10 Sep 2013
“War on Terror” is a 50 year old highly successful money making concept from Israel

We all know that “War on Terror” was started by George Bush 12 years ago. George Bush started this War on Terror. This is not entirely accurate. War on Terror was promoted by George Bush at a global level ... but he was not the one to start this concept. This concept fell into place in Israel about 50 years ago.


After World War II ... Jews were discriminated against. Almost every European country did not like Jews and they got rid of them. They literally expelled them from their countries. All of these Jews moved down and collectively settled in a small place near Palestine. Owing to the large number of Jews accumulating ... Palestine got uncomfortable ... which later resulted in a small war among Jews and its neighbors. In this war ... the Jews took the support of America ... they kicked ass and occupied a large portion of Palestine. This resulted in the formation of the State of Israel as we know it today.

The neighboring Arab countries did not like the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory by the Jews. Palestinians say that we don’t know who kicked them out and why they kicked them out ... but why are they here and why are they occupying our land? We are not Hitler ... we did not persecute the Jews ... we have nothing to do with their suffering ... why are we paying by giving away half of our land to them? That is their stand.

With these factors put into place ... this is the scenario that resulted in the newly formed State of Israel:

  • They don’t like Arabs
  • Arabs are demons. All they want to do is kill.
  • Suicide bombing, bomb blasts and cars blowing up are common activities
  • A high level of fear and insecurity
  • Jews were playing the victims
  • They took support from the United States

Israel is the victim

War on Terror just fell into place in Israel about 50 years ago. Wars happen many times in our world through the ages ... but almost every time ... it is of limited duration. One month, two months ... one year or two years or five years ... then there is a truce ... there is an understanding ... everybody loves peace ... people of every country around the world want peace ... sometime in the future a deal is struck and the conditions of a peaceful existence are realized. You can check the entire history of our world ... this is how it works. But in our unique case of Israel ... peace never seems to be the objective.

If you try to understand why these guys don’t want peace ... then you see the incredible lucrative benefits that these guys are getting because of this conflict.

  • $2 Billion in aid every year
  • Political Support, Military Support and Technology Support
  • To the extent that the United States even fights their wars for them

Let’s see the alternative ... okay fine, Israel comes up and says ... we are at peace with Palestine. No more problems, no more friction ... we are buddy buddy and we are happy. Then what? What’s next?

  • Israel is no more “damsel in distress”
  • It is just another Middle Eastern country
  • With no oil resources, with no natural resources whatsoever
  • Israel has to be all on its own
  • Israel has to do whatever it can using its own resources
  • No more political, military and technology support
  • In fact it would have to pay the United States in Billions to get military support just like any other country does. No more freebies.
  • Israel will go in debt in no time ... if it starts paying the United States that it gets for free right now.

And this would be a nightmare ... being a Middle East country with no oil resources ... is just like being in Africa. With the soaring temperatures out there ... if there was no oil in the Middle East ... the entire Middle East would be like Africa. This is the stark reality that Israel faces ... and their politicians said ... screw being Africa ... let’s just cry help! Help us! The Arabs want to kill us! We need help!

They will never want to end this conflict ... because they don’t want to stop the benefits that come along with this conflict. It would be a nightmare for them if this conflict ends. And they ended being monsters ... who would allow their own people being killed ... for the benefits and comfort that they want.

Israel getting involved in the US Administration

Take a look at this diagram again.

Israel is the victim

Israel is the victim and America came to the rescue. In the following years ... the only thing that Israelis had to do was ... convince the US Administration that they need help. All the funding came from the US Administration. What they did very cleverly and gradually was ... they moved up their own people in the US Administration. So that these “decision makers” were their own people. This enabled them to get maximum benefits from the US Administration ... in terms of finance as well as technology. And this was just step one.

Israel moving up its own people in the US Administration ... to get maximum benefits as a country ... was just step one. They carried out many other steps and many other moves in many policies ... which is just too detailed to discuss right now. For now ... let us just see the movement of War on Terror from Israel into America ... in the next article.