28 Aug 2013
They play both sides ... it is all preplanned.

Here is how they get things done in their favor. They play both sides.

Just like a game of Chess ... each player makes his move trying to win. But imagine both sides being played by one mind ... what would happen on the board? Exactly what you would want.

This is what they do at the political level ... they control both sides. Especially in issues of their interest ... this is ... stuff that makes them money. I will give you some examples.

In America ... both the parties ... Democratic and Republican ... are controlled by vested interests. With Bush ... we voted out the Republican Party from power. What changed when the Democrats came to power? We voted for an anti-war guy in power ... right under his nose ... 2 wars are happening. One with Libya ... civil war on Syria ... which is taking a serious turn ... which might also create a war with Iran.

Economy and Debt ... nothing was done under Bush ... nor any major change has been made under Obama. They just play with everything else other than stuff that has to be actually done. Both the parties show the same behavior because they are controlled by the same interests.

Now, let’s take this parameter into conflicts. There are many conflicts in the world ... where beneficiaries support and encourage both sides ... especially long term conflicts. These beneficiaries “architect” the conflict for their best benefit. A simple way to determine or predict the future moves of our politicians is to see what these beneficiaries actually want.

Hillary Clinton cried massacre when 10 people died in Syria. What did she want? Welfare of the Syrian people? What these politicians say on the frontend is just bull ... you need to see what these beneficiaries behind these guys want. Supplying funds and arms to the civilians of another country ... tell them to attack government personnel ... how is that legal? What they stand in front of us and say is ... this is for democracy and the aspirations of the Syrian people. Yeah right.

Did the conflict in Syria stop yet? Nope. Did the beneficiaries get what they want from Syria? Nope. Did the war in Iraq stop? Yes. Did the beneficiaries get what they wanted from Iraq? Yes. Are they planning to stop the conflict in Afghanistan? Yes. Did they get what they want from Afghanistan? Yes.

By the way, if you are wondering what did they get from Afghanistan ... it has no oil resources. Yeah, the benefit is not for oil companies in Afghanistan ... the benefit is for Weapon Manufacturers and War Contractors. They gave us a date of withdrawing of our troops by 2014 from Afghanistan. Why 2014? What’s special about this year?

Two things are special about 2014:

  • Firstly, the weapon manufacturers and war contractors ... get a hefty long term contract ... spanning through several years.
  • Secondly, by 2014 ... they would have already architected another war in the next target country.

We talked about this 2 years ago on 21st August 2011. Check the below link:


“I told you they are buying time and collecting funding to find an excuse for another war by the time they will wind up with their present wars.”

They gave us a date of 2014 to pull the troops from Afghanistan ... and today we are standing in the end of 2013 ... about to start a military operation in Syria. Ladies and Gentlemen ... you need to wake up and realize that the system that you live in is totally rigged and controlled by vested interests. Each and every step of this war was preplanned. Right from Hillary Clinton crying out massacre when 10 people died ... to the funding of rebels and supply of arms ... to this chemical attack that has taken place.

Do you want to know what they are planning next? It is simple ... ask yourself this question ... did the beneficiaries get what they want from Syria and Iran? Now go ahead ... you yourself predict and see ... how will these companies use your politicians and your resources ... to go and get what they want from Syria and Iran.

This is not rocket science ... it is very easy. Screw morals, screw doing what is right, forget what is legal and illegal. Put the below three elements in connection with each other and you will get their steps:

  • Politicians
  • Events at the ground level and
  • Media

If you see the working of these three elements together ... you will understand their plan as well as their future moves.

Now, what they say is ... let us just bomb Syria for 2 days ... as a “punishment” for Bashar Al Assad. Yeah right ... that’s what you want to do ... a pat on the hand? Ask yourself this key question “will the beneficiaries get what they want ... if they bomb Syria for only 2 days and called it a day”? No ... this is just taking one step forward ... in trying to get what they want.

Think of the next steps ... what they are telling us right now ... gas attack was outrageous ... something has to be done ... let’s bomb them for 2 days. They are using this “event” to carry out their next steps. You think Syria and Iran will just sit there and let them bomb them? No, there will be a counter attack. Syria and Iran may target Washington interests in the Middle East. What’s next? Washington will just take a slap on its face and sit down? No ... this is the beginning of a full scale war.

The key question ... will the beneficiaries get what they want ... if there is a full scale war? The answer is ... you guessed it right ... YES. They are just “using” this event to start this conflict.