17 Nov 2015
The Terror Cash Game - The good guy, the bad guy and the guy that benefits

Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members

First of all, let me congratulate Putin on a good job done on collecting intelligence data on ISIS. That's a good job. Now, here is something that Putin needs to realize ... if "40 countries" are financing ISIS then do they want to eliminate ISIS or support ISIS? Understand the game Putin ... understand the game. This is not a simple cop and thief game.

The Terror Cash Game

Al Qaeda and ISIS are only "frontend" terrorist groups. Their job is to play the bad guy ... and the politician's job is to play the good guy and start the cash flow to catch ISIS. The bad guy and the good guy ... both of them are controlled by a third entity that benefits from this entire game.

The Never Ending Cash Cycle

If you fall for this game ... and you start playing the good guy ... trying to eliminate ISIS ... then your involvement in the game becomes a problem ... because you are trying to end the game. The objective of the game is ... these guys continuously play the bad guy ... and the politicians should continuously play the good guy ... the cash flow should continue and the game should not end at all. So that the beneficiaries of this game get a constant cash flow forever. That's the idea here.

The Objective is NOT to eliminate Al Qaeda or ISIS

If you look at the past 15 years ... this is exactly what is going on. America has already invested about $2 Trillion in these wars and conflicts. Did they eliminate Al Qaeda ... did they eliminate ISIS? No, in fact ... the end result was the opposite. Al Qaeda grew to a great extent and estalished centers in many cities of the world ... and ISIS has also been continuously growing. They keep supplying hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars from their countries "to facilitate their growth". They also very liberally supply weapons and access to ammunition depos for the growth and support of these organizations.

How do Jewish Entities and Israel benefit from this War on Terror? Click here for details on that.

For how long will this game continue?

Well, look at the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Do you think they will ever plan to end the conflict? The conflict is running for the past 50 years ... and there is no plan to end this conflict ever. Why? Because they benefit from it. Israel gets $2 Billion every year from America because of its "security situation" in the Middle East. It was $2 Billion ... then they made it $3 Billion ... now they are trying to make it $5 Billion. Why will they ever end this conflict when they get billions because of this conflict?

Similarly, this War on Terror ... there is never a plan to end it. There will never be a politician who will stand and say ... okay, we got the bad guys now. The problem is over ... things are back to normal. Nobody will ever say that ... look at the past 15 years since they started this ... there is never a plan to end it.

Russia's involvement in the game

So now, if you step in ... trying to "eliminate" ISIS ... then you are spoiling this equation that has been running since the past 15 years. They will actually criticize your participation in this equation. That's what American politicians are telling about Russia's involvement in Syria ... Russia is worsening the situation, Russia is killing innocent people, Russia is attacking hospitals, Russia should back off from Syria. You know that you are doing good work ... you know that you are attacking ISIS bases ... they should actually cooperate and encourage your involvement ... and work with you in this front. But you will find their behavior to be totally the opposite. That's why Americans are not even sharing intel about ISIS locations in Syria with you. Their objective is NOT to eliminate ISIS.

If you think that I will cooperate with the West in the fight against ISIS ... I will help them out and we can be friends. They don't need your help ... in fact, your help will be unwelcome. Here is a cross check, even Iran condemned the attacks in Paris. Do you think Iran's condemnation will change their opinion or plan against Iran? Even Iran is fighting against ISIS since years now? Do you think they "welcomed" Iran and applauded its entry. No, they are still against Iran on a war footing. They strongly criticize Iran and they still make plans of war against Iran. This whole game is run by the third guy ... and this third guy has planned war with Russia next ... doesn't matter what you do ... their plan will not change.

Their objective is to keep running this "media show" in front of the people ... by showing these events and beheadings in the news ... while in the backend they keep on helping and growing these terrorist organizations.

Here is a checklist for Russia

Here are a few tests that Russia can use to verify the authenticity of their works and promises. Because of their exposure, they may show slightly difference tendencies and support for Russia. If these guys are true about supporting Russia then try the below checklist:

  • Will they remove sanctions from Russia? Now Russia is investing millions in fighting ISIS along with France ... will the American leaders join with European leaders in removing sanctions from Russia?
  • Will they stop funding the conflict? Will they stop sending in hundreds of millions in cash and tons of supply of arms and ammo in this conflict ... which is eventually ending up in the hands of ISIS? This is what providing the major growth for ISIS.
  • Will they track down who is supply arms and ammo to ISIS? ISIS does not do its own manufacturing of weapons. It buys weapons from other countries. Will they track down these countries, put sanctions on them and stop the supply of weapons to ISIS?
  • Will they track down who is buying oil from ISIS? Another major source of funds of ISIS is the "sale of oil". Will they track down countries who are buying oil from "war zones" and ISIS which is channeling huge funds to these guys? By the way, Israel is one of the largest purchasers of oil from war zones.

If you want to stop this conflict then it is very easy to stop it. But what they do is exactly the opposite at the ground level. Instead of stopping ISIS, they are continuously supplying ISIS with funds and arms. Instead of stopping their oil sales, they turn a blind eye to it. Instead of stopping the guys who are selling weapons in this area, they turn a blind eye to them. 

And as far as Russia's involvement is concerned ... they will welcome you only if you are playing a part in their designed game. If you want to bomb ISIS they will welcome you, grudgingly. But if you want to expose who is doing what ... expose the channeling of funds and arms ... and try to stop the game ... then you will get little cooperation.

Here is how Russia can help itself and other countries in the world

Now, if you actually want to do something positive and fruitful in this whole scene ... then you need expose the beneficiaries of this game and initiate moves against these guys. If you stop the designers and beneficiaries of this game then you will successfully stop this entire game. This whole worldwide issue of terrorism and terrorists will come to an end. Go for the main beneficiaries and designers of this game. Expose them in the media and initiate international action against these guys. That should be your role. Don't expect this from the American politicians ... they cannot do it. Their system is too controlled for this to happen ... but you can do it.

Note for Putin: If you are interested, kindly ask your representatives to get in touch with us. We can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 001.646.8639.646. Maybe we can offer some help.