02 Feb 2015
Obama, the Robin Hood, Proposes One-Time 14% Tax on Overseas Earnings

Obama Playing Robin Hood
This is a tricky one. Actually, this should not be done. You don't keep increasing taxes to balance expenses.



You actually fix your system so that such tax hikes are not required. That's the right thing to do. But in your system ... they don't allow you to fix your system ... that's how the corporate hierarchy works in America. "Whatever you do, you don't touch our income" ... this is the reigning policy of the big wigs for whose benefit your system runs. So the best that can be done in your system without affecting the big wigs is to play ... Robin Hood ... take from the rich and give to the poor. More taxes for the wealthy that saves the middle class from immediate tax hikes. This is exactly what Obama has been doing since the past 6 years. 

The Sinking American Economy

Now, he is proposing tax on overseas income. You should realize from this that your system is sinking right now ... and it requires more funds to maintain the balance. Every time Obama works on some tax hike ... know that your system is collapsing and cannot balance itself. Well, the $17 Trillion ... speaks for itself ... but despite that ... you are still going down.

Protests in Europe against Austerity Measures

Will this help? Yes, it will ... but only temporarily. Very soon ... in the coming years ... just taxing the wealthy will not suffice ... they will have to come for the Middle Class. This is already happening in Europe ... "austerity measures" they call it. There are already protests on the streets against these measures in Europe. Are Americans waiting for it to hit them and feel the hurt?

The Iraq War was only a deviation from the failing American Economy

You know why Americans will not feel the hurt? Because Obama will not increase taxes on the Middle Class. It will be done by the next Administration. You won't feel the pinch because most probably we will be bombing Iran by then. We will be in a major war and the last thing that will bother you is a tax hike. The last time we were entering debt ... Bush was busy bombing Iraq. The only thing Americans could think of is ending the war and stop coffins from coming back home. But when Bush left office ... we realized that we were in $10 Trillion debt. The expenditure on war was only $1 Trillion ... from where did the remaining $9 Trillion debt come from? The Iraq war was only a deviation for the American people so that they don't realize the collapse of their economy. And they were successful in their strategy.

The next major drop in economy is just a few years ahead

Why do you think there is so much emphasis on Iran's nuclear program? There is a high possibility of a war with Iran when the next Administration comes into place. That is not just for Iran's oil ... it is to deviate Americans from the next major drop in their economy when it starts hitting the Middle Class. Welcome to War Politics ladies and gentlemen.