12 Sep 2021
JewH419 The Establishment’s “30 year cover-up” of the DEBT CRISIS via SCAMS

An overview of the crisis for the lovely Michelle Obama
This page will give an overview of the crisis that America faces because of Establishment misleading and cover-ups. The National Debt has been continuously increasing since the past 30 years in America and the Establishment has been covering up the debt crisis using one scam or another. The country is consumed in these scams throughout the presidency and our Presidents fail in eliminating the debt.

Since the past 30 years … we are in the sixth Presidency … and all 6 Presidents have failed in eliminating the debt. The scams that the Establishment has been running is nothing but a cover-up of this increasing massive debt crisis that America is spiraling into. This overview will help you understand … the Establishment’s cover-ups, how our Presidents are failing and why the support for Biden is tanking.

This is not about being Democrat or Republican … this is about the bigger picture … it is about the security of the Nation as a whole by understanding the malice of the Establishment and pulling the Nation in the right direction to save everyone.

Cover-up of the debt crisis via scams
Establishment scams are nothing but “mind games” … they are fabricated and self-manufactured crisis … a crisis that only put fear, hate and division in the society … and the end result of these crises is nothing but spending trillions that will eventually trickle down to the same Establishment. These scams will be nothing but a waste of time for the people … that will consume our time with junk information and deplete the country’s resources as long as the scam continues. The purpose of unleashing these scams was nothing but to “cover-up” the debt crisis that America faces.

George H W Bush (1989-1993) – Scam: Iraq War – Debt added: $1.55 Trillion
The scams began as early as George H W Bush itself via the Iraq War. Saddam was probably misled via Establishment intelligence elements to go and take over Kuwait. The Establishment works on both sides to create wars … Saddam’s taking over of Kuwait was the pretext for the Iraq war.

Debt Status: Going to hit $4.4 Trillion
Why was the Iraq war required? You will understand this question if you see the debt crisis … the debt was going to hit $4.4 Trillion by the end of George H W Bush’s first term. It was a cover-up to hide this oncoming debt on America. Because the moment your focus comes on the debt … then the next questions that you ask are … why is America in debt? Why is the richest and most powerful country in the world going in debt by the trillions? Why can’t our leaders stop this increasing debt?

When anyone asks these questions … then it automatically leads us to the wealth drain that happens in America owing to Establishment monopoly in corporations and manufacturing. The Establishment monopoly facilitates the wealth drain that creates this ever increasing debt. This is exactly what the Establishment wants to cover-up so that the focus never comes on their monopoly and the wealth keeps on draining towards them … doesn’t matter if countries fail or people’s lives go in disarray. Doesn’t matter if there is an economic catastrophe in the country … the wealth drain systems of the Establishment should not be exposed or stopped. This is exactly why the Establishment has been unleashing one scam after another under each Presidency. One scam doesn’t get over … and the next scam is unleashed. Take a look.

William J Clinton (1993 - 2001) – Scam: Monica! Monica! – Debt added: $1.39 Trillion
The Iraq War got over with Bush and a new scam was unleashed under Bill Clinton and that was … Monica! Monica! They went after Bill Clinton’s sex scandals. Why? Because he was a phenomenal President. He pulled the country out of fear and insecurity of wars … managed the damn sex scandal … created phenomenal job and economic growth … to the extent the unemployment was going to hit below 4% in America. But the problem was … the debt crisis.

Debt Status: Going to hit $5.8 Trillion
By the end of Bill Clinton’s two terms … we were going to hit a total debt of $5.8 trillion. If you note, did we ever talk about the debt during Bill Clinton? No … it was all about sex scandals. These sex scandals were used to … cover-up the raging debt crisis, to facilitate Bush’s victory and to launch the War on Terror … the next major Establishment scam.

If anyone talked about the debt crisis during Bill Clinton … then the questions would be … if we have the highest employment ever then why are we going in debt? If our economy is booming to the max then why is the country going in debt? These are the questions that rattle the Establishment because it takes us to the core of the problem. The Establishment itself is scared at a mere debt of $4-6 Trillion … that it is creating sex scandals of US Presidents and creating a fake scheme of the War on Terror. The Establishment itself knows that these massive amounts of debt are difficult to pay off. A country whose total revenue is $3 Trillion should not have a debt of $6 Trillion.

The Establishment is itself scared of this amount of debt and look at our current leaders … they are openly blowing up $3-6 Trillion on each scheme.

George W Bush (2001-2009) – Scam: War on Terror – Debt added: $6.1 Trillion
The Establishment launches a massive scam of the War on Terror to cover-up the next debt milestone that would be of $11.9 Trillion under Bush. If you note … all of these scams … Iraq War, Monica, the War on Terror … show me one good thing that came out for the people in this? All of it was a total waste of time … they have either ripped us by the trillions or wasted our time in junk information that we didn’t need to know. These were bullshit mind games that led us to a total debt of about $12 Trillion by the end of the Bush Presidency.

Did we ever talk about the debt under Bush? No … it was all about “Saddam Hussein has WMD … there are bad people out there who want to kill you … your lives are in danger … and therefore, you should start spending by the trillions to save your lives”. This is the bullshit that we were put through. It is at the end of the Bush Presidency that we came to know that … hey, we have a debt of more than $10 Trillion.

Barack H Obama (2009-2017) – Scam: War on Terror continued – Debt added: $8.33 Trillion
The Establishment slides aside for a moment … putting all of the blame on Bush for the wars and the debt. They expected a massive outrage over the debt crisis of more than $10 Trillion … they were hiding under a rock blaming everything on Bush. But to their pleasant surprise, absolutely no action is taken on the Establishment … nobody even knows what is going on. Everyone was simply consumed in their own lives trying to make ends meet not knowing anything of how the debt was being created.

The delighted Establishment gave credit for this success to their schemes of war and decadence. Under Obama they simply boosted their war and decadent games. Groups of terrorists turned into armies of terrorists … terrorist attacks turned into caliphates for terrorists. Legalization of marijuana and LGTBQ marriages were boosted all across the nation. More wars, more decadence and more spending was facilitated under Obama.

Debt Status: Going to hit $20.2 Trillion
We were going to hit a debt crisis of $20.2 trillion by the end of the Obama Presidency. Al Qaeda was turned into ISIS to keep the world occupied and deviated away from the debt crisis. Obama provided a turning point by stopping new wars and allowed Russia to take down terrorists in his second term. This greatly alarmed the Establishment and they launched a massive anti-Russia propaganda, as Russia was ruthlessly rooting out their terrorist operations. The Establishment began a world isolation program for Russia by cutting off trade ties with Russia from Europe, demonizing Putin, creating nerve agent attacks in Europe, expelling Russian Diplomats and banning Russia from Olympics … all of this was done to wipe out the debt crisis for good via a war against Russia. As per their plan, Russia would do the needful and terminate America and Europe for them … and thus also handle the debt problem for them.

A New Movement and a form of Democracy – Active Democracy
While we were stopping wars and a nuclear holocaust via a war against Russia … a new movement and a form of Democracy was initiated in the world … Active Democracy. It is based on People Power of each and every individual and entity getting involved to lead their country. This movement blossomed in several forms led by various SM Groups … the Arab Spring, Tea Party movement, the Occupy Movement, #metoo movement and the woke culture in the West … all of these movements are based on Active Democracy … using the power of the people to root out malicious Establishment elements and useless leaders.

Obama was successful in eliminating the politics of fear, hate and division … but still, he was not successful in ending all of the wars. We were still financing the civil war in Syria. Its not that Obama is a bad person or a bad leader … his flaw is that … he is too nice … he is too much of a gentleman … he is too nice to say no. White lady starts talking, Obama starts nodding … this is a problem when the White lady is the vicious Hillary Clinton.

Hillary GodDamn Clinton got Obama’s nod to finance a civil war in Syria. Obama went for it only because the Democrat party approved it … it eventually led in the killing of a million innocent people and the displacement of 10 million people. Obama being nice was a problem that we were dealing with. We needed someone who would put their foot down and say no to what was wrong … we needed someone who could lead by facts and logic … and not just because their party said so.

Donald J Trump (2017 – 2021) – Scams: Collusion, Pandemics – Debt added: $8.18 Trillion
SM Groups are successfully deciding on who wins elections. We liked Obama’s eliminating of politics of fear and division … but his dependence on his advisers and party was a major problem … and this is why Donald J Trump was chosen as President. The entire country was standing on one foot on the verge of a revolution … and Trump was chosen as the leader to take America into a new era. The Establishment panicked like hell and unleashed a new scam to derail Trump’s and Putin’s world leadership … Collusion!

It was another hollow and bogus scam where nothing happened … which was a total waste of time and resources of the country. Trump had successfully ended terrorism and wars … he was fantastically dodging all wars, disasters and socialism … he was one step away from revolutionizing the country. But unfortunately, Trump buckles to Establishment pressure … choses to support and worship the Satanic Establishment instead of breaking them down. And the Establishment unleashes a new scam after Collusion and that is Pandemics.

Debt Status: $28.4 Trillion
Look at the debt curve here again to see what’s going on:

Instead of creating a revolution in America … Trump has created $8 Trillion in debt in a single term … a debt amount that Obama took 2 terms to create while he was stopping half a dozen ongoing wars and while he was fighting with armies of terrorists. No war … no terrorists … and still Trump creates a debt of $8 Trillion in one single term.

Trump ends up creating zero reforms, shows no courage to stand up to the Establishment, was only busy looting or blowing his horn, creates two times the debt than Obama averaging $2 Trillion per year … and he thinks that he was a better President than Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Lol.

Bill Clinton – Living Treasure
The best performing President till date has been Bill Clinton … he is the only one who “flattened the curve”. The least amount of debt was created in his two terms of $1.39 Trillion … to the extent that in his last years the additional debt was only $0.018 Trillion … that is only $18 Billion. He did all of this … while eliminating the fear and insecurity that came from war, managed the shitty Monica scandal, boosted jobs and economic growth … and successfully eliminated the additional borrowing for America. This fine gentleman is living treasure for America. Great job Mr. Clinton!

Joseph R Biden (2021) – Scams: Pandemics, Climate Change – Possible Debt addition: $20 Trillion
What the lovely Michelle Obama should note here is that … our chosen leaders are doing worse exponentially. We have successfully failed the Establishment in controlling who wins the White House … but the leaders that we are picking … each of them is doing two times worse than the previous guy.

From Bush to Obama
We strongly supported Obama as opposed to Bush or Mitt Romney. The end result of the Obama Presidency was half a dozen countries being bombed and a debt of $2 Trillion more than Bush. Obama successfully ended the politics of hate and fear … but still we got more wars and debt than Bush.

From Obama to Trump
We brought Trump in office … and he created a debt of $8 Trillion in a single term … twice the debt of Obama. Obama was two times worse than Bush … Trump was two times worse than Obama and look …

From Trump to Biden
Its been about 6 months into the Biden Presidency and he already has plans of spending about $10 Trillion. He already took $3 Trillion for the Pandemic … he wants $3 trillion here and $4 Trillion there. At this rate and on this track … Biden is going to create a minimal debt of $20 Trillion and a total debt of $50 Trillion for the country. Technically, this would be two times worse than Trump.

Our chosen guys are doing two times worse than the previous guy … we are doing worse exponentially.

Just to compare … so that you get a logical perspective. The total debt created by Bill Clinton in two terms was a mere $1.39 Trillion. He maintained peace in the country and created record breaking jobs and economic growth … he did not blow up $3 Trillion just to create jobs. On the other hand, if we look at Biden’s schemes … each scheme will create two times more debt than Bill Clinton created in his entire two terms … each scheme. Biden’s each scheme is costing America by the trillions … of about $3-4 Trillions each.

Obama, Trump and Biden will be the blame donkeys
If an economic catastrophe is facilitated by the Establishment in America then who do you think will be blamed? The combo of Obama, Trump and Biden will have created a debt of $40 Trillion while Establishment wars under Bush created only $10 Trillion. The maximum amount of debt created will be by Obama, Trump and Biden … all blame will be directed at them … and not at the Establishment. Just like, they blamed Bush for all wars and debt … they have done this before.

A series of failing US Presidents … heading towards an economic catastrophe
My dear lovely Michelle Obama … what you are seeing here is a “series” of failing US Presidents. All of the past 6 US Presidents have failed in eliminating America’s debt. Let alone eliminating the debt … our guys are doing exponentially worse than the previous guy.

Understanding Presidential Decision Making
These failures mainly happen because … it is not that Obama is a bad guy or Biden is a bad guy … it is because of “misleading” in the Presidential decision making process. That’s why we keep on saying that you need to rise above the misleading the comes from your advisers, party leaders, Establishment elements, media misleading and always use facts and logic for every action and policy that you work on.

Today there are two massive scams under the Biden Presidency … Pandemics and Climate Change. Pandemics have not yet been managed despite taking $3 trillion for the same and Climate Change is another scam put in the Biden Presidency via party leaders. Both of these scams create multi-trillion dollar spending … serve as a cover-up for the debt crisis … and multiply the debt by several times.

America is in a major crisis … a debt of $50 trillion is no joke … the payment of a trillion dollars as interest is no joke … it will be a catastrophe that Biden will have to own. It’s a must for you to step forward to stop US Presidents from failing. It’s a must for us to change Biden’s track.

Until and unless Biden can “lead” America instead of being puppeted by his adviser, party leaders, Establishment elements and media misleading … there can be no hope. Biden is chosen to lead and not to be puppeted by malicious and criminal elements. Biden can lead provided you step in and we provide the support for him to lead. Michelle Obama is needed to save the Biden Presidency and America.

The tanking support for the Biden Presidency
This graph clearly shows why support for the Biden Presidency is tanking. Everything is connected to the debt crisis … the Establishment monopoly, the wealth drain, their misleading via advisers, media and party leaders, their scams, their cover-ups, wrong policies, bad actions, wars, pandemics, climate change … all of them are interconnected. It is the debt crisis that shows how you are performing as President. Are you creating more debt or are you wiping out the debt?

No President till date has wiped out the debt … the only thing that they were successful in was … reducing what they were borrowing. If you look at Biden’s current track … he is on track to be two times worse than Trump … which could make him the worst President ever. What’s even worse is that … with Biden’s failure everybody connected to Biden can fail … this is the Obama Coalition and Democrats.

This is the main reason, we have been emphasizing Obama, Trump and also now Biden … to rise above party leaders, Establishment misleading and media misleading. The misleading will come in various forms … you always have to use facts and logic. This is exactly what SM Groups observe. If they see that you are making the right moves then they will support your Presidency … if they see that you are being misled then they pull support away from you. Because if the candidate is taking wrong actions and running wrong policies then it will be a crisis for the country … supporting a candidate with wrong actions and policies is supporting a crisis for the country.

We have been telling you this since even before your Presidency began … it is a must for Biden to change tracks … mold actions and policies in order to win. You have to know how to operate in Active Democracy. This is exactly where we need Michelle Obama.