26 Jul 2013
Maintaining a state of "ignorance"

Many Americans ask, “Why did we attack Iraq”? There was no reason to attack Iraq ... there were no WMDs. Then they console their souls ... saying, we attacked Iraq for the oil ... and they blame Bush for misleading them.


But this is what they don’t realize ... “oil” was only one of the reasons for attacking Iraq. The main reason was to keep you in a state of fear ... to maintain you ignorant. The total debt when Bush left office was $10 Trillion ... but the expense on the wars was only $1 Trillion ... where did the remaining $9 Trillion of debt come from?

Many Americans think that the debt is because of the wars. No my dear ... the debt that came from the wars was only $1 Trillion. These $9 Trillion came from the bad economic policies that are run in your country. Wars were only 10% of the bullshit that was done during Bush ... 90% of the bullshit goes on inside America itself.

$9 Trillion in 8 years of George Bush ... implies more than $1 Trillion of debt every single year. Now, here is your main reason for the war. If there was no war ... there would be total peace, an excellent state of mind ... people want jobs, people want a strong economy ... but this was simply not going to happen during the Bush administration. Because the policies that benefit companies were going to get saturated ... the country was going to go in severe debt ... and everybody would question the Bush administration about the debt. People would fight ... people would protest and demand a fix into these policies that are causing the debt.

But you know what Bush did ... a guy walks into an office asking for a job and the boss tells him, “your house is on fire”! What will the guy do? He will sit there and complete the job interview? No, obviously he will run towards his home ... worried about his family and their safety. Because ... for a normal human being safety comes first ... and once you make sure everything is fine and everyone is safe ... then you go about looking for a job again.

Politics of Fear

Bush shouted Saddam Hussein, WMD, Radical Islam and Jihadists ... when the American people wanted jobs and a strong economy. He used these politics of fear to keep you in a “state of ignorance”. The country is in a state of war ... the last thing that is going to come in your mind is jobs and welfare. He maintained you in this state of fear and war ... for a full 8 years. He never even let your mind go towards the reasons for such a high debt.

State of Ignorance

Here is an equation that has been successfully played during the Bush administration. The 90% of the bullshit that goes on inside America ... these are economic policies that benefit companies at the expense of the people. These companies said ... okay, fine ... we get to make our money while the oil companies make some additional money? That sounds like a good equation. Let’s pull it off.

Those who are thinking that I am blaming Bush for this ... no, no ... I am not ... this is way too intelligent for Bush to pull it off. This is corporate game that is played in America. Bush left office and Obama came in ... but 4 years later the debt is $16 Trillion ... without any major war being raged, without any major investment being made outside the country. The debt continuously increased at a rate of about $1 Trillion per year even under Obama Administration.

These policy fixes should have been made not now but when Bush came into power itself ... 12 years ago. This was Bush’s job ... to fix the economy, made sure people were employed and there was no debt. But they chose to do otherwise ... because these policy fixes would bring a loss to the companies. They preferred corporate benefit at the expense of the people.