05 Aug 2013
Iran has crossed the Red Line

Nuclear Iran

Do you know what’s common between Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran? These countries did not give a lot of business to the Oil Companies in USA.

George W Bush carried out a campaign against terror ... against Iraq, against Saddam Hussein, WMD ... later on during his campaign we also saw demonization of Arabs, Islam, the Burqa, Mosque Minarets. But an interesting thing about his campaign was ... all of this was directed towards Iraq. They talked about Al Qaeda ... they directed it towards Iraq ... they talked about WMD, Arabs and terrorists ... that was directed towards Iraq. “Iraq” was the bad guy ... for full 8 years during the Bush administration.

But ... you know ... Arabs don’t live only in Iraq ... there is a string of Arab countries spanning from Africa to the Middle East. There are about 2 Billion Muslims living in the world. Why was this demonization focused only on Iraq? Why not Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Kuwait? Why weren’t the leaders of these nations demonized? Why weren’t they attacked? And why is there no plan to attack them either?

Yes ... you guessed it right ... because these countries already give a lot of business to the US Oil Companies.

Then came the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt. The Arab Spring came in several Arab countries ... why is the US Administration on a war footing with Libya and Syria? Why did it get involved with huge funding and weapons for these two specific countries?

Yes ... you guessed it right again ... because these two countries do not give business to the US Oil Companies.

The objective is the same out there ... just like it was in Iraq ... change the regime and take over the oil resources. Another interesting thing that happened in dealing with Libya and Syria was that ... the demonization of Arabs and Islam suddenly disappeared ... it just vaporized ... like it never happened before.

And the hilarious thing about the US Administration is that ... when it comes to Iran ... we are back on track again in demonizing Arabs ... we just can’t trust them with a nuclear system. I just can’t believe how the American people sit there and buy all of this.

Whatever ... coming to the main point. You know what some of these leaders say to the American people? All of these target countries are Russian colonies and Russian entities. We are the Super Power now ... it is time to get all of these colonies on our side and take them under our control. That’s the plan ... so just roll with the bullshit that we put in the news.

Here is an eye opener for some of those Americans who might buy that. Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya ... three countries down ... $1 Trillion spent ... 12 years later ... where is the benefit for the American People? You are actually made to pay 3 times more for the gas ... you are $16 Trillion in debt ... and your cities are going bankrupt.

They tell you that ... just so that they can use “your resources” and your tax payer money to fund those wars. That’s point number one ... point number two is that ... these sucker companies have sucked on you first. They have put in policies that suck on your resources internally as a first step ... it is then they went outside to other countries. These wars are just a blanket of fear and insecurity that keeps your attention away from those policies.

The cost for Iraq and Afghanistan combined over a span of 8 years was only $1 Trillion. But your economy is going down in a debt of about $1 Trillion every single year. Did we rage a major war after Bush? Did we make any heavy investments in Trillions? Nope ... then where is this $1 Trillion debt coming from?

In fact ... this debt began during Bush Administration itself. When the first Trillion debt hit our economy ... then why weren’t we aware of that? Why weren’t we talking about “spending control” ... why weren’t we talking about managing expenses then? Ow yes, I remember ... WE WERE AT WAR! We were having a major war with Iraq then. That’s why our attention never even went in that direction when the debt hit our country first. And that’s how the Politics of War and Fear work ... ladies and gentlemen.

They stand there and tell us ... Iran has crossed the Red Line ... Syria has crossed the Red Line ... and I say bullshit. 20 Million people unemployed ... that’s a Red Line that should never be crossed. $16 Trillion in debt ... that’s a Red Line that should never be crossed. Cities going bankrupt and people don’t know if their pensions will be paid ... that’s a Red Line that should never be crossed!

Here is some information for some leaders in America. You are a white American walking on the street late at night ... the street is dark and you find a black man approaching from the other direction. Some Americans would be afraid as to what would happen. I might get mugged? I might get robbed? Does he have a gun? Does he have a knife? Something as simple as mugging is a nightmare for them. Hurting someone for $50 or $100 is totally unacceptable for them ... you think the same people will approve killing thousands of people for their money?