13 Sep 2016
Christians are Evil

There is nothing that Jews are more convinced of than the harm which Christians can do to the children of Israel. Because of this, the rulers of the Chosen People have always instructed them not to accept any help from Christians who will always resort to murder, and to other crimes, whenever they cannot otherwise obtain their evil ends. Thus a Jew must not employ a Christian as a nurse, or as a teacher for his children, or as a doctor, a barber or an obstetrician.


In Iore Dea (81,7, Hagah) it says:

"A child must not be nursed by a Nokhri, if an Israelite can be had; for the milk of the Nokhrith hardens the heart of a child and builds up an evil nature in him."


In Iore Dea (153,1, Hagah) it says:

"A child must not be given to the Akum to learn manners, literature or the arts, for they will lead him to heresy."


In Iore Dea (155,1) it says:

"When a Jew is wounded in any way, even so gravely that he would have to violate the Sabbath in having a doctor, he must not employ the services of a Christian (Akum) doctor who is not known to everyone in the neighborhood; for we must guard against the spilling of blood. Even when it is not known if the patient will live or die, such a doctor must not be allowed to attend him. If, however, he is sure to die, then such a doctor may attend him, since an extra hour of life is not much to lose. If the Akum insists that a certain medicine is good, you may believe him, but be sure not to buy it from him. There are some who say that this holds only when the Akum offer help free, and that it can be accepted every time it is paid for. But it can be taken for granted that they would not harm a Jew just for the sake of a matter of money."

In Pesachim (25a) it says:

"Rabbi Jochanan says: medical help can be accepted from all except idolaters, fornicators and murderers."


In Iore Dea (156,1 ) it says:

"You must not be shaven by an Akum unless your Jewish friends are with you. There are some who say that it is not permitted to be shaved by an Akum even when others are present, unless you can see yourself in a mirror."(10)

(10) This does not refer to the shaving of beards, but only of the locks of hair on the neck. For, a Jew who shaves his beard commits five sins, because of its five (star-shaped) points—cf. Maimonides in Hilkoth Akum, XII, 5.


In Abhodah Zarah (26a) it says:

"Our Rabbis have passed it down to us, that a foreign woman must never be allowed to act as midwife at the birth of a child of Israel, because they are given to the shedding of blood. The Elders say, however, that a foreign woman may perform this task provided there are other Jewish women present, but never alone. Rabbi Meir, however, says that it is not allowed even when others are present. For they often crush the soft head of the child with their hand and kill it; and they can do this without being noticed by those who are present."

Courtesy: TalmudUnmasked.com