31 Aug 2013
Obama’s Dilemma What if Chemical weapons are used again in Syria?

Obama is in a fix ... poor fellow. Chemical weapons are used. If I bomb them I will be George Bush ... if I don’t I am not doing anything after an atrocity. I am bad both ways ... what do I do?


  • Chemical weapons were used in Syria
  • What if they use it again?
  • Something has to be done
  • Should I punish them? A limited strike?
  • But a strike is never limited ... what if they respond? I have to strike back ... and it never stops.
  • Ow good Lord ... I am George W Bush!
  • I just started a huge major war!
  • What do I do?

Calm down buddy, calm down. Let me help you out. You are thinking like a politician. Well, you are a politician ... they want you to think like that. They want you to think from your perspective. That is a unidirectional thought ... they are trying to instigate a unidirectional move ... which is their plan. If the above questions are coming in your mind ... then you are playing exactly as per their plan. They want you to think like that.

Let me show you some other dimensions here. It will give you a better perspective. The first dimension is the events at the ground level. The second dimension is you the politicians and the third are the vested interests. You see the events and you see the politicians ... but this third dimension is pretty much in the background ... they seem to be the planning party behind this entire show ... because everything is falling into place for their benefit. Let’s take a look at a few events and you will get some idea.

911, two buildings went down in New York City
Politicians: There is a threat. We are in danger. Saddam has WMD. We need to stop Saddam Hussein. And the solution for that is to attack Iraq.
Vested Interests: Ada boy ... way to go. Yeah, yeah ... trucks load of business for me. Man ... just imagine the huge contracts that I am gonna get. Ah ... all the oil resources of Iraq under our control ... awesome. Its money time baby ... its money time.

Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by 2014
Politicians: We will withdraw troops from Afghanistan by 2014.
Vested Interests: Yeah! That’s what I want. My contract should run for at least 8-12 years. We started a war. This is not something we can do every day. Since we finally started it ... I want this to go on for as long as possible. I need to make as much as I can from this. This is what I call an opportunity. Hahahahahaha.

10 people die in armed conflict in Libya
Politicians: Massacre! The government has turned guns against its own people! We need to support the rebels. We need to support the Libyan people.
Vested Interests: Now, that’s like my girl. Good job Hillary. We love you. Give me some weapon supply contracts for Libya please.

Conflicts continue more people die in Libya
Politicians: The rebels have the right to protect themselves. We will supply them with weapons.
Vested Interests: That’s it ... perfect. You are just awesome. That’s what we need ... a combination of morals and contracts. (Morals for the people, contracts for us and don’t ask what happens at the ground level).

Libyan government threatens with firm action against rebels
Politicians: Bloodbath! There is going to be a massacre in Libya. We need to stop them ... let’s attack Libya.
Vested Interests: Perfect! The richest oil country of Africa in our hands. I just love this girl. Not only weapon contracts ... we are also going to get all the oil contracts from Libya as well ... super!

10 people die in Syria in an armed conflict
Politicians: Massacre! Assad has turned guns against his own people.
Vested Interests: This girl is on fire! She is getting us another country?! We should get her a promotion. Hillary 2016!!

More people die in conflicts in Syria
Politicians: We need to protect the aspirations of the Syrian people. Let’s supply weapons in Syria.
Vested Interests: Man ... this is business non-stop ... total heaven. We need to bring more politicians like these to the top in our country.

Chemical Attack in Syria
Politicians: This is atrocious. They crossed the red line. We need to do something. We have to attack Syria.
Vested Interests: (Dancing around and singing) Ow yeah ... attack, attack ... attack, attack, attack. Get me Syria, get me Iran ... ow yeah, ow yeah ... attack, attack ... attack, attack, attack.

Barack Obama ... these are the three dimensions in real time ... exactly as they are. 

War on Terror
This concept of “war” on terror is itself bullshit. This concept itself is coined by vested interests for their benefit. There is nothing more aggressive in this world than war ... there is nothing more destructive in this world than war ... there is nothing more that has killed more people in this world than war. “War” is the worst thing that can happen in this world.

Terror is crime. An act of terror is crime carried out by a few individuals. It might be bomb or a bullet ... it is crime. If you want to stop the crime, you need to catch the criminal. You don’t go after bombing countries. This is logic. This is how things used to be in the world that we knew existed. “Bombing as a solution” has been promoted because it only caters to vested interests. This concept has nothing got to do with people. It has been coined by vested interests and it works for vested interests. It has absolutely no place in our democratic world.

The President of the United States 

You have two scenarios here.

First Scenario. You know ... Bush is the worst guy we know. Bush is the worst guy of our present times. You know ... you replaced him. :) He is the worst guy because ... there was no debt when he took office ... he raged wars when it was not required ... when it was not in the interests of the American people. When he left the office America was $10 Trillion in debt.

Like your predecessor and subordinates ... you can go ahead and start this war. You can use the same principle of War on Terror ... morals for the people, contracts for us and don’t ask what happens at the ground level. Go ahead and bomb Syria and Iran ... start a major war. Bush started with zero and ended with $10 Trillion debt ... he is considered the worst guy ever. You would be starting with $17 Trillion and only God knows the chaos that Iran is ready to create ... only God knows how much debt America would be after this war. They are pushing you for a “limited strike” ... there is nothing like a limited strike ... what if they respond? You will be playing into the plan of vested interests ... giving them the luxury of another war. And you will end up being a guy ... terribly worse than Bush. This is not you but this is the scenario that they are pushing you in.

Second Scenario. Or ... or ... you can choose otherwise. Don’t fall in their trap. If the pressure is to show some response to the Chemical Attack ... slap some sanctions on Syria. (Cut funding for the rebels :) ). Do something that is NOT an act of war.

You will not be doing this only for yourself ... but you will be doing this for all American people. They are in a terrible crisis and they need this state of peace. In fact we need to change this tide of war and bring the focus on Vested Interests. How come are these events falling so precisely in place? In the required country? At the required time? To instigate an act of war?

You change this tide of war ... you change this direction ... you bring focus on these vested interests that are plaguing our economy and our lives ... then you will be hailed as the best President ever. The President who brought the country into a state of peace from a terrible state of fear and war ... and then in his second term ... he was a rock star. He brought America back on track and moved it forward to beautiful levels. You can be known as this guy.

What if there are more chemical attacks?
Who is saying this? Who is promising more chemical attacks? The rebels are saying this ... the rebels are saying that the government will carry out more such attacks. Why are they saying this? On what basis are they saying this? This is only pulling America in their formula of ... morals, contracts and war.

Buildings blowing up was not sufficient, people dying, gun battles, car bombs ... all of these were not sufficient. All of these have been carried out in Syria ... but the international community is not paying attention. Based upon “morals” they are not acting against the government. Thus chemical attacks are on the floor and they seem to be working.

Change the tide of war
Bring the focus on vested interests ... stop supplying funds and arms into conflicts ... end conflicts and start dialogue. Play your role as the President of the United States. Be this beautiful leader that you can be.