23 Sep 2014
ISIS targets rich developed countries whose citizens can be fooled into using their tax payer money to buy weapons.

ISIS targets developed countries 

How come ISIS picks the richest and most developed countries in the world to fight with?

USA, UK, Canada, Australia ... the richest countries where people pay maximum taxes. Why is ISIS choosing to pick a fight with these countries? What is the rational or logic here? 


Does ISIS have a Navy or Airforce to even reach these countries? ISIS has no Navy, no Air Force, no Tanks and no sophisticated Army to match the targets that it is picking. For example, if you see North Korea ... it trained for decades ... they have a sophisticated army and air force ... they are a nuclear power. If North Korea says some trash about USA then it is understandable that it is saying that on basis of some support and power that it has. But if you take a look at ISIS ... who is ISIS and what is ISIS? They are nothing but a bunch of guys put together with some guns ... and nothing else. ISIS has no other identity.


 ISIS targets the impossible


If you see the targets that ISIS is picking ... they are spread out across the world. It is impossible for ISIS to even reach these targets physically. The threat is impossible to believe but our lovely politicians are already creating real fear in our countries and they are ready to channel our tax payer money for a long term conflict with ISIS.


Why doesn't ISIS mess with Russia or China or Mongolia or other Asian countries. Aren't these countries also infidels and un-Islamic? Why not Jihad in these countries? Why not go for physically more reachable countries like Thailand, Burma and Nepal ... or Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia on the other side? Why not take Jihad in these countries?


They don't do it because ... firstly, Russia and China will hunt them down and kick their ass. Secondly, countries like Thailand, Burma, Romania or Bulgaria will invest like crap in War on Terror. They are not rich countries ... they don't have the money to spend even if they are troubled.


So, maybe ... maybe ... ISIS is not about Islam or Jihad at all. Maybe it is just about fooling the people and draining tax payer money from the richest developed countries in order to buy weapons to support conflicts. Isn't this a fantastic worldwide cash collection strategy by "weapon manufacturers"? People will pay ... just scare the shit out of them. And yeah ... cut a few heads if you have to ... one from each country. Freakin awesome isn't it?