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04 Nov 2016
Russia is America’s Lovely Ass-Kicking “Christian” Sister
in America

This is what Bill and Hillary should realize ... Russia and Putin has nothing against America. Putin has not harmed a single American interest or individual despite the dozens of measures that have been taken against Russia that has rattled their country. Russia has not responded in any way that has impacted any American interest or citizen.

We need to snap out of these bogus psychological games that the Jewish Establishment plays. The Soviet Union does not exist anymore ... Russia is not the Soviet Union ... Russia does not support Communism or its ideology anymore. Russia is a Christian Democratic country very much like America. Yes, the Democracy in Russia is only 20 years old ... America has been Democratic since 200 years ... Russia has a long way to travel in Democracy ... but it is on the same path ... of a people loving Christian Democratic country. The Jewish Establishment just sits there and creates lines of friction ... “ow, ow that is Russia! We should treat Russians as the enemy! They are Russians!” All of that is baseless and bullshit. Since the formation of Russia ... Russia has not done a single thing against any American interest. And that is the truth.

Cashing on Conflicts
Here’s the thing ... the Jewish Establishment does not create a conflict for no reason. They create conflicts for their benefit. These guys are masters of “crisis management”. We the non-Jewish people ... try to avoid conflicts and crisis ... we get concerned in scenarios of conflicts, crisis and chaos. But these guys come from a different ideology. They believe in “creating circumstances for their success”. They design, create and run these conflicts in order to benefit from them. They make large scale massive financial and political gains from these conflicts.

I will give you an example ... we spent trillions on the recent wars ... apparently fighting “Radical Islam”. These guys made hundreds of billions on weapon sales ... got 75% of Israel’s national oil requirement for as low as $10 per barrel from these war zones while the rest of the world pays $40 and above ... and now they are bifurcating these oil rich countries ... the individual resultant countries will provide Israel with whatever it needs. They have made us spend by the trillions, got thousands of our children dead in the war, hundreds of thousands of them came back with PTSD, 22 veterans commit suicide every single day ... at our expense ... these guys got hundreds of billions in cash as well as getting new affiliate countries. What did Israel spend in all of this? What did the Jewish Bankers spend in all of this? Nothing ... zero investment and everything to gain. This is what these guys are “trained” with ... this is their ideology ... their religion is teaching and training them with these money making techniques. Fooling us, exploiting us and getting rich at our expense is their “religion”. All of these political moves that you see ... come from a deep rooted ideology from their religion.

Using this very ideology they have massively rigged all of your systems at a domestic level ... owing to which 90% of the media is owned by them, 70% of the Congress bows to AIPAC & Israel and the largest corporations are owned by Jewish groups. If you blindly play these political moves ... by just seeing the outer skin as they show it to be ... then you are actually falling in their trap ... you are following the exact path that they have designed for you to follow. They are experts in crisis management ... they create the crisis ... and then make you follow their next preplanned moves that they want you to take. If you can’t see this through then there will be a major major major problem.

Russia’s Unique World Leadership
What to do in this crisis? How to manage this? Here is where “Russia” comes to your rescue. Trust me, Putin is more than willing to help. These guys might own tens of thousands of newspapers and corporations and politicians and whatever. But they are tiny ants in front of Russia. Russia scares the shit out of the Jewish Establishment and Israel. Russia will give you a “security blanket” from the Jewish Establishment ... both at a Domestic level as well as the International level.

No More Fear
You don’t need to be afraid of the large corporations or the bankers or AIPAC or Israel or ADL or Mossad or assassinations ... or any level of threat or suppression. You can take the boldest moves against the Establishment and Corporations without any fear. Yes, previous American Presidents were shot dead for printing their own money ... because they went against the Jewish Federal Reserve. But this time will be different ... this time will not be the same. This time you will have a very powerful backup ... a backup that scares the shit out of these assholes.

Russian Cooperation in International Affairs
Look at the fantastic things that can be done with the Russian cooperation at various levels. All of these stupid wars that they are running ... all of these wars are rigged. They tell you one thing in the White House ... and at the ground level the scene is totally different ... US militarily operations are rigged and something else is going on at the ground level. You have no idea what is going on there. You sit there in the White House thinking that you did what was right ... but hello ... they are fooling you at both the levels. They are fooling you in the White House ... making you fight an enemy that never goes away ... namely “terrorists” ... and at the ground level they are only “increasing these terrorists” and creating more chaos. The whole thing is rigged and you have no control ... other than read the script that they give you read for the media.

Instead of going with a collision against Russia ... cooperate with Russia. Try to use some virtues of
sharing and love with your Christian Sister. Allow Russia to stabilize the Middle East. You bombed Iraq for 8 years and then we got ISIS from the same country. This itself should show you how the entire system is rigged. Russia is able to stabilize the Middle East ... mainly because it is independent of the Jewish Establishment. Israel or AIPAC have no control over Putin or Russia. In fact, Putin will whip Israel’s ass if he has to.

Instead of falling for their trap ... which only creates more friction and more wars and more chaos ... choose otherwise. Do not follow the chaotic path that they have already planned. Look at the direct measurable benefits that America as a country gets when it cooperates with Russia:

  • You avoid a conflict with Russia ... that’s for starters.
  • You save hundreds of billions in war and weapons. Given the state of our economy and $20 Trillion debt ... I think that this should be a major priority.
  • You don’t need to send your troops to these stupid war zones. We don’t risk the lives of our children in unnecessary stupid wars.
  • Most importantly, with a stable Middle East ... we get to bring the focus on our economy. We get to work on America.

Russian Cooperation at the Domestic Level

Here is something you must have noticed ... there are more than one million Muslims in Moscow ... but not a single terrorist and not a single event happens in Russia. Why? Why do all events happen in America and Europe? Because our lovely Jewish Establishment has rigged the systems in these countries ... more the influence of the Jewish Establishment more the events are carried out in those countries. Look at the countries where these events are mainly “planted” ... America, France and UK. All of these countries are hubs for the Jewish Establishment at political, corporate and media levels. And thus these are the countries that are rattled with terrorism.

So, the next time a terrorist event happens in America ... just give Putin a call ... and Putin will fix their brains for good. Putin knows exactly where to put the pressure to control such events. Russia is your “ass-kicking Christian sister” ... Russia will kick ass for you. They fear Russia for a long list of reasons. In fact, it is in Russia’s history since thousands of years for kicking their ass ... it might be from the elimination of the Satanic Kingdom of Kazaria ... to the action taken against witchcraft practicing Jews by the Czars. Russia doesn’t put up with bullshit.

Take a look at the actual real time benefits that America as a country can benefit from Russian support at the Domestic level:

  • Terrorism Management. No more terrorist activities. Total peace.
  • No more pressure from oil companies, weapons industry, bankers or Israel
  • Full liberty to bring about massive systemic changes without any fear
  • Liberty to take measures and systemic changes to eliminate the debt
  • Liberty to revolutionize the entire system without Establishment pressure

How to revolunize the systems? We will take care of that.

Out Maneuver the Establishment
You guys can’t do this on your own. If you work at a local level ... then they will pull you down very easily. It has to be a global operation. They might not have thought this in their wildest dreams ... but this is what needs to happen. This is how we get to pull them under our control and we get to make the right moves that are correct for the people and the country.

You guys are being told to isolate and cut off ties with Russia ... but Russia is a fantastic entity that will help you in a unique way in all hemispheres:

  • In stabilizing the Middle East
  • In supporting and protecting you when you take action against powerful corporate elements in America
  • It will help you similarly in fixing every European country

This is actually one of the reasons that they hate Russia ... because of its change to a Christian Democratic form of country, the elimination of all Jewish monopolies in Russia and its possible support for America and Europe to get these changes done in their respective countries. Russia is simply a fantastic element that will be very crucial in fixing several world problems.