Obama has taken any refugees from Syria then they are going back”. But the question that they will never ask you is that ... “Obama is supplying weapons to Arab Muslims in Syria ... will the Trump Administration continue to supply weapons to Muslims?”

No one has ever asked you this question ... why? Because it shows their double standards and it affects the cash flow to the weapons industry. The hundreds of billions that are being spent in these conflicts ... directly go to the weapons industry. This is “Establishment Politics”.

Wars were averted 3 Times under the Obama Administration
With a few years of experience in the White House ... Obama gained more confidence and he dropped this bogus concept of Radical Islam all together. And he started looking into America’s interest and started using Diplomacy to avoid destruction.

  • Syria. Just like a resolution was taken against Libya. Syria was planned to be eliminated in the same manner. But Obama refused to make that call ... he diplomatically moved the decision making to the Congress ... because he knew that he was capable of making an alternate decision. Instead of going there and destroying the country ... and making it a terrorist training ground ... Obama said no ... we will not take down the Syrian government but instead we will support the protestors ... we will support the people. It started off with political support and then it turned into a weapons support program. It did no good for Syria as a country ... but it stopped America from going into another war.
  • Iran. Again the Jewish Establishment ... one of the key leaders is Netanyahu ... ramped up the rhetoric against Iran’s Nuclear Program. Options on the table were pre-emptive strikes or total war. Again Obama used “Diplomacy” ... he refused to go on a war path ... he understood the game ... he knew that after Iran next step is Russia ... and then it is total termination. Instead of strikes on Iran or a war with Iran ... he opted for sanctions on Iran. Sanctions on Iran was a way to pull America out of another major war.
  • Russia. There are a lot of lovely advisers in the White House ... who are loyal to the Jewish Establishment ... you will get to know soon. Obama was being advised to shoot down Russian planes in Syria ... go on an offensive in Ukraine against Russia ... in order to stop the bully “Putin”. This is what they push you to do in the White House. Obama said ... no, we are not going to strike Russia ... he used Diplomacy and said ... instead we will go for sanctions against Russia. The sanctions on Russia were an alternate to strikes on Russian forces in Syria and Ukraine.

This is what Obama was facing in the White House. The options on the table are bad or worse ... they either make you do something bad or they make you do something even worse. And this is as simple as the game can get. This is the game in the most simplest form. For you, my dear Donald Trump ... the game is designed to be doubly more difficult ... the game will be run in its expert mode ... Obama was just playing beginner level.

That was the past ... let me take you into the future
How we managed to help Obama dodge these worst case scenarios was by predicting the next ten steps ahead. Based upon their current moves and policies ... we show you ten steps ahead. It is like playing minesweeper ... we show exactly where they are placing the mines and how they are planning to blow you up. What you are thinking is ... “I am gonna make America great again. Its gonna be a 5 Star empire. I will hire the best guys. I will do the best work that is possible. I am gonna be great.” But guess what ... they already know that about you ... they already know all of the moves that you will make. And you have no idea how the system is rigged ... who has rigged the system and to what extent it has been rigged. I know you want to make America great again ... but you have no idea about the elements that they are going to unleash under your Administration.

They “allowed” the media to turn against George Bush
You keep calling them the “dishonest media”. Did you know that 90% of mainstream media in the US is owned by the Jewish Establishment? And they allowed the media to turn against George Bush. George Bush is the most infamous President known to our generation. Do you know why they allowed the media to turn against George Bush? Because of the Iraq war? Bullshit ... Hillary has more wars than him and got 5 times more people killed than George Bush ever did. 100,000 people were killed in Iraq under George Bush ... but more than 500,000 people are killed in Syria ... a civil war that Hillary started. They turned the media against George Bush but not against Hillary ... and not against Obama. Why? Why was Hillary not demonized for her wars in Libya and Syria despite these wars being 5 times more destructive?

George Bush was the Blame Donkey
Demonization of George Bush was a cover-up for the debt. America started going in debt with the start of George Bush’s tenure. Bush was used to start wars only to cover-up the debt. Not once did George Bush ever talk about the debt of the country. America started going by $1 Trillion in debt right from George Bush’s first year. And this debt is created by none other than the policies and systems of our lovely Jewish Establishment. They never wanted the focus to come on the debt and as a result the focus on their systems. George Bush was used as the “blame donkey” to create the deviation. Media is already unleashed against you, Donald Trump ... you are the new blame donkey.

Rise of Obama
They used the media to turn the people against George Bush and quietly backed off. They were just controlling the people’s response to the $10 Trillion debt after George Bush’s tenure. They thought that the people would be pissed ... if they would do anything then they will take action against Bush. But to their amazement ... the American people didn’t do much. No one freaked out ... no one got violent ... no one took drastic action against any one. They were expecting a lot of aggressive response. But the only thing that they got was ... a handsome young charismatic Black Senator ... with excellent oratory skills ... who gave them hope and pulled the country towards peace.

The issue with Obama
They allowed Obama to win ... only to watch what he would do next ... only to see how these guys will fix the system. Whether he will go for the Jewish Establishment or not ... does he know the exploitation systems or not ... it was all fingers crossed. To their surprise they got a guy who didn’t know much and they worked on effective techniques of controlling his decision making and preventing Obama from making any major change ... which is why they clamored to bring the Republican majority in both the houses ... only to control Obama.

The major issue with Obama was that he had no Jewish connection. Obama was not controlled by the Jewish Establishment. The only reason they allowed Obama to win was because ... they were too scared as their malice had caused a debt of $10 Trillion to the most powerful country in the world and secondly because Obama didn’t actually know about the Jewish Establishment Systems.

Destruction of America is their “Solution”
What our wonderful Jewish Establishment does is ... sit right next to you and advise you how to destroy yourself. Their number one priority is to destroy America. Why? Because America is the most powerful country in the world ... their malicious systems are causing a debt of more than $1 Trillion per year ... if any time all of these systems are exposed then they get their asses kicked. And once America will take action against these systems ... entire of Europe will follow. That’s the last thing that they want. So, what they do is ... come to you with a nice smile ... and suggest you different ways of destroying your own country. Destruction of America results in the elimination of their malicious systems as well. The destruction of the crime scene results in the destruction of the evidence also.

The Rise of Trump and Hillary
The major reason why Trump and Hillary were promoted to the top from each party was because both of these candidates have Jewish influence ... and they could push these candidates to do what they want. Obama was giving them a tough time ... he was repeatedly refusing more wars and refusing a conflict with Russia. They needed candidates with more Jewish influence and control. This is the main reason why these candidates were promoted to the top. If you see both of your major donors ... they will be Jewish connections on both sides.

Controlling both horses in the race
This is how they design the game ... they control both horses in the race. They will bring only those two horses that they can control and then they run the show by controlling both candidates. The people think this is democracy ... and they have to choose ... they have to choose Hillary or Trump. They sit there making Hillary fight against Trump. But what you don’t know is ... doesn’t matter who wins ... it is the Jewish Establishment that is going to win either ways. The entire game is designed in that manner.

This is not just about elections ... all of Jewish Establishment games are designed in the same manner. They play both sides ... they sponsor both sides ... and as a whole they run the show for their benefit. You think that you are President ... but you just end up being a pawn in their game. If you try to make any independent move then you are fiercely limited.

The War on Terror
What do you think that the War on Terror is? That there are genuinely cranky Muslims standing with AK47 rifles wanting a war with America? My dear lovely Donald Trump ... these guys play both sides. They go out there ... sponsor a group to create an event ... and then they come to you saying ... “ah look at those crazy Muslims ... you have to take action.” So, what you have to do as a result? Give hundreds of billions of tax payer money to the defense industry ... in order to solve the problem ... which by the way, never gets solved.

The Initiation of the Syrian Conflict
Who do you think started the Syrian conflict? They sent in a group of armed men who massacred about 200 soldiers in a town in Syria. And then Hillary took the mic and said ... “the government is going to create a bloodbath ... the government is going to attack its own citizens”. No one was involved in the Syrian conflict before ... tell me ... how can some armed men take up weapons and kill 200 soldiers? Where did they get the weapons to fight with soldiers? Who gave them the training to fight with soldiers? Who financed them? Saudi Arabia and Qatar entered the conflict after a long time. Who sponsored these people? How do they have the finance and weapons to fight against a country on their own?

This is what they do ... they play both sides of the game. They follow an ideology of “creating circumstances for their success”. These circumstances can be created when both sides can be controlled.

Protestors against Trump’s Election
You can see the pattern. You got elected and there were protests in several cities. Who led these protests? Yes, people will protest ... provided someone was leading those protestors ... someone needs to guide them ... there has to be a leader and an objective. The entire Democratic Party was silent after your election ... including Obama and Hillary. Not a single politician was leading those protestors. That too ... the protests move ahead from one day to the next ... and they extend for a week ... and they also turn violent? Rioting also begins in several cities? I am telling you ... they play both sides. On one side ... they will ask you to run a racist policy ... and then on the other side ... they will only incite protests against you.

The interesting thing was that ... once we said let’s use this chaos and direct this against the Jewish Establishment ... the protests automatically disappeared. Lol. No one seems to be protesting now. Lol.

Chaos and Destruction is Planned under the Trump Administration
What you should know is that ... chaos and destruction is planned under the Trump Administration. First it will be chaos and then they will push you towards destruction. Chaos will be created by every racist policy that you will run in America ... it might be against immigrants, Blacks, Latinos or Muslims. Your support for Putin and Russia is “planned” to be temporary. They will try to create scenarios to worsen relations with Russia. They need to do this because ... if there is another country that can destroy America then it is Russia. Russia is the only country that can destroy America. If threatened, Russia will not hesitate.

This is what you need to keep an eye on ... these are the factors that will indicate the buildup of the destruction of America via Russia:

  • Sanctions on Russia. The world knows about your support for Putin and Russia. But what you should keep an eye is on the Sanctions on Russia. Will they allow you to remove sanctions on Russia? Or will your “advisers” push you to continue the sanctions on Russia? If they are advising you to continue the sanctions on Russia ... then it is an open red alert. The aggression against Russia is very active and prominent ... and the threat level would be maximum. For American security ... you have to normalize relations with Russia. This is one key element where they can’t hold you back. The Congress can’t hold you back from normalizing relations with Russia. They can hold your actions within America ... but when it comes to international relations ... then the President is pretty much in charge ... that’s how Obama got the nuclear deal done despite massive resistance from the Congress. Doesn’t matter what crap the Congress is telling you ... make it a point to normalize relations with Russia. Remove all sanctions ... Europe should be in good terms with Russia. This will be one of your accomplishments and you will find Putin to be a fantastic friend in helping you solve a few key issues at home. Putin is a great friend to have ... especially in the situation that you are in.
  • European Aggression against Russia. The second major factor that you have to keep an eye on is European aggression against Russia. Even if you release the sanctions ... there are some cranky Eastern European countries who might start a conflict with Russia. And then they will push you to get involved to save NATO. This is their Plan B ... if not a direct conflict ... then a conflict via NATO. This is why they are asking you to withdraw from NATO. If you withdraw from NATO then you lose your influence and control over Europe. Maintain NATO but make countries pay up their share ... so that you are being compensated for your expenses. You have to make sure to keep Europe in line with your policy of friendly relations with Russia.
  • Chaos in America. Lastly, keep an eye on chaos in America. This is an internal strategy to take down America. And given the protests in multiple cities after your election and European Union equating Russia with ISIS ... you should understand that this destruction is put on a fast track. The more the protests and chaos in America ... more are the chances of destructive moves against Russia.

Playing Minesweeper
At the end of the day ... this is just playing minesweeper. It is just helping you avoid blowing yourself up. This will not make America great again ... it will just keep you safe. To make America great again ... you have to take down these malicious systems and replace them with fantastic fabulous people oriented systems.

We were in touch with Obama as well. Obama is also a great guy ... a very decent gentleman ... but at the end of the day ... the only thing we accomplished was ... avoided a nuclear war with Russia. That’s great if it was accomplished within a day or a week or a month. But if that’s all you do in 8 long years ... then that’s pretty terrible. We don’t have to only avoid the worst things that can come in our way but we also have to do beautiful and fantastic things for the people. And that matters.

Happy Thanksgiving.