07 Aug 2013
Al Qaeda in the Media

The Al Qaeda Effect

Same topic different angle.


In the last article, we discussed the first two elements i.e. American Politicians and Al Qaeda. You can find that article here:


Let us discuss the third element i.e. the Media. Tell me one thing ... why did they put this in the news ... US closes embassies owing to an Al Qaeda threat ... why did this have to be the major headlines in the world media? It’s there on the TV ... its online ... its in the papers ... why is this News everywhere? What is the purpose of putting this information in the News?

Let us assume that the threat is genuine ... how many people does it affect? 10, 100, 500? Why do 7 Billion people around the world need to know this ... even before something happens? Nothing even happened ... why are 7 Billion people being warned about this? What do you want us to do? What do you want the general public to do? You want us to help you out in any way?

Why isn’t this information contained within the embassy staff, security services and the intelligence? Why are the general people being involved? You will get answers ... when you study the effects of such information in the News.

Firstly, even if something happens ... a bomb blast or firing occurs ... a few people die ... the general public need not know about it. This information does more harm than good ... it results in people panicking, people being scared, people being insecure ... it brings about an uneasiness in life. Stuff like this happens in India ... we are a beautiful country ... with people of many religions, many languages, many colors ... all living united together in peace as one country. But sometimes “incidents” occur ... there is a communal conflict ... between the people of two religions ... sometimes people are even killed. Here is a learning moment ... of how such a situation is handled. Our government doesn’t do headlines when such a security issue occurs. We keep it down ... we cut off that area from the main stream with high security personnel ... we cut off the happenings of that area from the mainstream media. We don’t even let people know about it. We report as less as possible about that area or event. And then we go after the culprits and eliminate that issue.

Life remains normal in the rest of the city ... during the event ... and when that area is concerned ... life gets normal within a few days ... and everyone is back to normal as if nothing happened. Except for the families affected by the event ... of course. But these measures ensure that ... people don’t panic, fear doesn’t spread, hatred doesn’t develop. This event is kept in wraps within that area itself ... let alone the entire city finding out ... or the entire country finding it out.

Now, let’s take a look how the American Politicians handle the security issues concerned with Al Qaeda. Let alone the city or the country ... the entire world is informed ... that something might happen. Isn’t this totally the opposite of what should be actually done? Are you trying to keep your people safe or are you trying to spread fear and insecurity?

Even after such incidents happen in India ... when an Indian walks out on the street ... we are not scared of another person ... we are not scared if the person is a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian. We don’t live in fear. Can the American People say the same thing? I don’t care if the person is an Arab sitting right next to me in the plane ... can they say that? Well definitely not ... at least during the last season of George W Bush. If Al Qaeda is an element of fear ... then aren’t the American Politicians being the platform for their promotion?

What needs to be done
I will give you an example. Let us assume that you got the information that a bank is going to be robbed. What do you do? You enhance the security in such a way that the robbers don’t know that you know. You set a trap ... put personnel in place ... and get ready to catch them red handed. Or ... or ... do you put this information in the News headlines? Hello! We know you are gonna rob the bank! We know! Do you put that in the news?

The Al Qaeda Effect
See the objective that it is serving ... putting Al Qaeda related information in the news ... it is only freaking out the American People. Okay fine ... if you wanted to shut down the embassies owing to a threat ... then there a dozen other reasons you could say to shut down the embassy. The server is down ... there is a glitch with something ... that’s why they took the day off. There are several other ways this whole thing could have been dealt with ... keeping the best interests of the American People.

Every time a bank is robbed ... it is the failure of the Security Services. Every time the common people are attacked ... it is the failure of the Security Services. We know Al Qaeda exists ... and even after 12 years ... it still exists ... it is the failure of the US Administration.

We know that you failed ... now bragging about it ... putting it in the News ... this is simply unacceptable.