06 Sep 2013
Who is calling the shots? To bomb other countries.

The Call to Bomb

This is the General Public View. Most of the people believe that:

  • USA bombs ... they call the shots
  • Americans are war mongers
  • The US Administration does nothing but bomb
  • Bush did that and nothing has changed since Obama
  • They are all war mongers

The Call to Bomb

Most Americans hold the same view ... what the hell is wrong with the US Administration? Why can’t they stop bombing? Some Americans think:

  • The US Oil Companies are behind this ... they are calling the shots
  • The US Administration is just the Front End
  • And whatever ... our companies are kicking ass
  • American companies are minting money
  • American companies are taking over the world
  • And we are totally fine with that
  • Go America!

The Call to Bomb

The whole world is witnessing the marketing process involved. Bush went around the world to get support for his wars ... now Obama is also trying to do the same. 

The Call to Bomb

Now, here is the surprise ... this call to bombing is not coming from the US Administration ... it is not coming from the US Oil companies ... it is coming from someone else. Most of these companies that benefit from these wars are Israeli owned.

  • Oil Companies
  • Weapon Manufacturing
  • War Contracting

Most of these companies are Israeli owned. Yes these companies might be located in America ... they might be American citizens as of now but they are Israeli owned.

  • Israeli Immigrants
  • Israeli related or connected

The actual call for war comes from these core companies. These are the main guys behind it. And “Israel” as a country ... just plays the politics to push America for these wars. You can go ahead and cross check ... Israel has a prior stand to bomb these countries even before America decides to bomb these countries. Most of these countries never even threatened Israel ... never attacked Israel ... never had any bad relations with Israel. You can go ahead and cross check:

  • What bad relations did Iraq have with Israel?
  • What bad relations did Libya have with Israel?
  • What bad relations does Syria have with Israel?
  • There is only a war of words between Iran and Israel.

But if you check the political stand of Israel:

  • They were more than happy to bomb Iraq
  • They supported the bombing of Libya
  • They want Syria to be bombed ASAP
  • They are already preparing for the “big battle” with Iran

Why? What’s there in it for Israel? If some country has not done anything to you ... nor you are benefiting from bombing them ... then why bomb them? Why maintain the aggression?
Here’s why ... half of the Israelis live in Israel and half of them live in America. There are 5 million Jews living in Israel and there are 5 million Jews living in America. Half and half ... what these companies are doing is ...

  • They are pushing the politics in Israel for their benefit
  • They are using Israeli politicians to push America for the same
  • And they are using their influence within America to accomplish the same

Why use America?
Using the above three parameters it enables them to use America for their goals. Why use America?

  • America does your job for you
  • American resources are used
  • If any, only American lives are at risk

It’s just perfect heaven for them.

  • You don’t do the hard work
  • You don’t spend a single penny
  • And you don’t risk anything

The Call to Bomb

If you see the flow of benefits ... the benefits from all these wars flow to Israeli Enterprises. Not to America ... not to even Israel as a country ... but to a few individuals who run those companies. 

  • Oil Companies
  • Weapon Manufacturers
  • War Contractors

And Americans stand there wondering

  • Didn’t we just win the war in Iraq?
  • How come are we paying more for oil?
  • Okay fine ... I will buy the concept that the price of oil has to be uniform in the world ... but how come we are in debt?
  • We are “winning” these wars and still our country is going in debt?
  • They are not able to understand this equation

This call to bomb is not coming from America ... it is not coming from Israel ... it is coming from Israeli Companies. Americans are standing there ... in queue ... voting for a war ... with a beautiful drama being played in front of them. They are not voting for “war” ... they are voting for the fact that ... should America be fooled and be used again and again and again. That’s what you are voting for.