12 Jun 2015
Obama Looks at Adding Bases and Troops in Iraq, to Fight ISIS


Yes, yes ... that's what they want you to do ... keep spending on "ISIS" and this War on Terror. The concept of War on Terror has been designed to leech out as much as they can from all rich and developed countries around the world ... in the name of terrorism.


Here is a check list for you

  • Did they ever eliminate any terrorists?
  • Was Al Qaeda eliminated?
  • Already billions spent ... its been more than one year ... what's the result with ISIS?

They want more money ... they want more involvement and promotion of this "War on Terror" with absolutely no timeline at all. They want an indefinite amount of expenditure for an indefinite amount of time. Doesn't matter if you are broke or you are in debt ... they will make you spend more ... till the last drop ... till you can say "no more ... this has to stop".

How come when it comes to taking down regimes of oil rich countries they show results within weeks? Within weeks and months Saddam and Gaddafi were eliminated. But to eliminate a bunch of goons with guns ... they need billions and billions and billions more? Does that even make sense?



Obama Looks at Adding Bases and Troops in Iraq, to Fight ISIS