27 Jul 2016
Trump, double down on your demand for Hillary's missing emails
in America

Donald Trump encourages Russia to hack Hillary Clinton

Trump dear, this is not how you do it. This is a sensitive topic with a lot of legals attached to it. You are running for President ... you don't specifically invite competing countries to hack government data. Look into the concept of "crowdsourcing". Keep it open ... to everybody. Don't specify Russia or China or any country. What you should do is something like this.


Step One

  • The first thing that you should do is put the weight of criminal activity on her side.
  • This was a criminal activity. Deleting of "official emails" is a criminal activity.
  • Right from setting up a server at her home to deleting the emails ... the whole thing is shady and criminal.

Step Two

  • Now seek help to expose this criminal activity.
  • Clarify your intentions ... to show the truth ... to show the crime done by top criminals like Hillary Clinton to the American people.
  • So that the people know who they are voting for and how her dealings were.
  • In this step you are showing your intentions to the American people. Your intentions are just, honest and on the right track. Now, you will get full support for your work.

Step Three

  • Now, declare what has to be done.
  • Use the concept of "crowdsourcing".
  • Declare a reward to get the missing emails ... this reward applies to anyone and everyone
  • Don't specify any country or nationality

Step Four

  • Give clues of how they can get the data
  • Maybe the current NSA guys can help
  • Maybe any hackers can help
  • Maybe any government agent can help who has worked with Hillary or NSA
  • Just give clues and the media guys will elaborate the whole thing in detail of how it can be done

But if you go directly and say ... hey Russia, hack our government data ... then the whole thing will be taken in the wrong stride. They will show you being irresponsible and bla bla bla. Play the right cards ... first show who is the criminal and what criminal activity has been done ... clarify your intentions ... and then say what has to be done. And it will fall in the right place.

And here is the good thing about this. Once we get some "meaty data" from her emails ... info on her scandals or malicious dealings with Wall Street ... then her political career is over. People don't care who got the emails or how they got the emails. The total focus goes on the scandal and the malicious activity behind it. The head of DNC recently resigned owing to the data in her emails ... and the data in her emails was nothing compared to the "corporate scandals" that will be in Hillary's emails. Does anyone care who hacked DNC data? Nobody cares. Exposing of the scandal is more important ... the means of getting the data doesn't matter.

Obviously, Hillary's campaign will cry over it. She will show your attempts to expose her emails as wrong. She will try to stop you from doing this. This actually shows that "she is guilty". There is a lot of malice in those emails. Get those emails and her campaign for Presidency is over.

So, double down on your demand for Hillary's missing emails ... and declare this as an opportunity open for anybody and everybody. Use a line like this ... "I don't care how you get the emails. Just get the emails and I will make sure that you are rewarded." This will open the field to everybody.

Another pointer ... if you need Putin's help or Russia to do anything ... they will do it for you if they can, trust me. But you don't have to declare this in the media. Keep it as a private affair. You will get their cooperation.