27 Jul 2013
Fooling the People Funding in Syria

Fooling the People - Funding in Syria

There is a remarkable resemblance in what the rebels want ... and what the American Politicians want to get done in Syria.

The Politicians want to fund & arm the rebels ... that is exactly what the rebels are asking for. The rebels are on “salary” ... how are their demands even legitimate? How is this democracy and how is this legal?


Here is how the Flow of Instructions work in Syria.

Flow of Instructions

The rebels are essentially “lip service” for the Politicians. They say whatever they are told and do whatever they are told ... obviously because they are “employed” by them. Here are a few things that you need to take a look at in Syria.

Rejection of the Democratic Process
Hillary Clinton claims that this for “democracy” in Syria but in actual practice the rebels are advised to reject every democratic process possible in Syria.

  • Rejection of dialogue. How do you reject dialogue? How do you reject negotiation and conversation ... and call it a democratic process?
  • Rejection of elections. The opposition party or the rebels reject any kind of elections being held in Syria.
  • Rejection of reforms. They don’t want any dialogue, no elections and don’t want to discuss any reforms either.

Adhering to Processes of Dictatorship and Invasions
Since the past two years ... they have rejected any kind of negotiations, elections or reforms ... but they have worked on steps related to invasions.

  • Demanding the overthrow of Bashar Al Assad. They “demand” the removal of Bashar Al Assad. Dude ... you need to follow the democratic process and “put your vote”.
  • Taking up arms against the government. Who the hell told you that it is a wise decision to take up arms against your government forces? The guys who pay you?
  • Seizing this town and that town. Now, you are seizing towns ... and waiting for the backlash of your army? Not wise.

The Common Man Vs The Army
This is the major problem with the Syrian crisis. Hillary Clinton successfully funded rebels in Syria ... but the plan after that was to show ... that how demon Assad is ... so that they could get a license to overthrow him ... like it happened in Libya. But thanks to the leaders from Russia and China ... kisses, kisses ... they could not get a resolution for Syria from the Security Council. It is nearly impossible for the common man to take down the army of the country. So, this “foreign funded armed conflict” only resulted in chaos for Syria.

Hillary Clinton knows this ... she knew it very very well ... a common man with a gun with no experience at all related to weaponry and combat missions ... cannot stand a highly experienced army of trained soldiers with heavy weapons. That’s no match at all. That’s the reason ... she went to the security council again and again ... because she feared this day ... a 100,000 people would be dead ... and it would be only chaos.

Reasons for high number of deaths in Syria

  • Common man holding a gun / inexperienced militants
  • Fighting in heavily populated civilian areas
  • Huge amount of external funding and weapons supply. “Get paid to fight” policies of foreign interests.

Business time for Weapon Manufacturers
By the way ... you can go to www.images.google.com and search for “Syrian rebels” ... and take a look for yourself ... the democratic nature of this crisis. You will see two things ... every rebel group has a heavy supply of weaponry. Secondly, this will also show you the business that the weapon manufacturers are doing from this crisis.

The US government has already injected about $385 Million into this crisis ... now they are discussing the supply of weapons to the rebels ... as if they don’t have any. It is only more “government contracts” for the Weapon Manufacturers ... it also means that the American tax payer money is going to be used to openly supply weapons.

Cold heartedness of our Politicians
A 100,000 people are already dead because of this “armed conflict” ... if we genuinely cared for the people of Syria ... shouldn’t we stop the armed conflict. Or should we supply more guns and funds into this conflict?

Media Strategy used by Politicians
Firstly, the rebels are put on salary ... they do exactly as told and say exactly as told. Now, they put in the news that ... “the rebels” want funds & arms ... “the rebels” want a no fly zone ... “the rebels” don’t want Assad in power. Hello! We can hear you and we know who wants exactly what in Syria. Just putting this in the news does not make you the savior of the day. In fact, it is simply disastrous what you are doing out there.

For how long will this last?

Well, they bombed the shit out of Iraq for 8 long years ... they are still present in Afghanistan ... it is coming to 12 years now. More than 100,000 people have died there ... people or peanuts ... doesn’t make any difference for them. They are in the business of manufacturing “weapons”. You think a weapon manufacturer cares about how many people die in a conflict? Being Godless and heartless is the nature of their business.

They will want any conflict to last as long as possible ... in fact, they would want the conflict to spread as much as possible. Their desires are very evident from the moves that our politicians make.

  • Have they shown any sign in “reducing” the funding and arms supply because so many people are dying?
  • They have got surrounding Arab countries to stand against Syria
  • Every possibility is there to use Syria to make it a regional conflict
  • Most importantly Syria can be used as a stepping stone for a major war with Iran

They have tried all of the above already and none of them have been realized except for the funding & arms supply.

What are they doing next?
They are working on setting up another Afghanistan. A long term war ... spanning through several years ... with a continuous flow of funding for the weapons. The US government was the major funder in the Afghan war in terms of cash as well as weapons. An interesting thing about Afghanistan was that ... US weapons started showing up on the Taliban’s side. And our kids out there ended up facing our own weapons! Which very clearly shows that our “war contractors” very liberally supplied our own weapons to the opposition ... just in case they needed some.

The difference between Afghanistan and Syria is that ... our “soldiers” went to fight in Afghanistan ... which resulted in lesser casualties. But these are common people who are holding guns in Syria ... there is a huge risk factor involved. Behind every gun is a dead man standing ... that’s the equation we have in Syria ... which is why we have a 100,000 dead in such a short span of time.

But our lovely and very obedient politicians are working on establishing a permanent funding & arms supply source for this conflict using our tax payer money.