08 Oct 2014
World War II was fought in 6 years and we need “30 years” to fight ISIS?

War for another 30 years

We defeated Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria ... 6 countries with the best navy, army and air force of its time within 6 years.

But they tell us that they need “30 years” of more war to defeat ISIS. Firstly, tell me how does ISIS come up in a country that we bombed for 8 years? ISIS has no navy, no air force and no tanks ... and even then it is going to take us 30 years to fight them? This is a “rigged system” ... ladies and gentlemen ... this is a rigged system. And this is channeling of our tax payer money to war contractors and weapon manufacturers for as long as they want ... to fight a creation of their own.

The formation of ISIS is questionable. The activities of ISIS are questionable. The actions that are being taken against ISIS are questionable. And the 30 years of war against ISIS is QUESTIONABLE!

Formation of ISIS

Tell me how on earth a company can be formed in a war zone? How do you get the peace of mind to setup a company in a war zone? How do you get the funding, the recruitment and the equipment to setup a company in a war zone? ISIS is setup in Syria and Iraq. How does someone manage to recruit, arm and train thousands of terrorist right under our nose in a country that we bombed for 8 long years? Isn’t the CIA supposed to know this? How come the world’s most intelligent agency does not know what is happening right under its nose? How come the CIA does not know of repeated movement of huge amounts of funds & arms and the training of thousands of terrorist ... right under its nose?

This is a sign of a rigged system ... ladies and gentlemen ... this is a rigged system.

ISIS is setup by our war contractors

ISIS is setup by none other than our own war contractors and weapon suppliers. And look at what ISIS does ... it does all the barbaric activities that invite an armed intervention. The terrorism and beheadings ... what is all of this ... this is nothing but inviting “armed intervention”. Armed intervention will result in nothing but contracts for war contractors and supply contracts for weapon dealers.

Al Qaeda’s growth has never been stopped

Has Al Qaeda ever been eliminated? Has Al Qaeda ever been eliminated? Nope. Right from 911 they have been telling us about Al Qaeda, the sworn enemy of the United States ... but did they eliminate Al Qaeda? Nope. We bombed 7 countries since 911 ... but did we eliminate Al Qaeda? Nope.

Al Qaeda has only grown and flourished wherever our funding has gone. From a small terrorist organization hiding in secluded places ... now it has branches in several countries of the world. ISIS ... an offshoot of Al Qaeda ... has an army and even overtaking cities now. And we are being told that it will take another 30 long years to fight with ISIS.

World War II takes 6 years and ISIS needs 30 years?

We finished off the entire World War II in 6 years. We finished off Hitler and his entire Nazi army within 6 years. Not one ... but we fought 6 countries ... Germany, Japan, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary ... we defeated all of them within 6 years. But they come and tell us that we need 30 years to fight ISIS?

Ladies and gentlemen ... we are NOT fighting an enemy here ... we are fighting our own creation. We are fighting something that our own companies have setup. They are standing there and lying to us right in our faces. This is the whitest, boldest and most evident corruption that can happen right before our eyes. They are fooling us right off the bat. This is nothing but the long term channeling of our tax payer money into the hands of war contractors and weapon dealers.

30 years of war ... which means ... after us ... our children are supposed to continue paying for this war. Is this what they are telling us? Our children are supposed to continue paying for this war? This is what they want us to gift our children? A terrorist organization that we couldn’t bother to stop?

Someone needs to stand up and fix this shit before it is too late.



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