20 Sep 2013
The Fear that controls Washington

What we have seen in the past is that ... American politicians followed by British politicians ... favor war. It was George Bush and Tony Blair then ... then it came out to be Barack Obama and David Cameron. In spite of changing faces, there was no change in stand when it came to wars.

Right under Obama’s nose, war in Afghanistan was escalated, Libya war happened and now the Syrian civil war. Coincidentally, Cameron also supported all of these wars along with Washington. The people change but the work does not change ... it is a clear indication of a rigged system. The system is controlled by vested interests.

But recently we saw an interesting change ... the rise of the courage to say “NO” to war. In both the countries ... from Washington as well as from London ... we got an array of politicians ... who stood up with courage and said no to war. It was a beautiful and interesting thing to watch ... finally! Some balls to stand up for what is right.

Even more interesting is the way that they pulled it off ... none of these leading politicians took the blame on their heads. None of them took the blame solely on their head for the no to war ... not Obama nor Cameron. Both of them used the entire Senate / Parliament to cast a “no” to this war. See ... if Obama wanted to say no to this war ... then he could have simply said ... hey, I don’t like to bomb other countries and bombing other countries is not the solution. He could have made the call himself. Technically, he is the President of the country ... he has the full authority to make that call. But no ... he did not do that ... why?

Vested InterestsWhat our dear Obama had to do was ... take this issue to the entire Senate ... and then tell our lovely Oil Companies ... excuse me your Highness, I did my best what I could do for you ... but the thing is ... the entire Senate does not want to go to war. It is then that Washington is able to stay in peace ... and avoid the wrath of the all powerful Oil Companies. The President of the United States of America ... was unable to take a stand on his own ... he had to take the support of the entire group ... the entire Senate to quell the anger and desires of the Oil Companies. Just a few days before ... the exact same thing happened in London.

It is not that Obama wanted the war and the Senate disapproved it. After ... “after” getting the first approval from the Senate ... he goes on to the stage and says ... I cannot honestly say that ... Assad using chemical weapons in his country is a direct threat to the American people. He says this before the vote in the full Senate. What’s going on here? As per the “requirement” these top politicians are maintaining their required “pro-war” stand ... but they are using the entire Senate to do what is right.

This is shocking man ... this is simply shocking. The most powerful person in the country has to play such timid tactics to get done what is right. Such tactics are meant for the common people to protect themselves from an aggressor. Firstly, let me say ... well done! Excellent! Very well played! Secondly, it also shows the massive amount of control that exists in these zones. Interestingly, this control and fear mainly exists in Western countries. The same behavior is not shown in the East ... actually it is the opposite in the East. Politicians kick ass in Eastern countries ... and behaviors change when politicians change in Eastern countries.

The only thing that I can say to Obama and Cameron is that ... fear not ... the end of this fear is near.