25 Jan 2015
Why do I need to see this? Why do I need to know this?

What's going to be interesting is ... what is Japan going to do after this hostage crises.

How it is going to change its stand on terrorism and its financial contribution to the "War on Terror". That is the main purpose of this hostage crisis ... to create fear and hate in the country so that in the next step your tax payer dollars or "Japanese Yen" in this case ... can be channeled into this War on Terror.

Wide publicity of the hostage crisis in Japan

Don't believe me? Go ahead and check in Japan. This hostage crisis is widely publicized in all mainstream media channels in Japan. I can say it even without cross checking it. And this publicity of this hostage crisis and beheadings is only designed to instill the required fear and hate in the people. 

Why should the people know about this?

Tell me, why should "people" know about this? Why is this publicized? Why is this even in the News? Okay fine ... there is a hostage crisis ... keep it under wraps. Can't our politicians and security agencies work without creating a scene and widely publicizing it? Can't you negotiate a deal with the culprits without putting it in the News? Alternatively, can't you take down the culprits without putting it in the News? Why is every step of this hostage crisis by the Islamic State widely publicized throughout the country as well as internationally? What is the purpose of this publicity?

We need your money. And we want it now ... by the billions.

The answer is simple ... they need "your money" for "cooperation" on this War on Terror. This publicity is designed only to get "you involved" in this War on Terror. So that you start putting in your tax payer money by the billions for an undefined limit of time ... till you go broke and get tired of it.

Alternatively ... let us say ... they did not do this publicity. They kept everything under wraps. They did everything using their tools and techniques ... and the people don't even know about it. Once the scene is completed ... can these politicians assign $10 Billion from your tax payer money to fight terrorism? Obviously, they will not get the nod from the people. The people will think it is an unreasonable expense and the politicians are fooling us. 

The psychology of War on Terror

Therefore ... therefore ... this scene is required ... this publicity is required ... this "hate and fear" is required ... so that they can successfully spend your money without requiring to give you a justification. This is the psychology of War on Terror. The War on Terror is the best money making formula of the century. Tell me, if our politicians were honest about the threat and terrorists out there ... tell me why does Al Qaeda still exist 14 years after 911? The American people were made to spend more than a $1 Trillion on this War on Terror. Does it look like they did anything good with that money? Just look and see for yourselves. Does it look like they did anything good with our money?

Well, my lovely lovely Japanese friends ... welcome to the game of ... War on Terror.