29 Jul 2013
Shades of Invasions

Shades of Invasions

The Bush Era
Country: Iraq
Objective: Regime Change


Very common terms in the American media during the Bush Administration were ... Radical Islam, Jihadists, Terror and Danger. This psychology was used to justify the war on Iraq to some extent. Arabs were demons during the Bush era ... and so much fear was instilled in Americans that ... they were afraid to get on a plane. Seeing an Arab inside a plane would be a nightmare for them.

So much negativity towards Arabs was promoted ... that they started even demonizing Islam. Banning of Burqas, banning the construction of Minarets for Mosques also started happening in some Western countries.

Irrespective of what the American people were subjected to ... several years of fear and several years of economic stagnation ... the main objective of this policy was accomplished ... and that is change of regime in Iraq.

Obama’s First Term
Country: Libya & Syria
Objective: Regime Change

And then came along Obama ... something very interesting happened in the Arab world ... people started protesting and they themselves started overthrowing regimes. Examples are ... Tunisia and Egypt. And the American “Think Tank” was scratching its head thinking ... damit! We spent $1 Trillion on Iraq, got more than 5000 of our people dead and got worldwide shame for our entire country ... and these guys do the same thing without spending a penny, without firing a bullet and with total glory. This realization very quickly turned into a plan and they went for Libya ... arming the opposition and getting a Security Council resolution to attack Libya.

The objective was accomplished ... regime change in Libya was achieved ... but they missed out one step. In order to support the rebels in Libya ... they declared Arabs as “Revolutionary Heroes” ... from demons they instantly became heroes! A culture and religion that everyone should be scared of ... suddenly became a role model. They got fancy names like Arab Spring and the Arab Awakening ... which is supposed to be totally awesome.

Hillary Clinton goes around the world ... not scaring the people against Arabs unlike George Bush ... but to get support for the Arabs. She is going around the world brushing shoulders with “Muslim” leaders ... getting millions in funding for them.

Their eyes are on the objective of “regime change” ... but what they failed out here is in realizing what they put the American people through. 300 Million people living in fear for 8 long years ... not knowing what to do, not knowing how to react ... when they see an Arab. They did absolutely nothing to deserve going through that fear.

Coming to Iran
Country: Iran
Objective: Regime Change

Their policy reverses again when it comes to Iran. Mitt Romney stands there and says ... “Radical Islam and Jihadist are the nightmare of the century”. The Republican Party was very intent in attacking Iran on the pretext of its nuclear program ... which was made very clear in their campaigns. You can see it again here ... see the policy they run to accomplish their objective. They keep their eyes on the objective but they fail to see what they put the people through.

Today we have already given $385 Million to the “Arabs” in Syria ... we are planning to supply them with heavy weapons ... they are heroes who are working towards our objective. But the same Arabs ... coming from the same religion ... in Iran ... cannot build a bomb. We are ready to give hundreds of millions in funding to the rebels in Syria ... we are ready to give heavy weapons ... to Arab groups that are totally unorganized ... they have absolutely no structure, no organization, no control and no unity among themselves ... and we are ready to give them heavy weapons? On the other side is Iran ... a legitimate country ... that is thousands of years old ... having millions of innocent people living in peace ... and we will not let them build a system to protect themselves?

Why this change in policy?

  • Firstly, it serves their objective ... which is regime change
  • Secondly, they don’t have protestors in Iran. Who will they fund? Who will they supply weapons to?
  • Lastly, look at what they wear ... seems like a perfect fit for “Arabs are demons” mentality again, huh?

The Truth 

The Truth is ... Arabs are demons and Arabs are heroes who should be given weapons ... both of these policies are total bullshit. And they are promoted because it caters to their objective.