06 Aug 2013
The Al Qaeda Effect

The Al Qaeda Effect

Let’s try to use some logic here.


Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization! Al Qaeda is the number one threat to American citizens! Al Qaeda blew up this and they blew up that! They did this and they can do that! And bla bla bla …

Okay fine … let’s just buy this whole thing. Al Qaeda is a threat to the United States … fine … sold … you got my attention. What’s next? What should you do after you have said that? Since when do we know about Al Qaeda? Since George W Bush? Since 2001 … and even before that actually. What have we done since then?

The greatest country on Earth … the only Super Power of our time … with the best intelligence in the world … they have demonstrated that within 2 weeks they can take down the entire Air Force of Libya. They can take down countries “within weeks” … it’s a matter of click, click, click for them … and they can’t take down Al Qaeda? They are taking down entire countries … eliminating their Air Force and Army and what not … what result have they shown when it comes to Al Qaeda?

After several “years” of effort … they take down one leader of Al Qaeda … then after a few years … they take down another leader. One person at a time? “An Al Qaeda leader was killed in a drone strike” … you are sending “drones” to get Al Qaeda leaders? When it was the oil from Iraq that you wanted … you sent a million of our kids out there … about 100,000 at a time … and you send drones to get Al Qaeda leaders? You won’t even move your ass to go out there and get them?

Al Qaeda is a genuine threat for the American people, isn’t it? Look at the huge difference in the magnitude of effort put in by our politicians. When it comes to Syria … Hillary Clinton is all around the world … rallying for support from Arab nations … going to the Security Council again and again … throwing in hundreds of millions in funding … turning every stone to get what she wants in Syria. Where is the effort to go and get Al Qaeda? Did we even hear about Al Qaeda since the past 5 years?

Embassies were closed because of an Al Qaeda threat

Did you get any such threat from Syria? Because of which you had to close your embassy? Did the leaders of Iran threaten you in any way? Absolutely nothing ... no threat from Syria and no threat from Iran ... and this is the effort we are putting in those countries. What measures have you put in so that Al Qaeda operatives dont get any funds? What have you done to cripple their funding?

Previously during Bush … when the American Politicians started talking about Al Qaeda … this is what happened simultaneously:

  • Politics of war and fear were run
  • High insecurity issues for the American Citizens
  • Disturbing “incidents” were occurring in the public life
  • Arabs and Islam were demonized
  • All of the above were used to target an Arab country (Iraq)

Now, here is an interesting thing about the Al Qaeda operation. Wherever the funding from the United States government flows, Al Qaeda flourishes in those areas. Let alone Al Qaeda being eliminated … it expands and affiliates and branches out in those areas. There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq. Bush claimed Al Qaeda is present in Iraq … which was one of the reasons for attacking Iraq … but Obama himself said … there was no presence of Al Qaeda in Iraq and there was no reason to attack Iraq. Later on ... after the beginning of the war ... Al Qaeda appeared in Iraq.

A truck load of funding is given to Pakistan for “cooperation” on terrorism … Al Qaeda is flourishing in Pakistan. The US funds moved into Libya and now Syria … Al Qaeda has a presence in Libya and Syria as well now. Isn’t that amusing? A sworn enemy of the United States … flourishes wherever our tax payer money goes … and interestingly, we are supposed to be afraid of this very organization.

Based upon the past pattern … let us analyze the next few years they might want to give us.

US closes embassies owing to an Al Qaeda threat

Al Qaeda is back? Long time no see … where have you been … how have you been? Been like 5 years since we heard about you.

Why Al Qaeda? And why now?

Aren’t Arabs and the United States … buddy buddy now? Isnt Al Qaeda an Arab organization? Isnt the war with Iraq over? Arent we going to withdraw troops from Afghanistan like next year? It’s been 12 years … party is over guys … why show up now?
Arent we staunch supporters of the Arab revolutions? Didn’t we help the “Arabs” in Libya? Didn’t the Arabs ask for our help (supposedly)? Arent we buddy buddy now at least? Was the Al Qaeda sleeping while all of this was happening?

You don’t get answers … until you start looking from the Corporate perspective … from the perspective of the oil companies. According to reports, Iran is going to get weapon grade Uranium enrichment by next year. That means … if Iran gets nuclear … one hefty ATM machine is lost. That’s point number one.

Point number two … tell me what is Al Qaeda’s interest in the United States? Why not half a dozen other countries involved in these wars? Why not UK, France or whatever? Why is it threatening the United States among all? If you want to pick a fight with someone … you will fight with someone of your own size … or someone smaller … why go after the most powerful country in the world?

You look at the past pattern … you get the answers. Whose primary interest was in Iraq? The US Oil Companies … the US played a major role in the war on Iraq. Right from the initiation of the “war on terror” … to the funding … to the contracts … the leadership change in Iraq and the distribution of oil.
These are the questions that you need to ask … even before it begins.

  • Is this the initiation of War on Terror again?
  • Are there going to be incidents at the ground level again?
  • Are we going to invest in Trillions in war again?
  • Are the American people going to be held hostage in their economic crisis?
  • Are we going to eliminate the debt and stabilize the economy?
  • Or are we going to walk the same politics of fear again and end up in an even worse crisis?

As far as the American Politicians are concerned … don’t use Al Qaeda to scare us and put fear in our minds. Go out there and eliminate Al Qaeda. We want to live in a safe and peaceful world … like we knew it existed. We don’t want security checks at every entrance … we don’t want to be frisked at the Airports … we want to live free and safe. Don’t tell us that there is a threat … go out there and eliminate the threat. It has been 12 years … it’s high time you did something.