05 Sep 2021
JewH418 Michelle Obama needs to stop US Presidents from failing

Why did we choose the team “Biden backed by Obamas”?
This page will help everyone understand why we chose the team “Biden backed by Obamas”. The lovely Michelle Obama will understand one of her most important roles in leading America.

We love Michelle Obama
We chose Michelle Obama because we love Michelle Obama. What’s important is … why we love Michelle Obama? America was going through a phase where Trump would not lead … he was stuck in the game. Warren had flunked … she failed in understanding anything … she was not able to function in Active Democracy. All SM Groups were keen on seeing an alternate to Trump who could lead America in this crisis.

Biden was one of the key candidates in the race … he was not doing so well but he could be America’s savior provided we team him up with Obamas. The Biden-Obamas team could save America … it was a very good alternative to Trump.

We love Michelle Obama and pulled her in the game because:

  • Consistent Security. She has been providing security for our work since Obama’s first term. We were writing against the Establishment, against Israel and against the Satanic Jewish ideology … she provided security. We wrote against even Obama … still she was with us … even then, she provided us with security. We wrote against Trump … even then she was there with us. Doesn’t matter who we were exposing and showing the flaws of … she was incredibly and beautifully consistent in providing us with security.
  • Nothing for herself. The even more beautiful part in this is … we were not promising her anything. We were not giving her the Presidency or any high political position. We had not committed anything financially. Initially, we did not even know that she was involved in our security shells. She has stood by us … consistently since about 10 years … with absolutely no gain for herself … and she did this only because it is the right thing to do. She knew the type of work that we were doing and she knew that it was the right thing to do to protect us.

Anytime we would reach out to her … doesn’t matter in which corner of the world I was … she was there for us. For this … we love her, adore her, respect her and thank her wholeheartedly. Love you dear Lady.

The issue was … how to pull her in the game. She did not want to be President and Presidential elections were already going on. Pulling her as a “backend force” to help and guide Biden … would be a perfect role for her because of her close experience with 4 Presidents in the crisis that we are facing.

  • Bush. She saw all of the war disasters that happened under Bush.
  • Obama. She was closely following what we wrote and she saw how the Establishment was involved in creating these politics of fear, hate and division. She learnt how to end these wars.
  • Trump. She saw our work during Trump … how the American people were involved in politics.
  • Biden. And now, she could be close with Biden … understand all of the reforms that need to be put into place.

This would give her the highest amount of experience in the game … knowing all of the crisis right from its creation from Bush … to the solutions being implemented during Biden.

Know-how and Connectivity
This know-how right from Bush to Biden would make her a phenomenally important person to guide and help the next Presidents. She has been the First Lady for 8 years under Obama … they have already created an Obama Coalition … Biden was their VP … which connects them very closely to Biden as well. This know-how and connectivity makes her the perfect person to design America’s leadership.

Presidential Transition Issues
Why do we need a person with overall know-how and connectivity in Presidential leadership? You will understand this … when you look at the “Presidential transition” issues.

Transitioning from Obama to Trump
All of us saw how the Establishment had locked Obama on one side by taking away the majority in the House and Senate … and on the other side, by making Obama dependent on party policies and party influence. Eventually, Obama got a zero legacy.

The need was to surpass the Party and the Establishment to change America. For that … we designed a massive on the ground movement that was ready to work with the next chosen President to totally revolutionize America.

And what does Trump do?
He says … “I am the President and you are not” and he chooses to worship the Satanic Establishment that he was supposed to dismantle. Just imagine … working for 8 years … preparing the entire country for a revolution … choosing the guy and giving him the most powerful position in the world to create the revolution … and that guy just flips against the very purpose that he was chosen for.

Trump screwed 8 years of work of tens of millions of entities across America and these entities wrote “F*CK TRUMP” all over the US electoral map at the end of his Presidency. Why did this happen? Everyone was expecting Trump to “take it forward” from where Obama was stuck. Everyone thought that Trump knew what the hell was going on … that …

  • He would understand the activities of the Establishment
  • He would understand the Matrix and SM Groups
  • He would understand the malice and how to change systems accordingly
  • He would take America forward … revolutionize the country and create a new era for all of America

It was simply assumed that Trump was the next step from Obama. SM Groups know what work we are doing since more than 8 years of Obama … but Trump was not following us and our works from the beginning. He had no idea what was going on. He was like … “excuse me, I am the President and you are not. Why are you telling me what to do? I am here to make my money … I invested $100 million to get to this position … I need to make my trillions ASAP.” Trump was busy making his money while the country was burning in debt. Imagine the fury against Trump … the fury that was supposed to be unleashed against the Establishment … Trump invited all of that fury on himself. He ended up being the most humiliated double impeached President in US history.

Saving Trump
In Active Democracy, people go after the guy who is making the wrong moves. The entire people centric movement was designed to go after the Satanic Establishment. But interestingly, Trump happened to be the target of SM Groups and the Establishment elements. It was like the guy was at war against his own country.

Since we designed this entire movement and form of Democracy … we had to intervene and say what can and cannot be done against Trump. We could not impeach Trump or put him in jail during his Presidency. Because that would mean, Mike Pence taking the Presidency … and the Establishment was running a massive anti-Russia campaign … chemical attacks were being carried out in Syria and nerve agents were being used in the West. We could not allow Mike Pence to take us to war against Russia.

Whatever SM Groups were doing … we intervened to save Trump. We stood strongly against his impeachment and jail for the good and safety of America. Thankfully, SM Groups followed.

Transitioning from Trump to Warren
We have a massive on ground movement where the masses are actively involved. Everyone is seeing how badly Trump is being treated because Trump worships the Establishment, refuses to lead the country and is holding America hostage. The next candidate that we picked to lead America was Elizabeth Warren … a fine lady who loves teaching, lecturing and talking a lot. Trump didn’t have the courage and she showed a lot of courage.

And what does Warren do?
She was told that … “I am popular and that I make Presidents”. She is super eager to be President. She takes all of the party based policies of the Green New Deal, Blue New Deal, Yellow New Deal, Orange New Deal, Pink New Deal and Magento New Deal … lol … and comes to us saying “make me President now”. We were like … “ow good Lord, what is this?”

She came up with like a hundred new plans … a plan for this and a plan for that … people were pissed at Trump for his $1 Trillion spending and she comes up with $130 trillion in new spending. The problem in this transition was also the same … the new candidates that we are pulling in the game … they know nothing … absolutely nothing … they are a total zero in the game. This is a major drawback owing to which the entire country is suffering and no progress is being made.

Saving Warren
Warren knew nothing … she didn’t change on anything … the best way save Warren was to drop her from the Presidential race. We said … let her keep her Senate seat … she is a good person and she can be of help as a Senator at least … but she is not fit for Presidential leadership.

Transitioning from Trump to Biden
When I see Biden’s mass spending policies of $3 Trillion and $6 Trillion … I actually thank God that Warren didn’t become President. At least we are dealing with a problem of just $2-3 Trillion here … if Warren had become President … we would have a President wanting $30 Trillion for this … $40 Trillion for that … and a $100 Trillion for this. I am like … thank God … I am dealing with a problem of trillions in the single digits under Biden. Lol.

Under Biden … thankfully, owing to the lovely Michelle Obama, we still have our security shell. But is America moving forward? No. Are we breaking Establishment monopoly? Are we stopping wealth drain systems? Are we reducing the debt? No, no and no. In fact, we are headed towards a $50 trillion debt crisis. Its 3 times less than what Warren would have created … but still $50 Trillion is just too high.

With Biden, America is not moving forward … but we are back to the Obama Era … where we are following all party based policies. Next thing you know … if Biden loses the House and Senate in the Midterms … he will become powerless exactly like Obama.  Things have not moved forward … but we are moving backwards into the Obama Era.

Saving Biden
Now, Biden will be the third Presidential candidate on his track to lose leadership, after Trump and Warren. We need to save Biden … that’s my job. I design the system and then I control the key decision making points for the good of the Nation. To save Biden, I am doing my best to pull in the lovely Michelle Obama in the game. Presidential candidates are continuously failing … and all of these candidates are being pulled in by SM Groups … all of these candidates were chosen by the SM Network and not by the Establishment … these are our candidates that are failing … their failure means our failure. One beautiful and talented Black lady needs to step forward to stop these Presidents from failing.

A lifelong leadership role for Michelle Obama
For example … if we have to transition to the next Presidency … of may be Bill de Blasio. Now, tell me what does Bill de Blasio know about the Establishment or their malicious systems or about the wealth drain or how to change systems or what is the Matrix or SM Groups or what is Active Democracy? He again has to learn and experience from scratch.

That’s why America needs someone with know-how to provide the right connectivity … so that, the current President succeeds in his leadership and also the next President is well trained and hits the ground running with the right policies. We don’t have to sit and train right from scratch every new guy that enters the game.

Fighting against the President instead of the Establishment
If you see the Trump Presidency … most of the time went in fighting against the President instead of fighting against the Establishment. Its an Active Democracy out there … and the people are standing up against any wrong move coming from a dictatorial style or because of party puppetry or because of Establishment misleading.

The President is supposed to be on the people’s side … we are supposed to be one team … you were chosen by us. Together, we are supposed to fight the criminal Establishment. The entire Trump Presidency was spent in stopping his blunders or showing his inaction … eventually, Trump was removed from office.

These failures are happening because the integration of the Presidency with the crisis that people face is not there. The President is running some policies dictated by the Party that have no connection with the on-the-ground crisis.

To save the Biden Presidency, we need one lovely and talented Black lady named, Michelle Obama, to step forward. Love you dear Lady.