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06 Nov 2016
Partnering with the Obama Foundation
in America

Obama must be wondering ... why is this meeting so important ... why is this guy asking for a meeting? It is something like this ... the content on our website is the “diagnosis” of the problem and not the solution. Let me give you an example ... you are suffering from cough and fever ... and you have no idea what is happening to you. And the doctor asks you questions like ... do you have a sore throat ... do you have high temperature? And you are like ... this doctor is asking the right questions ... he is correctly analyzing the problem ... he knows exactly where the problem is.

And the doctor is giving you detailed information on how cough occurs ... probably you drank some water that was not clean or had some drinks at a bar where they might be some infection. And you are like ... yeah, yeah ... I went to that bar ... and since then I am having this cough. But now to get rid of this cough ... what is the solution? Do you just sit there reading the diagnosis ... and enjoy how correct the doctor is? You guys are just sitting there and enjoying how correct I am on these issues. Do you just sit there looking for the solution in the diagnosis report? There is no solution in that piece of paper that says ... that you have a sore throat and that you have high temperature. That diagnosis report is perfectly correct ... but that report is not the solution.

If you genuinely want to get rid of your cough ... then you need to visit the doctor ... “meet the doctor” ... and get the right medication for it. Just reading the diagnosis report will not solve the problem ... you need to take the next step ... meet with the doctor ... so that he can give you the right medication. If you cannot come then you can send a representative for the meeting.

Avoiding the Worst
If you don’t come for the meeting ... then the only thing that the doctor can tell you is ... not to do stuff that will make it worse. If you already have a severe cough and fever ... then it is not a good idea for an ice bucket challenge. When you have freakishly high temperature then it is not a good idea to pour buckets of ice cold water over yourself. Which would exactly be the case of a conflict with Russia. Right now ... your domestic systems itself are all kaput ... and any major conflict will simply worsen your condition. If you are not going to meet the doctor ... if you are not going to work on formulating a medication for you ... then the only thing that the doctor can do is ... guide you how not to make it worse while you exist with your current ailments. And we end up playing minesweeper for years together. Eventually, your accomplishment will be ... hey, I am sick as hell but I did not blow myself up.

We are tired of this ... and I know ... you are also tired of this ... and we need to change it. The issue that we are dealing with is not an easy one. It is not as simple as cough. We are dealing with massive exploitation systems spread across several countries affecting hundreds of millions of people. The diagnosis report was itself about 200 pages ... just to show you where the problem is ... who is creating the problem ... why they are creating the problem ... it took about 200 pages. Do you think the formulation of the solution for each of these issues is as simple as writing a few pages?

A Preview of the Solution
My dear Barack Obama ... let me give you a preview of how we solve these issues.

  • Meeting with leaders. The first thing we do is meet with the leaders of the country who are keen in getting these problems solved.
  • Specialty Teams. We setup a specialty team for each issue ... candidates who are highly experienced in each field from your country. For example ... if you have to make some changes to city planning ... will you simply pass some orders as President or will you first consult with the top experts in the field ... know the ground situation and then implement your solution.
  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis. The solutions are there ... but each country is different ... with different sets of political, cultural and corporate forces into play. So, when you design the solution for each issue ... you have to consider all possible scenarios and outcomes. You have to consider every element that will try to derail the work. It might be:
    • Political
    • Financial or
    • Corporate Malice
  • Plan of Action. And then we devise a plan of action ... after we have secured every possible adverse impact on the project. We move forward with a way how to handle every known variable. Doesn’t matter what the obstruction might be ... we should have a way to handle it.
  • Design of Strategies. We will formulate several strategies of moving forward with each project.
    • Media. A strategy of how each issue will be taken up in the media.
    • Finance. How each of this project will be financed.
    • Security. A strategy of how every individual in this project will be protected from vested interests. It might be politicians, advisors, media anchors or project managers ... we need to have a strategy to secure each and every one of them.
    • Implementation. We will be hiring more than a thousand people to work with us. We need to give them a strategy for each of their team roles.
    • Political. We need to have a strategy of dealing with opposing politicians.
  • Dynamic Implementation. Once we have the above put into place ... then we begin implementation ... in a secure powerful manner ... and we don’t stop till the job is done.
  • Evaluation and Improvement. Once each issue is successfully resolved. We put in a system to evaluate and improve it continuously.

This is how you will get the “solution”. It will not be via one guy ticking in some pages for a website. A direct interaction with your leaders and hiring specialty teams is compulsory. Don't worry I am not Trump. I know exactly where the problem is and how to solve it. I need to meet with your specialists only to synchronize the solution to your country and formulate a guide as to how to deal with every obstruction and deviant ... and then create a successful feasible plan of action to implement the solution.

The Obama Foundation
Firstly, one of the major reasons why we are asking you to get in touch with us now is because ... all of these changes will be fantastic and historic. They are beautiful revolutionary systemic changes that will help billions of people across the world. If you get in touch with us now ... then we can give you some credit for it. We can say ... yes, President Obama launched this project ... President Obama knew it and supported it when he was President.

But if you get involved after your Presidency ... then ... it doesn’t have that effect. It helps ... it still helps ... but it does not have the same effect. Secondly, most of these widespread changes will be coming from the people’s side ... from the ground level ... and we can give you a prominent Active Citizen role. And using this role you can carve out a name as the leading figures of the movement. You will be remembered and you will be recognized ... and you will go down in history for great things.

Thirdly, we will be making a considerable collection for this project ... which is about $145 Million per year. We would love to partner with the Obama Foundation and help the Obama Foundation with some fantastic projects of its own. We can forward 10% of the money that you generate for us to your Foundation ... but trust me $10-15 Million is kind of peanuts. You can’t really do much out there with a few million ... it will just help you pay bills and salaries.

If you actually want to be involved in a gobal project that changes lives for a few hundred million people ... then $100-200 Million per year is a minimum that you need. We have fantastic projects ... especially for Africa ... you can partner with us and we can help your Foundation run those projects by yourself a 100%. Instead of going back to community service or offering paid speeches ... we can show you some fantastic ways ... where you can use your US President status in connecting with world leaders and bringing about fantastic changes.

The projects that we have for Africa ... forget about a $100-200 Million ... you can easily collect a few billion for those projects. Countries will line up to help you and sponsor you. Don’t you think that this is a much better way to spend your time ... rather than wasting away your time in paid speeches or chilling in your ranch or doing petty community service? An immensely talented individual like you ... who loves people ... who already has a fantastic history of community work ... now, with your world leader connections ... you can do fantastic works out there. We would love to partner with the Obama Foundation and work towards making a better world.

Beware of Deviants
We are dealing with very well connected assholes. They will try to deviate you and derail you from every step in the right direction. Just be aware of them.