04 Feb 2016
Assange, you are safe. Don’t give up.

Look at the map. Refugees from Syria walked all the way to Sweden ... crossing several country borders ... having to cross the sea a few times ... in freezing cold. The journey is more than 4300 km ... it will take a couple of months if you walk continuously every day. Our wonderful country of Sweden opened its doors and invited all of them. Look at their geographic location ... it one of the farthest country possible on the map. They made the refugees walk for as much as possible. Once about a 100,000 of them collected in Sweden ... now they are giving them the finger. Just because one refugee attacked someone ... they are planning to deport all of them. It was nothing but a trap and a scam.

These guys are “mean and deceitful”. Not Swedish people ... the guys you are messing with ... they are mean and deceitful. I hope you have realized who you have messed up with. It is not Americans. Do something ... sit back ... relax and study your entire work. You were a hero before. You were given awards and accolades for your work. Politicians changed and governments changed their policies when you exposed their flaws. And you were congratulated for your work. But with one assignment things changed ... the response was different ... in fact, it was the opposite. What happened? Why didn’t the praises and awards continue? Instead you found yourself running for your life. What went wrong?

You messed with the big guys now. That’s what happened. You messed with the Jewish Establishment. These guys keep politics, media and all legalities in their pockets. Anything they want happens. First they decide what has to be done ... then they put the steps together for that. They own the entire system and they can make it happen. They can make a hero a monster ... and they can make a monster a hero. Look at yourself ... you were a hero ... but they have made a monster out of you ... they are hunting you down as if you have done something totally atrocious. And look at Hillary Clinton ... she is a monster ... in the name of protecting people ... she has created a civil war in Syria that has killed more than 250,000 people and displaced more than 10 million people. She has killed twice more than George Bush in twice less the time. George Bush killed 100,000 in 8 years ... she killed 200,000 in 4 years. She is twice as bad as George Bush. But look at her ... she walks around like a queen trying to run for President.

Understand you have messed up with ... understand who is your opponent ... then you understand how to play the game. Your opponent is the Establishment itself. And not the American politicians. All of the politicians will do as the Establishment tells them to do. Unless of course ... we have a black sheep out there ... Barack Obama ... if he pulls a few strings then you might get a favorable answer from the UN. But unless the President himself is not involved ... then it’s quite a long shot. Don’t expect the UN to be any different. UN policies sway as US wants it to. Unless you have a Presidential favor ... getting a positive response could be a difficult shot. If you get it ... good for you. Otherwise, don’t give up.

Do not give up if you don’t get a positive response. Don’t think that the United Nations is a higher authority and don’t think of losing hope. The moment you give up and get arrested ... it’s like dropping your arms in the middle of the battlefield. Don’t do that ... because the guys that you messed up with ... it’s quite unlikely that they will spare you.

And here is the good news ...

It’s a good news for you ... maybe not for everyone ... especially if you are living in the Northern Hemisphere. See ... the economic crisis is falling to the extreme and by next year the situation is going to be very bad. Most of the Presidential candidates are planning to take down Russian planes in Syria and support an armed conflict in Ukraine against Russia. These guys literally want to mess with Russia. Russia is not Syria ... they will not take things sitting down ... they will respond. You are looking at a potential conflict between NATO and Russia by next year.

Obama is a good guy ... maybe he will try to disperse the tensions with Russia for now. But once he is gone ... all of the next candidates are crank heads. If we don’t make a political change in America then a conflict with Russia is quite sure.

How does it benefit you?

Do you think they will bother to guard an Ecuadorian Embassy while Russia is bombing the shit out of NATO countries? The moment the conflict begins ... it’s a safe exit for you. Just make sure that you make the preparations for an early and quick exit from UK once the conflict begins. Prepare for "private" transportation ... a helicopter, private jet, a ship or a boat ... public transportation may not be a viable option once the war begins. Your safe places to move will be in South America, Africa or New Zealand. Pick up a destination and prepare to move to safety by next year onwards.

Right now you are safe ... just chill and relax. There is no point in giving up and living in prison for one year and then get bombed by Russia. That would be a sad end. They will ridicule you ... make fun of you ... and use you as a lesson to silence all other whistle blowers. These guys are very mean, deceitful and self-centered. They hate non-Jews who stand up to them. They see you as an enemy. That is why the US Administration uses such negative and derogatory terms to refer to your work.

One possibility is that ... we change the American political system ... and you will get released ... because we will take away the powers from the Establishment. I know exactly how that has to be done. In any case if that does not happen ... then know that ... events will occur they will bring the downfall of the very country that holds you hostage. It will happen in the coming years ... you will see changes as soon as the Obama Administration changes. Just relax and enjoy the Ecuadorian hospitality till then.