11 Sep 2013
Movement of War on Terror from Israel into America

Israel is the victim

Israel is the victim, America is the financier and Arabs are the demons.

The only thing that Israel needed to do was ... convince a few decision makers from the US Administration that ... Israel is continuously under threat ... there are bad events happening in Israel ... the enemy is powerful ... we need help. Look at the below diagram.

This is exactly what was being put into Israel. Politicians were being used, events were being used and media was being used ... to maintain Israel’s status of “damsel in distress” over 50 long years.

They worked very cleverly in getting their people in the top key decision making positions in the US Administration which would facilitate the flow of funds in their direction. They were very successful at that. You can check the records ... you have proof of this in black and white.

They sat there at the top and thought ... hey, we have the US Administration under our control ... nobody dares to speak up against us ... we have this authority in the US ... why not implement our formula of “War on Terror” from America at a global level?

To accomplish this ... the first thing that they did was ... move up their supporters and their people in key decision making positions. George Bush coming into power was one of the required criteria. You can go ahead and cross check George Bush’s love, admiration, dedication and obedience to the Israeli politicians. And the second thing that they worked upon is the media. Every major media outlet in the United States works in favor of Israel. The third element of “events” costs only peanuts to put into place.

War on Terror in America was inaugurated by George W Bush in 2001. The War on Terror started by George Bush carried the exact same behaviors that already exist in the State of Israel.

  • Arabs are demons
  • Threat, danger, Arabs want to kill us
  • Fear and insecurity everywhere
  • Action needs to be taken against Arabs

If you see this model:

Israel is the victim

  • Only Israeli politicians used to cry foul ... only they used to cry for help.
  • The alleged victims were only 5 million Israeli people.
  • The danger and threat was against only 5 million Israeli people.
  • The amount of help that was required was only to the tune of $2 Billion per year

Now, look at the below model of War on Terror in America:

America is the victim

The only thing that they have changed is the “victim” ... apart from that each and everything is the same. But this enabled them to run this formula at beautiful proportions.

  • Before Israeli politicians used to cry foul ... now the world’s most powerful politicians cry foul
  • Before the alleged victims were only 5 million Israelis ... now 300 million Americans were the victims
  • Before the threat and danger was against only 5 million Israelis ... now the threat and danger is against 300 million Americans
  • Before the spending on this War on Terror was only $2 Billion ... that would be $16 Billion in 8 years ... now the spending on this War on Terror is $1 Trillion ... that is $1000 Billion

Beautiful enormous proportions at a global scale ... on top of that ... to add butter on both sides of the bread ...

  • They are also gaining oil rich Arab countries from this agenda
  • Providing the companies that they run ... a truck load of more contracts

This is the best thing that Israel has ever pulled off in its entire history ... financially speaking that is. They have thoroughly thought this through ... they have planned this thoroughly ... they are working in a team ... and all of this was totally totally preplanned.

Here are your live proofs and evidences for the same ... that you can go ahead and check right now.

  • The existence of the model of “War on Terror” in Israel for the past 50 years
  • The fact that all of their parameters were copied and repeated in the War on Terror launched from America
  • The fact that all of these American politicians who favor this “War on Terror” are totally pro Israel ... you can check their statements in AIPAC conferences
  • The fact that Israeli politicians stand there and want and support all of these wars
  • And lastly the benefits ... the benefits of this model flow into companies that are controlled by people of Israeli origin in America

Now ... here is something that needs to be noted. Before, it was Israeli politicians fooling some politicians in the US Administration. It was a bunch of politicians fooling another bunch of politicians. But now it is the American politicians fooling 300 million Americans ... the world’s most powerful politicians trying to fool the entire world. Why? Why are they fooling you?

  • Because they want to continuously use you
  • Because they want to continuously keep using your resources
  • To fund their War on Terror

Here is the shocking part:

  • It never stops
  • There is never a plan to end this
  • The War on Terror in Israel has been running since the past 50 years! And it is pretty much on the go even today.
  • You are watching your politicians talk ... do you see any end to these wars? There is no planned end to this!

They have repeated the exact same parameters of Israel into America. They had only 5 million Israeli people at risk ... now 300 million Americans are at risk. What you need to ask yourself is ...

  • Do you want to become like the State of Israel?
  • They are continuously trying to create friction between Muslims and Christians ... between Arabs and the Western nations. They are trying to create the exact same conflict that the Israelis have with the Arabs.
  • For how long Americans should live in fear, insecurity and war?
  • Why should Americans live the life of Israeli people?

You are Americans ... you are loved and adored by the entire world ... including the Arabs. You have beautiful relations with everybody ... almost. You don’t deserve this. You have done nothing to deserve this. Don’t be fooled again and again and again. Wake up America.