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02 Nov 2016
The Jewish Establishment Fooling American Politicians
in America

Russian Thinkfluencers | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS


Just in case, if you think this is how my campaign will be ... then this is simply a great example of the "Superior Jewish Establishment Influence" over your decision making process. They are fooling you at so many levels with this. This actually forms a fantastic case study. Take a look.

Firstly, look at the stalling technique. They decry and devalue anything that goes against their flow ... anything that will create an opposition for them. They will make sure there is no political or financial flow in such efforts.

Secondly, who do you think dictates American policies? American politicians? Nope. Everything is formulated and designed by the Jewish Establishment ... a branch of which is headquartered in Israel ... namely the Central Bankers. Your political system is already run by "outsiders". Outsiders are already running the American political system at various levels ... at the State Level and at the National Level. So, they are worried about "foreign intervention" in American politics? Excuse me, but your politics is already run by foreign interests.

Thirdly, do you think I will create such a blunt approach or campaign? That I will use home sitting bloggers to run the whole thing? Our campaign will on par with leading American news channels ... in competition with Fox News and CNN. That is the level of expertise we will be working with.

Fourthly, they fear such things from happening. This is the major reason why they have bought away 90% of your mainstream media. To control what the American people hear and believe in. The moment they will see a rise of an opposing voice, they will try to suppress it using all techniques possible ... political, legal, financial and psychological. When you are dealing with the "Jewish" Establishment ... these are the petty hurdles that you should be prepared to dodge around. This is how they get things done their way ... according to them we are a bunch of cattle ... that have to be reared and managed in every way. If you live under their plan ... they will only use you and eventually destroy you. They manage all of your decision making for their benefit. You have to think better than them to be able to enfold them.

Fifth ... look at how their control "your decisionss". If they see anything harmful for their interests ... they will show it as harmful for the country and harmful for the people ... and slide it away. They put advisers around you to facilitate this. These advisers sit there and control the flow of your decision making ... and thus the flow of your country.

And yeah, blogging will be there ... very professional and very well trained ... but that is just one of the platform that will be used. And lastly, this is not just about "swaying the votes" ... it is not about controlling elections. Politicians and Governance is only a part of the entire campaign. The main thing that we will be involved in is educating the people of all the flaws that exist in the system ... how they are being exploited ... how they are being used ... and instead how fantastic things can be for them ... if these crappy exploitation systems stopped. Not just blogging ... we will be using several platforms for this. We are working on creating a movement to "fix the system". Exposure of flaws in the system is the priority ... fixing the system is the priority ... the voting is the secondary part that comes on later on. And we dont need to make a major effort on the voting part at all ... it automatically falls into place. It is not about telling Americans who to vote for. We will have several onshore campaigns run by Americans themselves who will work on other aspects.

The purpose of Russia's involvement is to provide ... technology and legal support for some of the operations. And yes they will provide a base for some work ... but their main involvement is about the history of the East ... we are dealing with the same elements and ideology that is taking down the West. We had enormous systems of exploitation that were established in the East by the same people and same ideology. Eastern Europe will get involved to save the West. It not just about elections.

We can discuss this more in detail ... but provided POTUS stops being big-headed about this and gets in touch with us. The only thing that he does is ... hen peck on our work ... just pick points that he himself can use and leaves it at that ... with no further changes or action being taken. He has wasted 8 years in this stupid routine. His lack of action and cherry picking pisses us off. It is not that Obama is like this ... he is being "advised" to be like this. And it clearly shows how they are controlling the decision making process and what actions are actually taken in real time.

They just sit there derailing everything that is great for the country ... using their endless list of stalling techniques ... and who is it hurting at the end of the day? It is you guys who are sinking every single day ... by several billions per day. If these guys are so good and really care for you then ask them to fix this shit ... ask them to fix this debt issue. Lol. When WallStreet comes to you ... ask them how to fix the debt. When Israel comes to you, ask them how to fix the debt. When Netanyahu comes to you, ask him how to fix the debt. Will they fix the debt issue? They can't and they won't ... because they want this debt to increase ... they dont want it fixed ... it is because of them that it is happening. And when I come to you ... trying to help you out of this situation ... they are like ... no, no, no ... don't listen to this guy because of this and that ... this and that ... this and that ... and you fall for "this and that". Lol. This is the best ever rigged system in the world. Lol. As best as rigging can get. Fantastic. I really compliment the Jewish Establishment on this. Lol. You guys are really good. And I like the challenge.