04 Sep 2014
How about using more brains and less muscle?

More brains, less muscle

George Bush went into Iraq in 2003A.D. to get rid of Saddam Hussein and his WMD. 


  • 8 years of war
  • $1 Trillion spent
  • 4500 Americans dead
  • 100,000+ Iraqis dead
  • 1 million plus American soldiers returned home with PTSD

And 11 years later Barack Obama is bombing Iraq to get rid of ISIS in 2014A.D.

  • $560 Million already spent
  • Gearing up for another decade of war?

Here is where the problem is … “skewed intelligence” … there were no WMD in Iraq. And it wouldn’t take you a few weeks or months to find that out … even then, we spent 8 years bombing Iraq. Why? No idea.

The same problem is repeating with ISIS is … “skewed intelligence”. Did the American Intelligence actually allow the formation of ISIS? Tell me …

  • How does an organization like ISIS pop up from a country that we bombed for 8 long years?
  • What were our intelligence agencies doing?
  • Was ISIS formed overnight?
  • It easily took 4-5 years for an organization like this to be formed and trained.
  • How does the most sophisticated intelligence agency in the world … does not know about the training of thousands of people for combat operations … right under its hood?
  • How does the CIA does not know about the movement of huge amount of weapons and ammunition?
  • How does the CIA does not know about the flow of funds into such organizations … that is happening right under its hood?
  • These events did not happen just once or twice that they went unnoticed … these events happened “repeatedly” over a long period of about 5 years in Iraq.
  • The question is … you did not know … or did you turn a blind eye to the formation of ISIS in Iraq?

Skewed intelligence seems to be the key in creating wars around the world … especially in Iraq. And now, how are we responding to ISIS? Exactly as we responded to Saddam Hussein … first come the air strikes … and then comes the military action. Now, US and UK is looking for global support for military action against ISIS. For how long will this military action continue? No idea. Freakin awesome, isn’t it?