08 Aug 2013
Fear Architecture and Al Qaeda

Fear Architecture and Al Qaeda

Same topic, different angle.


We discussed American Politicians and Al Qaeda in two articles already. You can find the articles here:



Fear Architecture and Al Qaeda

Tell me what you are afraid of ... and why you are afraid of that? In the process ... try and understand ... how you came to be afraid of that.

The Bush Era
We were afraid of Al Qaeda ... we were afraid of Arabs. In the United States ... across the nation ... in all 50 states ... in almost every city ... people know about Al Qaeda. Almost every grownup American ... knows about Al Qaeda. How you do know about Al Qaeda? Who told you about Al Qaeda? Yes, you are right ... your “politicians” told you about Al Qaeda. Again and again ... in speeches ... on TV, in print and online ... your politicians told you about Al Qaeda.

I will give you an example. A mother tells her child ... about a ghost that lives in the dark. The ghost is ugly and big ... and it can do this and it can do that ... she repeatedly tells the same thing to her child. What will happen to that child? The child will be afraid of ghosts. Who made the child afraid of ghosts? The mother. Alternatively, if the mother said ... if you see a ghost, kick its ass and it will run away. Would the child be afraid of ghosts ... would the child be afraid of the dark? Nope.

This propagation of fear is directly being done by our politicians. The politicians are providing a “platform” for their promotion.

You came to know that a bank is going to be robbed. The remedial measure what you take is ... shut down all the banks in the city ... because you don’t know which bank they are going to rob. And you put in the headlines ... all banks shut down in the city because there might be a bank robbery. Tell me what effect will this have on the people. Well it will be comic if something like that is done ... but if something like that is done then ... firstly, it tells the people about the insecure world that they live in. Secondly, it also shows the weakness and incompetence of our authorities in keeping us safe ... resulting in the creation of fear.

We always have anti-social elements in our lives ... almost in every city of the world. Anti-social elements exist everywhere ... the last thing we should give them is the headlines in the news. But what should definitely be done is ... going after them and eliminating their presence.

My dear American Politicians:

  • We don’t want to know about Al Qaeda.
  • We don’t want to know who and where is Al Qaeda.
  • We don’t want to know what Al Qaeda can do or may do.
  • Even if they did something ... keep it under wraps ... and go and get them. Not required for 7 Billion people in the world to know.

And yes tell us:

  • When you go and get them
  • When you eliminate them
  • When you wipe out their presence from an entire country

Yes ... put that in the News ... that’s worth being in the News.
A third world country ... like India ... can do this. It can follow these steps ... it can keep its people free of any fear ... then why not the US Administration?