29 Aug 2021
JewH416 Making Michelle Obama “People Centric”

The Biden Presidency is going down. He has issues of mass spending, a raging pandemic and a self-created crisis in Afghanistan. Biden’s approval ratings are going down … he is getting rising opposition from the media, politicians and celebrities. Based on this track … this can greatly affect Democrats in the Midterms. There is a missing person in America’s leadership and that is the lovely Michelle Obama. She needs to step forward to save Biden’s Presidency, the Democrat Party and America.

Leading America for life
We are designing a role for the lovely Michelle Obama to lead America for life. She can be a fantastic pillar that will help in the creation of a new and modern America. But this is only possible when Michelle Obama becomes “people centric”. Let’s explain to her … what does this actually mean and what she has to do exactly to become people centric.

Becoming People Centric
Its actually quite easy … I need you to clear your mind, close your eyes and step out of the system. Assume that you are not a part of this world and that this entire world is a system … you are not White or Black … you are not Democrat or Republican … you are just a human being. Think neutrally and look at what is going on in the world in each sphere.

In every step or action that you take … use only facts and logic … do what is right for the people in God’s light. If you can do this … then you can be “people centric”.

What not to do
Here are a few things that you should not do … things that are against being people-centric.

  • Hubby Centric. Following Obama just because he is your hubby … because he said so. If you do this then you are working for your hubby and not the people. The problem that you will get from this is that … you will automatically carry all of his flaws.
  • Party Centric. Following the Democrat Party only because you are a Democrat. This means that the Establishment can dictate whatever trashy policies it wants via the Democrat party and you end up following Establishment crap by being party centric. Trump crossed both of these levels … Melania had no control over him and Trump did not follow any party policies. He rose up to make the Republican Party, a party of Trump. How? We trained him to always chose what is right via facts and logic … and all of his opposition within the party fell apart … Trump was the winner standing tall. Trump overcame his party very easily. This is something that has already been done … its not difficult to do for Biden.
  • Cash Centric. When you change things … key entities get affected and they will walk in with bags of cash to keep things as they are … so that, the cash keeps flowing towards them. You will have to manage such elements as well. The second perspective in this is … some Democrat leaders will be tempted to run flawed policies because they are aiming for commissions from the same. Ridiculous policies will be run in the country only because a few of our leaders want to capitalize on these policies. Such cash centrism is also disastrous for the people. Trump was cash centric at several places.
  • Adviser Centric. Misleading the President via political advisers, military advisers and policy advisers are some of the routes of the Establishment to control the Presidency. Doesn’t matter who is talking to you … always keep “facts and logic” first … if the facts and logic falls into place then go for it … otherwise dump it, doesn’t matter from whom you got the advice. This formula helped Trump dozens and dozens of times … this is one of the reasons why he got huge publicity in the media … he was leading the country away from disastrous policies using logic.
  • Media Centric. This is another route of the Establishment that is used to mislead the President. Don’t follow everything that the media says … just because the media is shouting about something, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow them. You are the leader of the country … you are the President … and not the media.
  • Establishment Centric. This is a more direct mode where Establishment elements like the NRA, Defense companies, major corporations and industries, media entities and Israeli politicians will directly approach you and mislead you onto the wrong track. You cannot follow them only because they are a bunch of big shots. You still have to keep people first.

The base formula is … doesn’t matter who it is … previous Presidents, your own party, people with bags of cash, advisers, the media or Establishment entities … always keep people first … always use facts and logic to do what is right for the people. This is called being people centric.

How to move forward to implement the same?
Here are some exact details on how to move forward to become people centric. This is going to help you to save the Biden Presidency, the Democrat Party and America. Following past Presidents will only bring past flaws under your leadership … which is exactly what Biden is facing. He has the flaws of several Presidents in his Presidency … and you need to change that. If you can change that … then you can stop his Presidency from falling apart.

Step One. Discard Misconceptions – Understand Active Democracy
The first thing that you need to do is discard a few misconceptions from previous Presidents … this misconception will put the flaws of previous Presidents in your leadership. You need to understand the type of Democracy that you are living in.

Obama. During Obama, we were all about exposing the Establishment and the stopping of wars. The only thing that Obama knew about us was that … we were writing against a criminal Establishment and we needed protection. Obamas provided us the protection and followed what we wrote.

As far as Obama’s perspective is concerned … I am a simple blogger that needs protection. And he also knows that … when I write, stuff happens and it helps his Presidency. He has no idea how “stuff happens” … he has no idea about SM Groups or the Matrix. We did not bother to give this information to Obama because it was not required … all he had to do was stop wars which he could do all on his own.

We gave information on SM Groups to Trump because he needed to understand the support base that he had … so that, he could take moves against the Establishment. SM Groups are tens of millions of entities spread all across the country … they are the “Silent Majority”. They are Christian oriented and fight against the Satanic Establishment to do what is right for the people.

I am not a blogger who nobody listens to … I don’t even need to publish my information online for SM Groups to start working on it. Information is picked right off my PC and work begins immediately once I have ticked it in.

If you note … during the Obama Presidency … the Arab Spring happened … the Tea Party … the Occupy Movement … all of them are based on the concepts of People Power. How did these movements happen based on my concepts when nobody was listening to me? Lol. Did the Obama Presidency or Democrats carry out these movements? Nope … all of it is SM activity.

SM has been working with me since several years even before Obamas ever got to know me. We already have a massive ground level support for our work.

Obama’s Misconception. Obama’s misconception is that … “hey, he is just a blogger. He writes and makes you President and then you do what your Party tells you to do. Don’t worry about him.” Lol. This is what Obama did and probably, this is what he is suggesting Biden to do. This is a major problem for the Biden Presidency.

Trump. Trump didn’t have many misconceptions as such … he actually saw and understood how SM Groups work. Trump’s problem was that … he didn’t want to take any action on the Establishment as he was too scared of them. He was literally protecting them … and this made everything very bad for America’s leadership … nothing would change and all exploitation systems would continue. This is exactly what happened under Trump.

Trump’s Misconception. The only thing that Trump didn’t understand was the scale of SM operations. We designed and facilitated an entire form of “Active Democracy”. Trump always thought that … they were my supporters … he did not realize that, he is living in a Democracy that I have designed, by God’s grace.

We showed him what would happen next … that he would lose support, drop in approval ratings, lose in midterms and then be removed from office (which is exactly what happened). He always termed it as “extortion and harassment”. He did not realize that his people know everything about him and they wanted him to lead the country and solve their crises. They loved him, they chose him, gave him power, support and protection … and he disappointed everyone.

Active Democracy is a blessing
Trump always sat there shouting that our work is “extortion and harassment” … when in reality Active Democracy is a blessing for the leaders of our time.

  • Trump. When was the last time that a person with more than 20 years of experience in banging Pornstars and Playmates won against a senior politician with more than 20 years of political experience? Trump’s victory against Hillary was SM activity … and he calls us harassment.
  • Obamas. When was the last time that an Ex-President created a coalition and started leading the country from behind and got involved in making Presidents? Did Bush do this or Bill Clinton? Nope … it was Obamas who did this. How? We strategized this and SM Groups facilitated it.
  • Biden. When was the last time that a candidate with 2 dozen honking cars in his campaign rallies defeats a guy with more than 20,000 people in his campaign rallies? Yes Mr. Biden … yes … this is also SM activity.

All of your victories and leadership in the country were strategized by us and facilitated by SM groups. None of your leadership is normal or routine … all of it is facilitated via Active Democracy.

Your leadership is created, facilitated, supported and protected … because your people have great expectations from you. They want you to take your country out of this massive Establishment crisis that exists in almost every sphere of our lives.

Yes, you will see that many entities will get involved … they will support your right moves and they will correct or condemn your wrong moves. It doesn’t mean that they hate you or that they want to harm you. They love you … that’s why they gave you this power that you hold … now, they are working with you to do what is right for the people.

SM – A million hands at work
This massive ground level support is extremely important in this phase of massive Establishment misleading and monopoly. Not only this massive network of SM Groups is helping you, giving you power, support and protection … but it is also helping you surpass a malicious and criminal Establishment. SM support is incredibly important to suppress and surpass Establishment influence. This is exactly how SM gives you victories … by knocking out the Establishment at every possible step. They are your millions of hands at work. They are a blessing for you … only if you know how to function in this era of Active Democracy.

In step one … always use facts and logic … doesn’t matter what … you are not alone but you have a massive support base at the ground level.

Step Two. Overcome the flaws of 4 US Presidents
As you learn from step one … don’t follow anyone but facts and logic. Not even me … if my logic or facts are wrong … then don’t follow me either … always follow facts and logic. This brings us to the next step of overcoming the flaws of 4 US Presidents.

  • Bush. You don’t have to start wars because Bush did so.
  • Obama. You don’t have to follow your Party because Obama did so.
  • Trump. If you sit leeching and looting like Trump then you will be Trumped from the office. Lol.
  • Biden. A lot of “cash centrism” which is creating multi-trillion dollar spending at every turn.

I am helping you understand the use of “facts and logic” … because I myself don’t dictate SM Groups what has to be done. They are also trained to follow facts and logic. Its because of facts and logic that Trump got booted. They will themselves apply facts and logic to Biden’s policies … and if they see that Biden is taking us into a $50 Trillion debt crisis … then even I will not be able to save you because I might have designed this system … but everyone is trained to follow facts and logic.

This is where even Warren blundered … that’s why she was booted. You have to understand how the system runs … so that the support for you is maintained … so that you keep on getting victories.

Step Three – Use facts and logic to become a strong backend force
Michelle Obama doesn’t have to come on the frontend for anything. She is not required to fight on the frontend for anything. If she can understand “people centrism” … just think beyond past Presidents, party politics, media and Establishment misleading … and work with facts and logic … then she can become a phenomenal backend force in running the country.

Backend Channels
All you need to do is … stop wrong and enable right … hold back what is wrong and push forward what is right. You have to do this evaluation and screening for every action and policy … doesn’t matter from whom you got the policy from or who advised you to do so.

  • President. You will be involved in the making of Presidents. The President himself will be your strongest channel to make decisions and correct actions and policies. The President is your key frontend force.
  • Coalition in the Congress. You will be given support to increase your coalition in the House and Senate … so that, you can sit in the backend and easily control which policies move ahead and which are stopped in between.

SM – an Army of Fighters
We will unleash an army of fighters on the frontend for you … from the media, politicians, celebrities, corporations and the masses. All you need to do is … form the right teams and work on the right policies … something that we have been telling you since even before Biden got elected.

We told you months before his election that Biden has many issues in his policies and they must be fixed. Today, you are seeing the drawbacks of his policies … his Presidency is a collection of flaws from several Presidents. And you, my dear Lady, you need to step forward to save his Presidency, the Democrat Party and America … before it gets more and more late.

Nothing is lost as of now … Michelle Obama is a major missing element in the Biden Presidency. She needs to step forward and play her role.