03 Sep 2013
There is a 90% chance of Congress approving the strike if nothing is done

Yeah, that’s right ... there is a 90% chance of Congress approving the strike on Syria if nothing is done.

The American System is itself rigged ... it is highly controlled by vested interests ... and this includes to a great extent the Congress itself. Obama’s decision to take Congress’s approval is like ... let’s take the approval of a rigged system and let’s see if it’s the right thing to do.

The American economy and the entire country itself is stagnating because of the incompetent politicians that we have out there. They are “incompetent” because they are unable to do what is right for the people ... they are unable to make the moves in the right direction. They don’t make the moves in the right direction because it affects corporate interest. They end up playing with stuff that is not relevant at all. Since Bush has gone ... what has Obama done? Healthcare, immigration, gay marriage and abortion ... what on earth do any of these things have got to do with economy?

The people are saying we want jobs and a strong economy. Obama says lets work on healthcare. People say ... jobs and economy! Obama says immigration reform. People say ... jobs and economy!! Obama says ... gay marriage. All right ... can the opposition at least do something ... can you work on jobs and economy!!! The opposition says ... let’s work on abortion.

If there is anything different that the opposition does is “repeal” what Obama has just done. Let’s repeal Obamacare. Do ... undo ... do ... undo ... this is the frontend show that both parties are putting in front of you. None of them doing what has to be done. Obama is doing the little good that he can ... and the best that the Republicans come up with is ... let’s undo what Obama did.

What is this? This is nothing but a frontend show ... put up for the people ... just to show that they are working. This stagnant phase ... this stagnant country ... half a dozen cities going bankrupt ... and nothing being done to rectify the flaws ... to change the direction ... this is the proof of a rigged system. Both parties playing along is a proof of the rigged system.

But when it comes to stuff that benefits companies ... they are in action ... non-stop action ... full swing ... getting what they want ... doing what they want ... getting funds for what they want ... getting support for what they want ... getting results for what they want ... to the extent of even changing laws for what they want. Since Bush is gone ... take a look at these below moves:

  • Escalation of the war with Afghanistan
  • Full swing rhetoric against Iran’s nuclear program
  • Throwing of sanctions again and again on Iran’s nuclear program
  • It takes them only one week to come up with laws against Iran, it’s economy and nuclear program
  • Funding and supporting armed rebels in Libya
  • Getting the United Nations on the same page to attack Libya
  • Funding and support of armed rebels in Syria
  • Going to the Security Council again and again for a resolution on Syria
  • Right now ... they are on the verge of war with Iran itself

When it comes to the American People ... nothing delivered ... but when it comes to Oil companies and weapon manufacturers ... I am your guy, tell me what you want. This is the state of American politics ... or the American system. And today we are asking this American system ... hey, should we bomb Syria? Like they are gonna say no ... need you even ask?

The working of the Congress
Very recently ... we saw the working of Congress on one occasion. The selection of the Defense Secretary ... Chuck Hagel. He was selected for this position by Obama ... but the majority of the Senators were opposing his nomination. He was losing the nomination by only 2-3 votes. Here is the interesting part ... do you know why they were opposing his nomination?

  • Because he said ... I am a United States Senator and not an Israeli Senator ... my priority is my country.
  • Because he was not very inclined to Israel
  • Because he was an anti-war guy ... and he didn’t think that bombing Iran should be a priority

Not inclined to Israel and not interested in bombing other countries ... these were the two qualities because of which they were against his nomination. During his selection process they literally grilled him and they repeatedly asked him again and again:

  • Will you throw our ally Israel under the bus?
  • How come you think Iran is not a threat?
  • How come you make these anti-Israel statements? Explain your statement.

John McCain told him loud and clear ... I will not vote for you ... you will not get my vote ... because of these two things. What’s surprising is ... it was not John McCain alone ... this was the stand of the majority of the Senate. This is why they were filibustering his nomination.

This is what the “politicians” are doing ... and what did we the people do? We kicked out Bush from power. We did not like his wars. We did not want wars. And the last thing we wanted Bush to do is bomb Iran as well. That is the most atrocious thing that Bush could do. But ladies and gentlemen ... we the people ... thought Bush was the bad guy. We thought “only” Bush was the bad guy. Where did this majority of the Senate come from ... that is pro war ... that thinks bombing Iran is the right thing to do? Where did all of these guys come from?

My dear beautiful beautiful American people ... this is an open sign that your “system” is rigged. These vested interests work on many politicians to sway decisions their way. Bush was just one guy that they managed to push to the top.

Factors during the nomination of Chuck Hagel were:

  • The President himself endorsed Chuck Hagel. He had Obama’s support ... pulling the majority of the Democratic Party on his side.
  • The Republican Party was against his nomination ... he thereby lost the majority of Republican votes.

However Chuck Hagel won the nomination when he got some additional votes in the last minute. Now, here is something that you need to see ... the vote in Congress for a strike on Syria. The factors that are involved now are:

  • The President himself favors a strike on Syria ... pulling a majority of Democrat votes in this direction.
  • The Republican Party is already a war mongering Party. They would more than welcome the decision ... putting a majority of the Republican votes also in favor of the strike.

There is every chance that they will get a very easy nod from Congress for the strike.

Obama is telling us ... he got John McCain on his side. Dude ... John McCain was the first Senator who wanted to bomb Syria ... he was the first one to approach the Senate for the same. What’s there in getting John McCain on your side when you want to bomb someone?

There is a 90% chance of Congress approving the strike if nothing is done.