01 Oct 2014
Killing a few of our own is a part and parcel of the War on Terror Strategy

War on Terror Strategy

911 New York, USA - 3000 people killed. Train bombings, Madrid, Spain - 191 people killed. Bombings, London, UK - 52 people killed.

These attacks resulted in 8 years of war and an expenditure of $1 Trillion. Now, Afghanistan war contract is over, Iraq war contract was going to be over this year and no progress in the Syrian conflict. What happens next? ISIS comes up. James Wright Foley, American Journalist, beheaded ... David Cawthorne Haines, British Humanitarian Aid Worker, beheaded ... Hervé Gourdel, French mountaineering guide, beheaded. What is the end result? The war contract in Iraq is renewed and they get the license to bomb Syria. Ladies and gentlemen ... killing a few of our own is part and parcel of the War on Terror Strategy.

Let us see the similarities of these attacks from a few angles, shall we?


The Use of these Attacks

911 and the bombings in Spain and UK were used to spread hate and fear among the people in order to channel funds for long term wars. Iraq was taken down in a few weeks ... we had Saddam in a few months ... then tell me why did the Iraq war last for 8 long years? Because these 8 years provided long term contracts for our weapon suppliers and war contractors.


Amazingly, after these events nothing happens ... for an entire decade nothing happens. No bombs blowing up and no more buildings going down. The oil companies and war contractors got their contracts ... and they were happy and jolly minting their money. But now their contracts are coming to an end. Afghanistan ... war contract is over ... Iraq was supposed to be over ... Syria was making no progress. What happens next? ISIS comes into picture ... they behead one guy from USA ... one guy from UK ... one guy from France ... and they give the same type of threats that Al Qaeda gave 14 years ago.


And our lovely politicians beautifully show the footage of beheadings on live TV and newspapers. Tell me why? Isn't there something like censorship or gross content? Why was this shown live TV? What was the end result required of showing this to the public? Wouldn't it spread hate, fear and division in the society? Couldn't you just keep it under wraps ... send in a commando team, work with local forces and teach those guys a fitting lesson? Isn't this how things used to be done before the War on Terror?


But since the War on Terror has started ... it is ... excuse me, something gross has happened in one corner of the world ... let me show it to everybody. Now, I need your tax payer money by the billions again and again over a long duration of time to handle the issue. This is the main purpose of publicizing these gross events in the mainstream media. Because they want your money. 


Target countries

Here's another angle on this issue. Take a look at the target countries. 911 - America and then bombings in UK and Spain ... now they pick guys from ... America, UK and France. They are also threatening Australia and Canada. Their target countries are the richest developed countries with the highest tax paying citizens in the world. If these politics of fear of War on Terror can be run in these countries then the investment what they get is maximum.


Who is ISIS? What is ISIS? Do they have a navy, army tanks, air force, submarines ... nothing ... they dont have anything apart from a bunch of guys with some guns ... and knives apparently. Look at the countries that they are targeting ... all of these countries exist on the other side of the Ocean ... these guys dont even have the means to reach those countries physically. With no Navy and no Air Force ... how are they even going to reach us? Let alone being a threat to us.


Why isn't ISIS threatening countries that are geographically closer ... like Thailand, Bhutan or Nepal ... or on the other side Bulgaria, Romania or Serbia. Aren't all of these countries also infidels and non-Islamic? Why not target them? Because they are poor countries and the amount that they will invest in wars will be like crap. This is not about Islam ... this is more about pulling in your tax payer money by threatening you. 


Longevity and type of action

Another angle ... look at the longevity and type of action proposed. Air Strikes for 2-3 years on Syria and the arming of rebels in Syria. It seems they are taking down oil fields controlled by ISIS in Syria. How many oil fields are there and how many days will you take to drop some bombs? How many oil fields does ISIS have ... 5? 10? It is a 2 hour job max.


Another thing they want to is "train and arm" the rebels in Syria to fight ISIS. Read between the lines here ... "train and ARM" THE REBELS ... arming the rebels means ... supply weapons ... means more contracts for our weapon manufacturers.  And this is going to last for several years to come ... implying several years of contracts for our weapon dealers. 


See how wonderfully "ISIS" is being used. You get to bomb Syria as well as weapon manufacturers get long term contracts. And who is paying for all of this ... we the people.


How does ISIS come up in a country that we bombed for 8 long years?

Tell me ... how can a terrorist organization come up in a country that we bombed for 8 long years? How does the CIA not know of the training of thousands of terrorists right under its nose? How come CIA does not know the movement of funds and arms in such huge supplies right under its nose? ISIS was not formed overnight ... it easily took 4-5 years for ISIS to be formed and trained. These activities did not happen once ... but they happened again and again over 5 years.


Where is the accountability for $1 Trillion spent in Iraq? We lost 4500 lives in Iraq  ... for what? Because these guys were running a farce scheme and our children happened to be a part of it? Next they are planning subway attacks? How do ISIS members have access to New York subways?


Ladies and gentlemen ... what you are looking at here is a "rigged system" ... this is the working of a rigged system. We are being threatened and ripped of by the billions and trillions ... by a few companies again and again. Killing a few of our own is part and parcel of the war on terror strategy ... ripping us off by the billions again and again is a part and parcel of the war on terror strategy. Politicians have changed but the strategy is the same ... and we the people are the victims. 


For how long are we going to pay for this ... for how long are we going to bleed for this? For how long are we going to be threatened and ripped off? This is throttling us ... strangling us ... literally killing us for our money. America ... it is time to wake up. It is time to fix this system for good.



911 Attacks on America

2004 Madrid train bombings

7 July 2005 London bombings

James Wright Foley, American Journalist, beheaded

David Cawthorne Haines, British Humanitarian Aid Worker, beheaded

Hervé Gourdel, French mountaineering guide, beheaded

War without end