28 Aug 2013
Bombarding Syria continuously for 3 long days?

Bombarding Syria continuously for 3 long days. There has to be some response. We are targeting only military sites. No ground troops at all ... only missiles ... from our navy ships ... and our fighter jets. Regime change is not the objective ... only some response.


Such is the sweet talk of our lovely politicians. They talk about it as if it is as easy as having a nice ice cream. You want to bombard Syria continuously for 3 days? Okay ... so how many bombs ... do you want to drop? 1? 2? 10? 100? 1000? At how many sites? 2? 5? 20? 50?

Two of the world’s most powerful countries are preparing their fighter jets to fly in the skies of Syria ... in response to a gas attack. Okay fine ... there was a gas attack ... go get the culprits ... why do you want to bomb the entire country? We want to target only “military sites” ... as if military are not comprised of human beings? Aren’t they human beings as well? Aren’t they Syrians as well?

Why are you planning to attack government property? This property belongs to the people of Syria. The Military and Air Force of Syria belongs to the people of Syria. They have spent billions and billions to build this security system for themselves. The majority in Syria still loves and supports Assad. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians still love and support Assad. And you have just shipped 400 Tons of ammunition to the rebels. If you take down the security that protects these people ... won’t you make them totally vulnerable to the attacks from the rebels? Or are the rebels attacking only the soldiers and they are very kind and gentle towards the supporters of Assad? The 100,000 people dead figure ... does not show the same ... rebels eating organs of dead Syrians ... doesn’t show the same.

Okay fine there was a gas attack ... 300 people died ... go catch the culprits and punish them. Rebel’s side or the government’s side ... whatever ... punish them. Why punish the majority of the Syrian people? Do you think raining down bombs and missiles for 3 long days on a country is an appropriate response? If a bomb blows up outside your home ... you will be freaked out for weeks ... just the thought of that is scary. Just imagine ... being bombed continuously for 3 days.

They are trying to play the blame game ... on the rebels and the government. But the response doesn’t seem appropriate from either angle. If you want to understand this more clearly ... look at it from the “corporate perspective” ... you start getting answers. What they are doing is ... sitting out there and carrying out all the required “military operations” in the name of democracy and protecting people.

  • Let’s arm the rebels ... the rebels have the right to protect themselves. They just supplied ammunition into the country.
  • Rebels took over this town and that town. Since when is taking over cities and town a part of democracy.
  • There has to be some response. Send in our fighter jets and missiles ... in response to the atrocity. Dude ... 100,000 people died owing to your funding and arms supply ... that itself is an atrocity.

What they are doing is step by step ... carrying out progressive military action in Syria ... justifying it with some cockeyed bullshit wordy stuff ... which has absolutely no benefit for the people at the ground level. How did arming the rebels help the Syrian people? How did saying no to every democratic process in Syria help the Syrian people? How will bombing all the military sites in Syria continuously for 3 days help the Syrian people? Our politicians are very obediently progressing work catering to corporate interest.