08 Sep 2013
The Magic Lens tells us why there is a behavioral change in US Politicians

The Magic Lens ... the beautiful lens that tells us everything about US Politics. Read the previous article about it here:


Now, the Magic Lens is going to tell us why there is a behavioral change in US politicians since the past 12 years. Let’s take a look at the lens again.


The Magic Lens

The work and status of the American leaders was totally different before Bush came to power. They went to war with countries like Vietnam. Is Vietnam an oil rich country? Nope. Targeting oil countries was never the agenda. America played the role of a policeman before ... using its power and authority to bring peace in the world ... to stop nations from getting into conflicts. America maintained the balance for peace in the world. America was loved ... America was adored ... and America was looked upon as a great leader.

But since George Bush ... things changed. They got themselves into different type of wars ... targeting different type of countries ... citing weird reasons for each war. Let’s take a look into the lens again.

The Magic Lens

Before it was America who was calling the shots. But now Israeli Oil Companies call the shots. For a moment let’s take a look into the background and behaviors of the origins of these people. Why do these guys want war? What do they get out of war? Do they do the same stuff back home from where they come from? Is something like this happening in their own country, Israel? 

If you want to understand a person’s mind then you should study his background ... what type of background does he come from? What he has already seen? What are the behaviors that he has already demonstrated? What is the likelihood that the same can repeat? If you can collect this information then you can easily predict what the person might do in the future.

So, our subject right now is ... Oil Companies run by people having origins from Israel. So, do we know of any war that is going on in Israel? Yes ... Israel is in a constant state of conflict with its neighbor Palestine. Now, if you observe their behaviors ... for how long is this war going on? This war is going on since like forever ... since an entire generation. Israel is in a constant state of war with Palestine. Why would any country be in a constant state of war? War means ... your own people being killed, living in chaos, fear and insecurity. You will go to war with a country for one month, two months ... one year or two years ... and call it a day. Nobody would want war forever. Tell me ... what type of leaders would want to put their own people in a state of war and insecurity forever. But still ... there is no end to this conflict between Israel and Palestine. Why?

It is because they DON’T want an end to this conflict. They “deliberately” do not want peace ... do not want an end to this war with Palestine. Why? Because they get trucks load of funding and support from the United States because of this conflict. Here is how it goes:

  • Step One. Kill a few Palestinian people.
  • Step Two. Palestine responds by direct attacks. And it also goes to other Arab countries asking for help from Israel.
  • Step Three. The bigger Arab nations yell at Israel ... hey, asshole why are you killing weak Arab people. Do you want me to kick your ass? Iran ... for example.
  • Step Four. Israel goes to the US crying for help. Hey, these big Arab countries are threatening me ... I am a small tiny person please help me.
  • Step Five. On top of that if you add the holocaust ... so many of our people were killed by a dictator before ... help us!

You put these 5 steps together ... then you get a perfect recipe of a “damsel in distress”. And this ... they are not doing this since today or yesterday ... they have been playing the same 5 steps since forever ... for about 40-50 years ... since an entire generation. And look at the perks they get out of playing damsel in distress:

  • $2 Billion in aid from the United States every year apart from other additional aid. Israel is the largest recipient of US aid among foreign countries.
  • Political Support
  • Military Support
  • Technology Support
  • To the extent that the United States is ready to fight any war on their behalf
  • Any attack on Israel is an attack on the United States

That’s the kind of support that they get. Look at the benefits that they are getting. It is because of this conflict that they are getting these benefits. It is because of this continued war with Arabs ... continuous threat .... continuous insecurity ... continuous need of help ... that they get this kind of support. And look at the beautiful stuff that they have done with this support that they get.

  • Israel is a developed country
  • They have the best technology that they could need
  • They have the best military that they could setup
  • They have fighter jets, high end military equipment and nuclear technology
  • They are not in debt and their people are not unemployed unlike many other Western countries ... unlike United States itself

This war with Palestine ... it is not a war ... it is a “blessing” for them. It is this war that has made Israel what it is.

So much for the good stuff. Look at the people who are being killed because of this conflict. They themselves are Israeli people ... they themselves are Jewish people ... simple, humble, hardworking ... being killed every week, every month because of this conflict. They live in fear and insecurity all the time. Is it right ... for you as a leader ... to put your people through this? Doesn’t your heart break any time ... and makes you stop this war for good? Doesn’t the dying and suffering of your own people touch you at all? How can some money and comfort make up for all of this?

This is their basic background. Some highlights of their background are:

  • They war for money
  • They love money
  • They don’t like Arabs
  • Not liking Arabs helps them get money
  • They keep their people in a state of war
  • Their people live in fear and insecurity
  • And their leaders are okay with it

Now, look at what has been happening since George W Bush. Isn’t the exact same thing happening via America since George Bush?

  • Aren’t these wars for money?
  • Aren’t we taught to dislike Arabs?
  • Isn’t targeting Arab countries helping them make more money?
  • Aren’t American people living in a state of war?
  • Didn’t American people live in fear and insecurity during George Bush?
  • Now, our leaders are pressing for more wars. Aren’t our leaders being okay with all of this?

All of these factors existed in Israel since the past 40-50 years. An entire generation has lived like this in Israel. And the same thing is being promoted at a worldwide level by vested interests. Ladies and gentlemen ... what you need to realize is this ... it is wars for money. Money is the objective here ... war is only the means. There is absolutely no end to Israel’s conflict ... there is never a planned end. These wars that are being promoted using Washington ... there is never a planned end. First it was Iraq, then Libya, then Syria, then Iran, then on and on and on and on. Everytime there will be an excuse ... everytime there will be a reason for war. WMD in Iraq ... bloodbath in Libya ... massacre in Syria ... this is all bullshit. It is total bullshit. They are following the exact same proven formula from Israel ... to around the world.

Several Republicans were standing there asking for Obama to show leadership ... we should show leadership in Iran. America should show leadership ... America should lead. This is all bullshit. This is not American leadership at all. This is America being fooled and being used again and again and again.

What you the American people need to decide is

  • Do you want to live in fear?
  • Do you want to live in insecurity?
  • Do you want to live in a state of war “forever”?
  • For how many years are these wars going to continue?
  • We need to bring a stop to this ... for good and forever! For all of us!