05 Sep 2013
Let’s bomb Syria for 90 days! The US Administration

First they said 2-3 days ... now 90 days. Let’s bomb Syria for 90 days! Yeah that’s right ... let’s bomb the country for full 3 months ... 90 days ... good heavens. We don’t have evidence of who used the chemical weapons in your war torn country.

The United Nations Inspectors haven’t given any proof yet. But we have already taken sides ... and please don’t be surprised that we are taking the side of the rebels that we have been funding and supplying weapons for the last 2 years. Don’t be surprised that we are taking their side. And what we want to do now is ... bomb your country for a full 90 days! Destroy the entire military of the country and reduce entire government to ruins ... and that’s the right thing to do.

Look what happened and look what they want to do
Firstly, look at the hurry. Why such a hurry? Hurrying to bomb a country ... this hurry is itself a proof of their guilt and wrongdoing. Their hurry to bomb ... is itself a proof of them trying to capitalize on an opportunity. Since the past two years, Washington has clearly showed its intentions in Syria. They want to bomb Syria. This has been their prior intention even before this incident occurred. Hillary going to the Security Council to get a license to bomb Syria ... Hillary rallying around the world for support for a resolution ... is an open proof of their intention to bomb Syria.

And now ... even before any evidence has been put on the table ... even before the UN Inspectors submit their report on their findings ... these guys are voting to bomb. Decision is preceding evidence here. Why such a hurry?

If America does not lead situations become more complex
They are saying that their inaction in Syria has lead to this major crisis in Syria. Dude ... your inaction ... you are not leading this? You were the ones who supplied funds and arms for this conflict. Hillary Clinton rallied around the world to get funding and ammo for the rebels. She brought this conflict in this state that it is. If there were no guns in the hands of civilians then there would never be any problem in Syria ... at all.

I did not set the Red Line ... the World set the Red Line – Obama

Yes you did ... you set the Red Line but the World said no bombing Syria. Don’t tell us that the world set the Red Line and use dialogues of conscience and morals ... trying to justify bombing a country. If you care about the World ... then listen to the World ... the “World” said no. And yes ... stop reading the script.

Bomb the country for 90 days?
Okay ... whoever carried out the gas attack. Even if the government is guilty ... your response is gonna be to bomb the country for 90 days? To eliminate the entire military and government of the country? The entire Air Force of Libya was taken down in two weeks. A 90 day attack period? This is full scale war.

Chemical weapons were used ... there should be some response ... this is “some response”? How can people vote in favor of this? How can you even put such a thing on the table for a vote? What are these guys ... insane? What happened and what are they trying to do?

Isn’t there any defined action?
Okay fine someone broke the law ... isn’t there supposed to be a defined proportionate punishment? Isn’t there a defined proportionate punishment for every illegal activity? It might be breaking the traffic red signal or even killing someone. Isn’t a response supposed to be proportionate? This is insane. This is insane.

Governments are involved
Okay fine the issue is at an international level ... government of other countries are involved. Don’t we have the United Nations for that? Don’t we have the United Nations to work on such issues?

I have already decided what I want
The US Administration doesn’t care what the United Nations think. They don’t even want to wait for UN inspectors to finish their work. They don’t care what the world says ... because ... I want what I want ... I have already decided what I want. This is their approach.

This is about Chemical Weapons, this is not about Regime Change
Yes of course this is about regime change. Iraq war was about WMD and not regime change. Libya War was about stopping a bloodbath and not regime change. And now ... this is about Chemical Weapons and not regime change. Yeah right.

They have already decided what they want to do. This “Chemical Weapons” issue is just to bank on your morals and conscience. This Chemical Weapons event is only to get people on their side. Falling perfectly in line with their principle ... morals for the people, contracts for us and don’t ask what happens at the ground level.

The Frontend Show
Look at the frontend show that they are putting up for the people. Their system is rigged so much ... there are so many politicians that are controlled by vested interests ... Obama asking the Senate ... hey, should we bomb Syria? ... is like a cat turning around and asking its tail ... hey, should we eat that fish? And the tail says ... duh, duh, I don’t know ... did the fish do anything wrong? Did the fish cross the Red Line? The cat says ... yes, the fish has crossed the Red Line. What do you think that the tail is gonna say?

They are carrying out a highly publicized frontend show for this. Ow, there is voting going on ... this guy voted and that guy voted ... just like that past 6 years of Obama. The only thing that was delivered was frontend shows and absolutely no ground level progress for the people ... the same continuing debt and unemployment ... but a lot of noise on the frontend.

They specialize in this ... they are experts in this ... carrying out frontend drama ... only to show people that they are at work ... that they are doing something important ... that they are doing what is right ... that they are doing what is moral. In fact, at the ground level ... it is totally the opposite. No progress for the American people and a total disaster for other countries. This media, this publicity, this frontend show ... is a part and parcel of the package. And that is exactly what they are carrying out for the Chemical Attack. Bank on your morals and do what they have already planned.

We don’t need to be taught morals. The last person we want to learn about morals is from politicians. But yes ... we the people ... would like to see some morals in politicians. We the people ... want to see ... you the politicians following some morals. And voting to bomb a country for 90 days ... is not moral. We the people, are not monsters who kill each other for their money. But since the past 12 years, we cannot say the same thing about Washington. How about some change Washington?