07 Sep 2013
The Magic Lens that tells everything about US Politics

The Magic Lens

This above diagram is your basic formula to understand US Politics. It is your “Magic Lens” ... look through this lens and it will tell you everything about US Politics ... everything, everything, everything.


  • What will the American politicians do?
  • What will be their strategy?
  • What do they want to achieve?
  • What are the steps that they will carry out?
  • Who will be their targets?
  • To the extent that it will also tell you about their behaviors and approach.

Let us test this Magic Lens, shall we?
A fine gentleman came into power 6 years ago making a lot of beautiful promises to the American people. One of the major reasons because of which he was elected as President was ... he was anti-war and pro-diplomacy ... he wanted to eliminate the politics of war and fear from America. People bought his rhetoric and brought him into power. But to all of our surprise ... once he came into power ... he escalated the war in Afghanistan ... right under his nose the war in Libya happened ... and now we are on the verge of another war with Syria. Faces changed but the work remained the same. Why? Let’s take a look into the Magic Lens.

The Magic Lens

Look into the Lens ... it shows you the hierarchy involved in the decision making, especially when it comes to wars. Who is calling the shots here? It is not George Bush and it is not Barack Obama. The Israeli Companies call the shots. The US Administration doesn’t call the shots. They are only the Front End elements used to carry out the work because they have the required skillsets for the job. Doesn’t matter how many Presidents you change ... their work will remain in the same direction.

Remedial Measure
All of us know George Bush screwed up. All of us know that there was no reason to go to war with Iraq. All of know that we went into Iraq only for the oil. What remedial measure did we take to fix this problem? All of us saw that the US Administration was used ... the resources of America were used by the oil companies only to get more contracts.

  • What measure did we take to stop their involvement in the politics of our country?
  • What measure did we take to investigate their involvement?
  • What measure did we take to hold the associated politicians responsible?

This is the reason because of which ... this basic formula is still intact ... it is pretty much in place and it still works.

Work Pattern
Let us use the Magic Lens to see their pattern of work. What did George Bush do when he wanted to attack Iraq? He rallied around the world ... using America’s influence in other countries ... to get support for his wars. Look into the lens ... this is not what George Bush did ... this is their formula.

This is utilizing America’s authority and influence in the world to get what they want. We pushed out Bush out of power ... but Hillary Clinton carried out the same work. She rallied around the world for Libya and Syria. She was successful with Libya ... but by the time she came to Syria ... the world understood the bullshit that was going on.

The Magic Lens

The Demons are Oil Rich Countries
Look into the lens again ... oil rich countries are demons. If you don’t give business to Israeli Companies ... then they are coming after you. These are not the targets of the US Administration at all. Tell me ... what on earth did Libya ever do anything against the United States that was worth being bombed? What on earth did Syria ever do anything against the United States? Why are we so ruthlessly invested in their civil war ... taking such a cold stand against their government ... did they do anything against our government? Nope. Look into the lens ... you will get the answers. This is not what the US Administration wants ... but this is what the Oil Companies want.

Here is some good news
I can go on and on ... giving many more examples. But let me show you some recent deviations from this basic formula.

The Re-Election of Barack Obama
We had Mitt Romney competing against Obama.

  • Mitt Romney was coming from a war mongering party.
  • All the prospective candidates wanted to bomb Iran
  • On top of that Obama had not shown any results
  • People were pissed off at Obama
  • People were willing to vote Republican only because they were not satisfied with Obama’s work
  • Obama did not preach war and fear like Bush did

According to our Magic Lens ... the selection of Mitt Romney would have been more appropriate for the Oil Companies. Why was an alternate selection made over here?

  • Because in this selection ... it was people involved
  • 300 Million American people were involved in this decision making
  • It showed that these Oil Companies have absolutely no influence on the American people

This could be a good move by Obama
If you want deviations from their basic formula then you need to make things more democratic ... get more people involved ... diminish their influence. The decision to take this issue to the Congress could be a good move by Obama. These Oil Companies have demonstrated a strong influence among the top politicians.

  • The Secretary of State campaigns for the wars
  • The President just reads the script when it comes to wars

This is controlling the top key politicians. There is still a small window of hope and opportunity ... that the majority of the full Congress is not controlled by vested interests. Why?

  • Because the need is very less
  • Because George Bush made all the decisions to go to war
  • Because Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was enough for Libya

That’s why I kept a margin of 10% for an alternate decision.

Obama’s decision

  • Keeps himself on the safe side when the wrath of oil companies is concerned
  • Makes the process more democratic with more people involved

The American People do not want war
The American people did not want the Iraq war nor do they want the Syria War. This is also illustrated in our Magic Lens. Look into the lens:

The Magic Lens
Do you see the American People anywhere in this equation? This is the reason that the American people have a starkly different opinion than the leaders who represent them. In fact ... in the entire equation ... only companies and politicians are involved. People of none of the countries are involved. And the people of all of these countries ... do not support wars ... the people have a totally different opinion than their leaders.

My dear Congressmen ... how about representing the views of your people ... for once?