27 Aug 2013
Is Obama going to play George W Bush?

I can't believe that those guys are trying to pull off another 911. We owe it to the 5000 Americans that died on 911 ... that such an event doesn’t ever occur again. How can they pull off such an event right in front of you ... and then "use you" again ... for their benefit. Have we learnt nothing from 911?


They are standing there and exploiting the same emotions, the same tragedy, wanting the same actions again ... and we are playing along? Again?

Chemical attack or no chemical attack ... Hillary Clinton already went to the Security Council half a dozen times to get a license to bomb Syria ... even before anything like this happened. She did everything possible to bomb Syria. You think they will say something alternate now? When they are getting exactly what they want?

Should Syria be punished?
The target is not Syria at all ... the target is not Syria here. Syria is only a stepping stone into Iran. They are saying ... let’s just bomb them for 2 days and call it a day ... a “limited” military involvement. Yeah right ... when was the military involvement of the United States ever limited? Hey, we just bombed their government targets for a day or two and it was all over. When did this ever happen?

Quick, quick, quick ... this needs a “quick response”
Hey, hey, hey ... hold your guns buddy ... what’s the hurry? I will tell you what’s the hurry. The hurry is in exploiting the emotions of the people. People died ... they are struck by a tragedy ... by a wrong doing ... they are overcome by feelings ... these are the same feelings that were exploited after 911. These feelings last only for a few weeks ... then reason and logic hits your head ... it will be too late by then, isn't it.

If something wrong happened ... if something illegal happened ... you go after the culprit ... catch those guys and punish them. You don’t start “bombing” countries. They went after Afghanistan and then Iraq. Iraq had absolutely no connection to the 911 event.

Iran is the target
The oil resources in Syria are just meager. They are not worth the shot. The only reason Syria is being used is ... they have protestors in Syria ... they have an opposition. They can use the Syrian conflict and expand it into the region. They know Iran is a very strong ally of Syria. They know Iran will get involved.

From only 10 people dying 2 years ago ... they called it a massacre. Today they have built the conflict and brought it to 100,000 people dead ... and now they are ready for military action. You think Syria and Iran will just sit there and say ... okay, go ahead and just bomb us for 2 days and we will do nothing? This is the beginning of a war with “IRAN”.

If they are allowed to bomb Syria ... things will spiral and they will be in direct conflict with Iran very soon. And this is exactly what they want. Iran already has a 100,000 missiles pointing in all directions. Both of these countries have a strong backing of Russia ... it will be a bad, bad, bad bloody long war.

I can’t believe Barack Obama will be the one to start this ... at least not you dude ... not “you” ... not under your watch.

Kerry says this was a “moral obscenity”
Senator John Kerry ... the last person I want a lesson on “morals” is from a Washington politician.

  • $17 Trillion debt
  • 20 Million people unemployed
  • Half a dozen cities bankrupt

The only thing you have worked on is immigration, gay marriage and abortion. As if immigrants, gay people and pregnant women were the culprits. You are in this terrible economic crisis because of these people, is it?

The crisis that you are in is “screwed up leadership” controlled by vested interests. That’s the main culprit here. That’s the reason you are in this crisis. In spite of this crisis ... you are trying to lead us into another major war? Trying to hold us hostage in this crisis? Nice morals ... Senator John Kerry.

Russia needs to step up
Russia needs to step up its role in the world. We are all just tired of this bullshit that comes from Washington. I am talking including American people. We are just fed up of this. We need a balance of power in this world. This is exactly what is being exploited by Washington politicians. They are banking on your inactivity. We need you ... the world needs you. Get involved and trust me ... you are loved, you are loved ... loved, loved, loved. We need you.

Long gone are the days ... when doing what is right was the responsibility of the Western nations. Previously Western nations were the world standards in doing what is right and appropriate. If two nations were in conflict America would stand up, get involved and would not allow any tensions to rise. But those days are gone now ... it was Russia and China that restored stability in power by getting engaged. Today the responsibility of doing what is right has moved towards the East. And this in the best interests of America and the American people.

We need to hold them back from the assholes that they are ... so that we can deliver them the good that they can get. Without your involvement it will not be possible. Your involvement is required to help the American people. Step forward Russia, step forward.