03 Sep 2021
JewH417 Active Democracy at war against Conventional Democracies in America

Understanding what’s going on
Biden is baffled as to what the hell is going on in America … why is there so much commotion against him in the country? This page should help Obamas and Biden understand what is going on in America. America is in a transition phase … from a Conventional Democracy into Active Democracy. There is a conflict between democratic forms … Active Democracy is at war against Conventional Democracy.

Modes of Government
To understand this better … let me classify a few key modes of government … and you will understand what is going on.

  • Dictatorship. This is not a form of Democracy but some level of dictatorship exists in all governments. For example … Executive Decisions are essentially dictator based actions. Similarly, targeted suppression of opposition elements among the general public via lawsuits, creating security issues for him / her and pulling political strings to scare them … all of these are again “dictator” based actions. All of these happen in almost all democracies in the world. Trump used these actions very liberally against his opposition candidates.
  • Conventional Democracy. This is where elected officials run the country and formulate the laws and systems for the people. This form of Democracy does not exist in the West. The elected officials do not have power in the West but it is the “corporations” that have the power in the West. Elected officials do not form rules and regulations in the country … but the Establishment creates rules and regulations. This takes us to the next form of Democracy.
  • Establishment Democracy. The elected officials exist only as the frontend show … but in reality, this Democracy is by the Establishment and for the Establishment. The people in this Democracy are like sheep and cattle who are scared into silence and they are used, abused, silenced, scared and even killed for the benefit of the Establishment. Most of the Democracies in the West are “Establishment based” Democracies … and this takes us to the next form of Democracy.
  • Active Democracy. Because we have a Democracy that is by and for the Establishment where people have no power … we have designed and unleashed a new form of democracy and that is … Active Democracy. It is completely based upon People Power. Each and every entity and individual can get involved in leading the country … everyone can get involved in the decision making for the country … it’s a true form of Democracy … a democracy by and for the people.

Active Democracy is designed to combat Establishment malice, eliminate Establishment elements … and to empower, support, protect people-centric leaders and to give them victories.

Democracies in action under various Presidents
We design systems … if you want to understand what is going on … then try to understand how democracies functioned under each President. If you can understand the “systems in action” then you will understand what is going on.

The Obama Era
Obama tried and failed to audit the Federal Reserve. Why? It was not his fault … it was not his failure … it happened because of Establishment monopoly in America. The Establishment had taken away both the House and the Senate from Democrats and rendered Obama powerless. America was functioning mostly in an Establishment based democracy where the Establishment controlled what would happen in each action and policy.

There was no progress for America under Obama and the Establishment delivered a zero legacy for Obama. The country got two times the debt than under Bush. The total debt created by Bush was $5 trillion and the debt created by Obama was $9 trillion. Obama was a better leader than Bush but still we got no change and double the debt. Why? Because of Establishment monopoly that would not allow us to move forward and only mislead the country with wrong policies.

The Trump Era
We designed Active Democracy under Obama to combat Establishment malice and misleading. Obama was stuck in party policies … party influence was a major drawback for Obama. But interestingly, if you see … we get a guy with zero political experience in the White House defeating a candidate with more than 20 years of political experience. Trump moves forward to make the Republican Party a party of Trump. How? Active Democracy … this is the need of the time … to rise above party and Establishment influence and to lead the country with facts and logic.

Interestingly, you will find Trump moving through all forms of Democracies. He did many things in dictatorial style … he used Conventional Democracy to follow some party policies … he chose to worship the Devil and allowed the Establishment to run their exploitation systems … and he also used the support of People Power to stop new wars from starting and to avoid misleading from the party and the Establishment. Trump was all over the place doing whatever suited him best.

But his unique accomplishment is … standing against party and Establishment misleading to do what is right for the people … using facts and logic. This is why Pro-Trump SM Groups already call him … a New Era President. He was already listening to the people, working with them, changing tracks and getting victories. An open example of this is … Trump going from fire and fury for North Korea to creating history in the Koreas.

I am not blowing Trump’s horn … these are the facts.

The Biden Presidency
Unfortunately, if you see the Biden Presidency … we are back into the Establishment Democracy where the Establishment is calling the shots and dictating all policies to the President via the Democrat Party. Biden doesn’t realize that … he is not actually better than Trump because he has not stood against his Party or the Establishment as of now … but he has taken America backwards into an Establishment controlled Democracy … where we are being dictated mass spending policies on Climate Change and Socialism by the Establishment.

Do you understand what is going on Mr. Biden? You are handing over America back to the Establishment that will create a $50 Trillion debt crisis for all of us. Please tell me … how on Earth are we going to create $50 Trillion to pay off this debt? All of America is worth $98 Trillion … if you sell off the entire country then you get $98 Trillion. To pay off this debt, we would have to sell off half of America.

Right now itself, we are paying about half a trillion dollars every year “as interest” on the debt … if this debt doubles … then only the interest amount will be a trillion dollars. One third of our total revenue will be paid as interest on the debt that we owe.

Active Democracy at war against Conventional Democracies
Active Democracy is nothing but the people rising and making their voice heard on issues that affect their lives. They are standing against Dictatorships, against Conventional Democracies and against Establishment controlled Democracies wherever an action is taken that affect the people adversely. It is an “interactive form” of Democracy.

Its been more than 6 months under the Biden Presidency … show me at any place where Biden has taken a move against the Establishment or against his Party for the good of the people? Not a single move … why? I won’t blame him … he doesn’t know anything about Active Democracy.

SM Operation Modes
SM is nothing but your own people … the general American people. They operate mostly in 3 modes. I am giving you some basic information so that you know what is going on.

  • Support Mode. In this mode, Establishment independent candidates are chosen … they are given support, protection and victories to do what is right for the people. The better they perform, more the victories and higher the status is given to them. Gone are the days of kissing Israel’s ass to rise in American politics … today, you have to be people centric to rise in American politics.
  • Oppose Mode. This mode is also normal and fine. SM enters this mode to publicly let you know that they don’t support your action or policy. This is designed to give you the power and courage to change decisions and to rise above party and Establishment misleading … so that you can take actions using facts and logic. This is also for the well-being of your Presidency and the country.
  • Eliminate Mode. When SM Groups see that the candidate is bent on being a puppet of the party and the Establishment … the candidate does not follow facts and logic … then SM Groups enter the eliminate mode. Here is where the candidate is removed from power.

If you see SM modes of operations … what we have done successfully is … created tools to suppress and overcome the Establishment in our political system. The Establishment’s influence is rooted out … by targeting its puppets in the system … by bringing in Establishment independent candidates and by giving these candidates the support, protection and victories that they need. It is an entire system designed to hammer out the Establishment and facilitate victories for the good people centric candidates.

Active Democracy – Misconceptions
Here are some of the common misconceptions and confusions that happen in this new system.

Shut him down!
Trump failed to understand the full concept of Active Democracy and greatly underestimated the influence and capabilities of SM Groups. He used to ask a bunch of advisers what to do about me and they probably used to say “shut him down … why do you need to listen to him?” Trump himself didn’t understand much … how will his advisers understand a new system about which they have no info?

Today, interestingly, the Trump Presidency has been shut down.

Its not a one-man show
This is not a one-man’s show. Tens of millions of entities are involved … its an entire form of Democracy. It’s a part of our lifestyle now … to get involved in leading the country. This is something that even Warren failed in understanding. She was given a rise in leadership … she did not follow … she did not change … she was booted from the Presidential race. Similarly, Trump was pulled in the game … he was given the rise and support … he did not follow … he was booted from the White House.

Endorse my wrong policies
For example, if Biden wants my endorsement for spending trillions on climate change … then it won’t work … because everyone is trained to follow facts and logic. They will not do something that is not in accordance to facts and logic, just because I said so. Its all about facts and logic. Being right by facts and logic is very important.

I am the President and you are not!
We pick the guy … give him the support and votes to win the most powerful position in the world and then Trump says … “I am the President and you are not!” Lol. And then he continues to worship the Satanic Establishment that he is supposed to dismantle.

I guess Trump will not be saying this sentence anymore … now or in the future.

3 actions concerning us
Basically, there are 3 actions that you can take as President concerning us.

One. Shut us down – Nuclear holocaust. This entire form of Democracy that we have created … it is to combat Establishment malice. It is not about being against the President. The President is supposed to be a part of our team to fight against this Establishment. This Satanic Establishment hates this entire people centric movement … it hates all of you … including Obamas, Trump, Biden, Warren, Bill de Blasio and dozens and dozens of people centric leaders that SM Groups are bringing to power at the State and National level in the country. They hate all of us.

Its quite obvious that they may try to use you to shut us down. Using us against each other is how they function … they have been trying to use Trump against us … the same gimmick can be repeated with Biden and Obamas.

The moment you shut us down … the first thing they will do is root you out. And then they will facilitate a war against Russia. They have made several attempts to start a war against Russia under Obama and also under Trump. We guided both Presidents and maintained this peaceful equilibrium that we have right now in the world.

The moment you shut us down … we cannot guide you or SM Groups … Active Democracy will be in chaos not knowing what to do … puppets like Bush and Hillary will be given power … and a nuclear holocaust will be facilitated. More than half a dozen war traps were designed under Trump recently … the massive anti-Russian propaganda is mainly maintained to facilitate this war. Otherwise, Russia is a Christian Democratic country that has no harmful intent towards the West or towards America. We have no reason to be anti-Russia. The entire anti-Trump propaganda under Trump was only for this war … to turn Trump against Russia.

Two. Not work with us – Back to Establishment controlled Democracy
You can sit there … reading what we write … extracting what you need from our works and run the policies that your Party tells you to. You will end up taking America back into a Democracy controlled by the Establishment and facilitate a massive economic catastrophe.

Obama was struggling on how to manage the $19 Trillion debt that he was going to create by the end of his Presidency. Nothing was done about it … Trump has accumulated $10 Trillion more in one single term … twice the amount of debt created by Obama … and today, we have $29 Trillion to pay off. Let alone having a program to do anything about the debt crisis or the Establishment … Biden is speeding ahead to create a $50 trillion debt crisis.

It seems like we are avoiding the nuclear holocaust … but we are definitely headed towards an economic catastrophe based on Biden’s current track. This takes us to the third option.

Three. Understand Active Democracy and work with us
Please understand what the hell is going on in your country and work with us. Stop creating catastrophes … this is not why we are giving you guys the White House for. We have created a massive on the ground force for you that will help you win against your party or the Establishment.

Please stop your wrong policies and learn how to mold them into right policies. Do not be another Trump … its not too much to ask.

Interesting Points
There are two interesting things that one should note from this scenario.

The need for Michelle Obama
This is too much work … too much information … too many new parameters … for one President to carry forward. That’s why we are creating a lifetime role for Michelle Obama so that she can carry forward this information to the next Presidents. Her most important role is networking and integration with the current and next Presidents as to what is going on. She can help in the picking and training of new Presidents … because she has the full picture … she knows what is going on since the past 12 years at least.

4 years is just too less for the President to understand what is going on practically … and by the time, he realizes what is going on … its time up for him. We need someone with full information. Since Obamas already worked with us … they already have 12 years of know how … about Establishment malice and wars. It becomes easy for Michelle to take this forward to the next level in Active Democracy. Just dodging wars is not enough anymore … Biden and the next Presidents have to enter Active Democracy … learn how to dismantle and create new and powerful systems. Its then that they can lead America.

Need to train Bill de Blasio
It’s a must for us to train the next President beforehand itself. Tell me, what will Bill de Blasio understand about the Establishment or SM Groups or the Matrix or Active Democracy? If Bill de Blasio reads this page … tell me what is he going to understand from this page? The only thing that Warren was told about me was … “hey, he is popular … work with him … he makes Presidents.” The only thing that Warren wanted from me was to be President. She had no idea and she was not bothered about facts or logic or the Establishment or party based misleading or whatever. She did not know how to function in Active Democracy.

It’s very important for us to train the Presidents beforehand so that they hit the ground running. At least, Trump had the right policies of America First and bringing jobs back from China … his issue was of not breaking Establishment monopoly. Now, Biden has hit the ground with all of the wrong policies … policies that will take us into a $50 trillion debt crisis. This is a bigger crisis than we had with Trump.

Instead of fighting against the Establishment … we are busy fighting against the President. The President is supposed to be in our team … we made him the President. We wasted 4 years in Trump’s inaction … pushing him to come into action. I don’t want to waste 4 years in Biden’s bad policies.